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    Quake Wars Modification Logo ($50)

    I'm looking for a logo for my ET:QW mod, Op: Failsafe. Its set in a post-nuclear America under invasion by the Peoples Republic of China. For the logo design I was thinking a circular radiation logo with the letters FS across them. Thats just an idea and you can move in any direction you'd like...
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    Logo Request

    I'm looking for a logo for our team's new project. Its a ET:QW mod called Operation: Failsafe. Storyline overview. Thats a rough draft but it is the basic direction of the mod. For the logo I am looking for something minimalistic maybe incorporating a silhouette of a rifle or piece of...
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    Explorer.exe crash (Vista)

    By applying that setting Vista crashes every time. Specs: DFI Lanparty Ultra -D AMD Opteron 175 Asus EN7950GT Corsair 2GB pc3200 Enermax Noisetaker 485 Watt
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    Heatgun damaging motherboard?

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    Loss Management Software

    A friend's company utilizes a camera system by "Freedom Systems". They have been bought out and the new company refuses to honor the service contract. They never recieved any installation disks and are now in need of a reinstall. Anyone have any suggestions for substitute camera apps...
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    Prebuilt suggestions?

    Price: $1300 (Or atleast in the ballpark) Prorities: Moderate Gaming, 20" LCD This is for a family member so obviously a homebrew build isn't an option. Anyone that has done this before understands why. Sofar the best deal I have come across XPS 410: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6300...
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    Batch text editor.....

    I'm looking for a batch text editor thats capable of removing lines starting with a certain phrase. In this case "rem". The programs I have found sofar will not stop at the end of the line. An example of what I am working with: rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2005/2/1 12:1]...
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    Rising Conflicts 1.208 Released!

    Change Log - first generation bots now available on outskirts of Jerusalem and Suez Canal - saboted rounds switched to key 1 for tanks, leaving the per-vehicle specific rounds as secondary selections.- apc damages nerfed by 75% - suv materials fixed - eryx/predator damages brought down...
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    Rising Conflicts 0.913 Beta

    We would like to thank you all for your support. We also would like to invite you to DL our BETA release of Rising Conflicts. We are offering it as a self installer with a auto update feature. As well we do have a zip file for those who do not wish to use the self installer. Both a Linux and...
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    Smoothwall troubles

    I'm installing smoothwall on a nokia ip330 following this guide:;prev_next=prev I was only able to configure a green network because the swap system only had one nic and smoothwall bitched when i set it to green+red during setup. 23) is where I run...
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    Looking for some advice (Verizon DSL)

    Ever since I've had the service connectivity has been fairly sporadic. (Although it has been getting steadily worse) But, the connection is great until it gets to be around 5 pm. Then all goes to hell. Web pages take 3 or 4 clicks to load, IRC times out every 30 seconds, and sometimes speeds...
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    $200 - $250 19" LCDs

    My BenQ FP937s is a nice monitor and since my secondary display died (a CRT) I need another LCD. The FP937s is still just as expensive as it was a year ago and very few places carry it. So I thought it would be much easier to get two matching LCDs for about the same cost and have another spare...
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    DB-25 connectors

    The family business is closing on a building and I was having a look around yesterday. Plenty of netwroking. Whole building is networked with all leads terminating in a single "IT" room. Odd thing is there are a lot of db-25 conenctors around at most of the desks? Most of the male connectors...
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    EA Games Cust Support.

    Does anyone know EA's customer support email? Thanks :o
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    hard drive go bye bye?

    Well, today I got up to a nice little error screen. :( "Disk read error" The odd thing was that the Bios detects the drive but it can't boot from it. :( So, after I played around in the bios, checked all of the cables and the jumper settings I downloaded and ran the data lifegaurd tools...
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    Justed started folding :)

    With all the talk about DC I decided to give it a try. I am running it on my main box and I don't notice any slowdown whatsoever. Depending on how well it works I think I'll install the f@h console on a few other machines. :) Name: GlobalFear Team: 33 Client: WinXP Console
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    Sowntime today?

    Just being my nosey and wondering what happened. Was down around 4.
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    Wireless & Wired Clients not communicating?

    For some reason I can not get the wireless clients (both winxp home laptops) to share files/printers with the wired. (all winxp pro desktops) I have tried a few things and am open to suggestions. Setup: (till I get my smoothwall box setup :() Motorola SB4200 Modem Linksys wrt54gs Thanks
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    PhotoShop Recoloring Question

    I know how to recolor images, just some images turn out weird? Lets take Peppers in the samples folder of ps 7 for example. Whenever I try to make a pepper a different color it looks like crap. Advice on different methods would be great, Thanks <---- PhotoShop n00b
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    HTPC for friend,

    My friend is redoing his livingroom, they moved in maybe a year ago and the living room was on the todo list for a while, well it's done and they need an entertainment system. So heres what I picked out when he asked me to give him a hand. Opinions ;) Case & PS: SilverStone Lascala...
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    Yahoo buys ASE

    It has been going on for a while, just seems like noones posted it here. :| I just bought a lifetime license, too. Should atleast give us paid users an adfree version.
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    Server and two clients?

    I would like to setup an htpc, two actualy. I've read somewhere that certain pvr software uses a server for recording and sends it out to the clients. If that is right, would I be able to have a server and have two clients feed off of it? Would I need hdds? A bit new to htpcs.
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    No sound from shuttle.

    Hi, can't get any sound out of my SN85G4v2. Using onboard. I've tried the latest drivers and this is a fresh install of xp pro. Thanks. Shuttle SN85G4v2 AMD A64 3200+ Corsiar LL 1gb pc3200 ATI 9500 Pro :( WD160gb HDD Liteon DVDRW
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    XP Pro Freezing

    XP pro freezes on the 9th pass of the bar every time. If I boot into safemode w/ netwroking it works fine. (thats how im typing this.)
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    NewEgg Costumer Service

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    New PSU Suggestions

    I've read through the sticky but, still haventy found what I'm looking for so: I need a good brand psu for around $100 that must have a 24pin main plug and a pciexpress conector. Thanks
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    Best s939 motherboard with PCI Express

    I'm not going to be running sli so I don't need that. Thanks
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    Optimizations for LCDs

    What should be changed as far as configs and whatnot when switching from a crt to lcd? Also, I've heard that most lcds perform and look better at 60hertz for the refresh rate?
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    WD 80Gb Hdd - $30 ar

    wd800jbrtl Just looking through a bestbuy catalog and noticed it, seems like a good deal.
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    New laptop suggestions

    A friend of mine is looking for a new laptop and asked me to give him a hand picking it out. He said the most he wants to spend is 1300. He isn't going to be gaming on it so the latest graphics ain't all that important. The things wanted are: 15 - 15.4 inch screen Atleast 60gb...
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    Heatgun damaging motherboard?

    I'll post pictures of the screwup later on. I need to melt heatshrink right next to the motherboard. Any possibility of damage?
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    9800 xt

    I have a couple of questions. Why doesn't newegg stock the made by ati version, also which of the powered by versions would you reccomend.?.The ASUS looks like it has the best cooling system. My plan is to get this card now, instead of the newer cards as this still preforms well, and...
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    Wireless Range Issues

    Alright heres my problem, I recently bought a wrt54gs and wpc54gs. ( :mad: ) After dealing with tech support for about a half hour I hung up because I couldn't understand the lady (Indian) and called back to find out it wasn't tech support. So I called a different number and killed another half...
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    JPEG Flaw

    the link Nothing that's really new but, it's a good excuse to update to sp2. XP = SwissCheese
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    Yahoo Buys MusicMatch

    the link
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    Digital Illusions Buys Trauma Studios

    Digital Illusions buys New York based game developer Trauma Studios Inc. Initially Trauma will work with the development of a concept for a new PC game. - Through Desert Combat Trauma showed they are remarkably good at developing products the consumer wants. They understand our technology...
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    Warez Sticky

    Could it be possible that we could put up the old (or something similar) Warez Sticky from before the upgrade in the games forum?
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    I was looking at the BFG 6800UltraOC and I saw the minimum powersupply requirment. Say I'm running a Shuttle SN85G4 with a gig of pc3200, One optical drive and one 7200rpm hdd. The shuttle ships with a 240 watt psu but, I plan on having a different fullsize powersupply behind the desk. What...
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    SmoothWall Help?

    So I had a spare box and I figured I would play with smoothwall but, I can't get it working. It is an HP with a 1.8 P4 and 512mb of ram. (overkill, I know) Im running it like this: CableModem----SmoothWall Box----LinkSys befsr41 wired router----Clients The wan port doesnt light up on...