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    windows 7 install

    I recentlly replaced the hard drive in my hp g72 series laptop..well I had to order the reinstall cds to get up and going again. after a fresh install I went to get my windows updates and I get a error saying cant currently use the service because it is not running or somethin to that
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    New Video Card Question

    My son has a Dell studio xps 9100 series tower. it came with a crappy ati 5670 video card that has given nothing but troubles since we bought it. I want to upgrade him to an Nvidia based video card for his gaming. He plays gta 4 and farcry and what not. Im looking for a good midrange graphics...
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    dell hard drive problem

    got to install a new hard drive on my dell laptop.. The other one will work for a while but then blue screens on me. after doing a check of the hard drive status it failed and gave me several errors that led me to the conclusion that I need a new drive. I have all the install cds but I was...
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    I have a question about using robocopy. I used to use Xcopy in XP but now im on vista and can no longer use Xcopy. Now this is the command line switch I used but cannot figure out how to achieve these results in robocopy. Is there a how to for dummies on this software because I read the help...
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    slipstream SP on vista professional

    I have been through the search function on slipstreaming the SP on my vista disc.. I currently have just the plain vista release with no service packs..can I go ahead and just go to SP2 or do I do SP1 then 2 or just SP1 only.. im confused with all the problems I read about on both SP's when it...
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    XP legal question

    I got a guy that I don’t know to well but that I know through a friend whose wanting to start a business and all that goes along with it, but he wants to sell refurbished dell optiplex’s. I know he said 260's models and maybe 240's I can’t remember and those are so old now a day who knows for...
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    Motherboard form factor question

    I was wondering if you can put a atx form factor mobo into a dell case. Will all screws line up for mounting them in the case or are dell cases required to have a propritary mobo in order to fit there cases..Reason I ask I have a dimmension 8200 with a bad mobo and was wondering if I could grab...
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    vista ultimate folder question

    Whats the deal when I do a cut and paste from one drive to another that it copies all the folders but cuts all the files im doing the cut and paste procedure with.. went and checked my source where I cut the folders from and the folders are all still there but they are empty. when I go to the...
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    music software

    My cousin (8 yrs old) is needing music to play for her gymnastics performances and it cannot have vocals in it. She has some songs she wants to use but was wondering if there is a way to strip the vocals from the song and keep the music/insturmentals part of the song. Is there a software out...
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    Vista SP2

    So I just updated to SP2 on my Vista ultimate today was wondering if anyone else has upgraded to sp2 as well.. What are the major changes if any with this new Service pack. any drawbacks or anything better.. I havent noticed anything..
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    moving my work area

    My current work area is in a small carpeted room ( bad for static I know ) but its getting full of old towers and parts.. Im thinking of moving down stairs in my basement where its semi finished and no carpet..but have shelves for storage and tables to work question is its always cool...
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    nvidia card question

    I have a video card nvidia brand or chipset that has a lfh 59 pin male plug on it and Im not sure of what size or brand ( quadro, g-force) that it is.. Its a pci express style and I know its at least 5 yrs old maybe 6 or 7 not sure.. when bought new it was around 600 dollars so I know its a high...
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    file sharing in vista

    I have vista home edition and I keep turning off file sharing and everytime I turn my computer back on the next day the file sharing has been re enabled.. why is this and how do I stop it.. thanks..
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    Dell XP_pro_sp2 cd

    Can I integrate SP3 onto my dell SP2 cd without running into any issues and what software is recommended to do so.. I have heard that when integrating SP3 onto dell SP2 cd there have been issues but wondered if anyone here has done so without problems and how they did so.. thanks..
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    system hardware question

    Im currently in need of a new work computer for our design dept.. we are running unigraphics NX4 high end design software for those who arent familiar with it.. the currnet computer that has died mobo im consisted of the following components.. dual processor setup... 1...
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    Sync toy in Vista

    so I downloaded new version created couple test folder with some files in one of them and empty in other.. did an echo and eveything was great.. decided to do so for my important files as this is a handy tool.. once doing so and comparinf file properties I get this,.. Doing an Echo between...
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    file backing up question

    Im getting a quite large collection of home photos and I routinely back them up to my external hard drive once a month.. I want to make sure that I get every file from my pc's picture folder on to the pic folder on my external hard drive.. I do a properties check on the pc and the external hard...
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    my documents folder

    I recently copied all my files and folders from my xp pro machine to a external HDD and then copied them overwriting the old documents folder on my new vsta ultimate machine through the way of C:users/myname.. instead of opening the documents folder and copying my files directly in there.. so I...
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    vista question

    I am running vista ultimate on my machine.. I went in and unchecked the option to hide protected OS files and extension.. well Now I have files on my desktop that are supposed to be hidden and arent anymroe.. ( desktop.ini) files in particular.. I never had this issue in xp pro when doing this...
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    not really software but book question

    I recieved my mcp for XP some yrs ago and had what seemed to be a great book from the class for attaining my MCP certification. was a wealth of information. Was wondering if there are and which book or bgooks are there out there for vista in the same sense.. thanks...
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    Microsoft outlook ??

    Not outllo express but microsft outlook.. I need to export my account info and all my email folders and Im not finding this option moving to a new computer and want to transfer all those emails and my account info as well .. any help appreciated.. thanks..
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    Vista ultimate question

    I ordered the parts for my new system today and gonna start putting together this weekend.. I am using a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L LGA 775 Mobo..and installing vista ultimate as the OS.. my question is are the drivers for the sata pre installed on the mobo or will I still need to do the F6 option...
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    amp determinating formula

    Is there a formula that can be used to determine the amout of amp that is needed on the 12v rail of a psu based on what CPU is going to be used..
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    attaching an additional switch question

    I have a DI-624 router with built in 4 port switch running my network as of right now.. I am wanting to expand to my network by adding an additional switch coming off my Dlink router/switch.. My question is can I do this even though my router has no upling port ?? can I just use an exisiting...
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    network question

    I have ubuntu 7.04 installed and working fine.. I can access my windows pc's on my network from the ubuntu machine but cannot access the ubuntu machine from my windows machine.. is there a simple way of achieving this.. I have tried a guide for a step by step samba.conf edit process but once I...
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    Outlook express

    Having problems with my outlook express..I can seem to pull in my emails from the server anymore..Its mostly my emails with attachments which are 2MB in size.. any text emails will come in fine.anyone offer any insight to this issue.. also my emails are never deleted from my I have a...
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    Excel question

    Looking for a way to keep better track of jobs that we get where I work.. For example we will build a new tool, then later on do an change or possibly repair on the tool itself.. Well over a years time we may put 5 different repair numbers on this tool different from our original new build tool...
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    Power supply question

    Im building a new pc not for gaming just basic use and wondering what power supply shoud be sufficent.. I see the power supply configurators but their for high end gaming configurations dual video and such.. Im going to go with a C2D E4300 on an asus board P5LD2.. 2 hard drives and two optical...
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    Vista question

    Thinking about getting vista soon .. First Im wanting to get the retail version rather than OEM.. Does the egg not cary retail versions >? second Im happy with xp pro but want to start familiarizing myself the new Vista.. what version is compariable to xp pro or even little better than.. I dont...
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    Processor question

    I have a client wanting to order a machine from dell specifically for use with Quickbooks Pro 2007.. the requirements specify a pentium 3 1.8 or greater.. Im wandering if a AMD sempron processor would work or is there somethign specific to the intel model procesor that quick books need.. found a...
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    No networks found

    Suddenly my wireless laptop connection stopped working, the funny thing is it will not detect any networks when using the windows wireless configuration tool.. It used to pick up neihbors signals with weak strengths as well as my network but nothing at all now.. Is it possible internal wireless...
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    hourly rates

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    Monitor problem

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    RCA 2 or three port switch

    Anyone know where I can pick these up and are they worth the money or while of messing with them.. MY son got a new TV, PS2, and a dvd player for christmas.. only bad thing is the dvd player dosent have external input rca ports and the tv only has one set of RCA plugs.. so I can only hook one...
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    CSS problem

    I created a css button style for my links inside a menu.. I have a border around these buttons but it is also affecting the Mapquest button/link that is not in the menu.. Is there any way I can exclude this mapquest from getting the border that I have intended for my link in my menu on the left...
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    Product key question

    I have an HP tower here that has xp home home installed on it. Need to reinstall windows. The product key sticker is on the side of the case but the owner has lost the recovery cd. My question is can I use a regular XP home cd and install it using the product key that is on the the HP tower and...
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    Map question

    I have a website that I created for a company I work for. They are wanting to put a map function that shows were we are located. What is a good way of doing this and what service to use. I looked at google and yahoo but think I would be violationg the TOS due ti this being a business website...
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    child surf protection software

    Im looking for a software program I can load on my childs pc so he wont be going places he shouldnt and filling out forms with our address and phone numbers.. I was looking at Net Nanny but was wondering what other alternatives are out there and performance wise applications as well.. thanks,,
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    xcopy question

    I currently have a BAT file using xcopy to back up certain files from my desktop to my laptop. I see there is an exclude switch that can be used with xcopy.. my problem is I cant get it to work for me..I think I am setting up the switch improperly in my bat file... does anyone have a example...