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    i5 2500K (4.8) and Asus Maximus V Gene3 advice

    Fans are the stock ones that came with it, in a pull configuration (needed due to space issues in my case). They're controlled by the pump of the H100 so I hear them spin up and down as the load/temp changes/ I'm not sure what setting PLL Overvoltage is on this particular mobo (EFI setup)...
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    i5 2500K (4.8) and Asus Maximus V Gene3 advice

    Well, I was on an AMD X4 955 BE for the last two years, and I didn't overclock it much (the mITX board from Asus), and now I'm rocking an i5 2500K and the board in the title (mATX). It's running at 4.8 right now; I did have it at 4.7 for a bit, and I COULD do 5.0, but my concern is temps. I'm...
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    Help me buy a solid wireless repeater... trying to network across the street

    1. You're running copper wire exposed (thin plastic coating isn't really an outdoor coating) outside. It gets wet, it gets hit by stray voltage or lightning, everything is fried. 2. Distance isn't just about the max, which is 100m (328 ft). Being a long outdoor run, you'll get interferance...
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    Upgrading My Home Office with rackmount Server and Desktop.

    Subbed for a damn awesome build! I've wanted to do a rack setup like this for awhile but could never afford the parts!
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    Help me buy a solid wireless repeater... trying to network across the street

    I'm not an expert in Wireless, but I am studying for the CWNP exam... First thing I thought of was line-of-sight issues. Where are the two routers located? Second was the antennas. Directional antennas with a clear LOS would probably help a lot. Hope that helps!
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    Should AMD consider bowing out of the cpu market?

    Itanic is great... if you can optimize your application for it's custom compiler in order to actually user it's parallel architecture. That's it's problem.
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    RemoteFX set up, working out some bugs!

    The "server" is a Lenovo T410S laptop. 4GB DDR3, i5 M420, NVS 310M and a Kingston 160GB SSD, and I have it connected directly to my desktop with Gigabit Ethernet. I have the feeling its just the low-end GPU that's the issue but I'm not sure.
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    RemoteFX set up, working out some bugs!

    Hey everyone, I just got a little Hyper-V/RemoteFX setup going at work, but I'm having a bit of an issue with it. As soon as I enabled Aero in the guest, it started getting laggy. And by laggy, I mean I drag a window around and it's in slow-mo. I'm watching GPUz in the host machine and the...
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    U2412HM is 16:9 !

    Because 1080p (1920x1080) is a standard. Monitor resolutions like 16:10 have never been standardized, so they're dying out as more and more 16:9 panels are being made for TVs, etc. It was inevitable.
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    D-Link DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage Router and Photo Frame - $89.99 - 1 Day Only

    It just looks like a programmable LCD that they ended up running with a photo app. You could probably mod it to do whatever you like. This thing looks sweet, but a little limited in storage space (one 2.5" drive, really?).
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    Playstation - "We're not getting back online until we feel safe"

    That's very short-sighted. Sony did this to themselves. Did you notice how "hackers" didn't target the PS3 for the first ~3 years of its existence? That's because Sony let the hackers do what they wanted: install Linux on it to fuck around! Take that away, and you have a lot of people with the...
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    Most failure prone PC component

    I've gone through (either due to outright death or simply obsoleteness of features) more Motherboards than any other component, so I voted for that. But, overall I've only ever had one mobo, one PSU, one CPU, and a set of RAM go.
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    I should clarify: by "already safe", I mean "in the company of someone who isn't going to hurt them", which is usually a parent in a divorce case (I read something like 80% of AAs are for kids taken by one divorced parent from the other).
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    It all comes back to the media. The media creates an atmosphere of fear about everything, which makes people scared, and more likely to see these things, so they become more reported. Just look at what happened with the Amber Alert bullshit: NOTHING except a bunch of paranoia; it's never...
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    But not his dignity or reputation. Those are gone forever. It should be illegal to even mention a defendant's name until the trial is over. Fuck the press. They show time and time again that they're only interested in inciting people, not actual justice or respect for the defendant.
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    pfSense experts: some help with external IP's required

    Hello all, just a pfSense configuration question... I have access to 3 DHCP IP's from my cable internet provider, but I'm having trouble setting two of them up on one WAN interface in my pfSense router. I intend one for my LAN subnet, and one for my DMZ subnet. However, when I try using the...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    pfSense Via C3 1GHz 1 GB SODIMM RAM 3 Intel Gig Ethernet cards Works awesome!
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    Network pics thread

    Not much, but my ER ;-)
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    Anyone use Sibelius 6 on Windows 7? Playback problems...

    I've been using Sibelius for ages to compose and arrange music, but recently under Sibelius 6 and Windows 7 I've been having playback problems. It seems whenever I use the Sibelius Sounds library to play back, the score plays VERY rubato (i.e. it speeds up and slows down playback a lot)...
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    GTA: SA crashes when loading?

    Hello all. I've got the Steam version of GTA: SA, and it was working perfectly for the longest time. But now, it seems whenever I come upon a loading screen (where the screen goes black for a second), it crashes there and never goes out of the black screen. If I alt+tab out, I see a "Rockstar...
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    How to backup virtualbox VMs?

    If you turn the disks into a VirtualBox image, you can just use that and create a new VM. This is what I've always done with VirtualBox, both with existing images and with a self-created image from my server (which ended up failing but for different reasons, similar situation as you actually!)...
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    Internet slower than modem says it is

    I was having similar problems on my TekSavvy DSL here in Ontario a little while back, but it was only temporary. I blamed line quality; we're on the 7th story of a 70's apartment building, and our dmarc consists of a freaking ancient phone line coming out of our wall(!), so that might not be it...
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    Are Phenom II X4 quads hot?

    That is very hot for a PH2... Mine gets to ~60 OC'd and that's when I turn it off and back down!
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    Network pics thread

    I have lasers, and a fog machine (broken pump though :() and a rack... I see a project in the future! ;)
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    Enjoying my Nexus S

    Just curious, but how does it compare to an HTC Desire?
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    I've been using Linode for about a year now, and I can't say a bad thing about it!
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    Top Three Most Over-Rated Games... In Your Opinion

    As far as I can tell no. LCD vs. CRT makes no difference, and I've done most of my gaming on a 20" 1680x1050 monitor. My friends 30" is no better or worse.
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    Perfectly fine, unbroken cat5e cable not reaching gigabit...

    You reversed a pair doing your ends. I've done this so many times making my own cables it's not funny. Redo the ends and make sure they're identical.
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    Asus pronunciation resolved, by Asus.

    I am. It should not be "eh-seuss". That just sounds retarded.
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    Top Three Most Over-Rated Games... In Your Opinion

    I know, so many games I'd love to play that I can't get more than 5 minutes into. The worst was Portal. I forced myself to play it, almost threw up c. 15 minutes in, and cried a bit inside :( Still haven't finished it.
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    This much CPU horsepower for a freaking website????

    ~80% on my Work PC, dual core E7500, Firefox (latest), Windows 7 x64. That is quite sad...
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    Top Three Most Over-Rated Games... In Your Opinion

    Yea, I get legitimate severe motion sickness from most first-person 3D game engines (i.e. FPS). It's the way my glasses interact with the FOV and the monitor, and it depends heavily on the engine (i.e. changing the FOV setting on most games just makes it worse, not better). Can't play anything...
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    Top Three Most Over-Rated Games... In Your Opinion

    Totally... 1. Starcraft/Starcraft 2: Never been a fan, and I've never understood what all the hype about this game was for. I hated the visuals and the gameplay. 2. Half-Life: I know this is complete blasphemy, but (a) the game engine made me motion sick from day one, and (b) I could never get...
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    Ok, what server should I go to...

    I'm curious... I'm using Vail now at home, and what's the difference between "remote streaming" and just SMB file shares? My crappy dual-core HTPC (E6300 I believe, but BIOS says it's 1.67GHz so it's even worse!) can barely play 1080p but I have an Atom D510 in the server... which should I...
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    Ok, what server should I go to...

    If you're going to pay for an AV, I'd recommend Nod32 or Vipre. Vipre installs fine on 2k8 (was using it for ~3 months until my trial ran out), it stopped a bunch of threats on my main rig that MSE didn't catch, and a 1-year license is only ~$30. It's a newer piece of software, but from my...
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    Ok, what server should I go to...

    1. AD is not mandatory. You can choose to install the Domain Controller role if you need it. 2. Haven't tried a Media Streamer but I'd be interested in the suggestions too. 3. If nothing, install ClamWin and have it do weekly scans. Most of the obvious free ones don't work on MS Server OSes.
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    Network pics thread

    Everyone has a friend with too much Cat5 :D
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    Server Upgrade on a Tight Budget

    If he KNOWS his equipment is on its last leg, and it IS, and he won't allocate any more than $500 to it, then he doesn't think it's important. Walk away, and let HIM deal with the fallout. Do a detailed workup for what NEEDS to be done (1. new server, 2. new networking equipment) and the costs...
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    Server Upgrade on a Tight Budget

    You are correct.
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    Server Upgrade on a Tight Budget

    (EDIT: After reading your post about the server I'm rewording this) I disagree about trying ANYTHING with SBS2003. It's just as outdated as XP at this point; if they're going to upgrade soon, it has to be all or nothing, and going "all" and falling back on an 8-year-old server OS is asking for...