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    911 Calls Raise Concerns Over Amazon Working Conditions

    But at the same time they'll continue to hire the kids because they're cheaper than hiring experienced workers. I've found that any resume with a decent amount of experience on it usually goes straight into the trash can, especially if they don't come with that sweet state-funded retraining...
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    Vitaminwater Offers $100K to Quit Smartphones for a Year

    Cake. My phone sits in the glove compartment of my car - it won't be missed and I'd rather have the Razr back anyway. Funny how they're weeding out the easy winners by limiting this to Twitter and Instagram users.
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    Federal Agents Dressed as Mail Couriers Are Busting Illegal Online Drug Deals

    That service does exist, but it's a bit more expensive than the USPS flat rate boxes. The dark web is the kind of place to spend millions on narcotics and then cheap out on the postage.
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    Internet Fire Challenge Leaves 12 Year Old Girl Horribly Burned and on a Ventilator

    The Internet never forgets. Ten years from now a new batch of kids will be scoring antique Tide pods off of eBay when the challenge comes around again.
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    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    Our local library checked out 21 million books last year, on top of however many CDs and DVDs and digital copies. They also have close to 4000 computers for public use, plus printers and faxes. None of this is going to be replaced by an Amazon retail kiosk. What's next, local parks? No need...
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    20K Sith vs 20K Jedi - FIGHT!

    Throwing the Sith around just causes the Jedi to scatter to hunt them down (and throw them again). The simulator borrowed its AI from an ant nest.
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    GTX 1180 Leaked On Vietnamese Store

    Sloppy photoshop. They didn't even blackout the entire World of Warships logo off the 1080 box..
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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk Alleges Sabotage by Employee in Company Email

    The Model 3's being delivered now are closer to $49K. The $35K model is way down the schedule, if they ever build it.
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    Check out this cheapo M.2 SSD, the DREVO D1 M.2 2280 240 GB $59

    It's a Silicon Motion controller, but the memory chips are labeled Drevo (marked SDXNS1CRG-064GFR W15128WFR Korea).
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    3tb 49 bucks @ frys

    Well, it is from Fry's. I stopped shopping there because it was hard to find anything that wasn't refurbished or a customer return. Their cashiers could never understand why I'd start opening boxes at the register to find one that still had a new part in it.
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    31.5" 2560x1440 165 Hz VA G-Sync - LG 32GK850G

    Mine finally showed up, decided to set everything up on one desk to compare sizes. (43" 4K, LG 32", antique Dell 3007)
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    Amazon Shares Fall After Report Trump Wants to Curb its Power

    Amazon: "Do you want us to sell your daughter's imported jewelry or not?" Trump: "I love Amazon!"
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    Does formatting damage an SSD?

    The occasional format is fine. It's defragging that wears down the life cycle.
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    Amazon Patents Drone That Can Recognize Screaming and Flailing

    If you're a Prime member, the drone will drop the package and the parachute will guide it into your waiting arms. If you're not a Prime member, it doesn't use the chute.
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    [H]OT Peanuts [$.99/lb] | Sunflower Seeds [$1.01/lb]

    Considering the amount of stuff that can be packed into a US Priority Mail flat rate box, anything over $19 is a bit suspicious unless it's something the size of a piece of furniture. I've left a lot of full shopping carts on web sites when they come back with a ridiculous shipping charge at the...
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    after 240 hz 144 feels like a slide show

    I've been on 30" screen since they came out, and now use a 43" Samsung (with the 30" off to the side). I can hold my own in most games even down at 60Hz, and seeing some of the cramped low-pixel screenshots from other players almost makes my eyes bleed. The only screens that's have tempted me...
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    Make and Repair Your Own Cat5 Cables

    My boss wanted to make all of our own cables for a new building and new server room. Easy peasy, buy some spools and some pizza, run and crimp a few thousand cables after hours. Fun times. Two days later, a couple very large boxes appears on his doorstep. "Cables are here, boss." He started to...
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    Tesla Foul-Up Causes Global Shortage of Cylindrical Batteries

    Maybe they should stop firing employees if they're having manpower shortages. For a manufacturing company, manufacturing doesn't seem to be one of their top priorities.
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    Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Experiment: Running Apps in Tabs

    Windows 8 returns. One window, one app.
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    Amazon's Last Mile

    If the order page says the item is being delivered by an Amazon courier, that means I'm not getting it. Most packages sent to my house just disappear. It's like a breath of fresh air when I order from somewhere else and they offer "USPS" as a shipping option. :happy:
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    Amazon Introduces "Amazon Key" In Home Delivery

    I have an under-50% success rate at getting packages delivered by an Amazon courier. It's either gone by the time I get home, or it never showed up in the first place. I can be working at home by the window and see the status change to "Delivered". No package, no truck. Even Amazon's own site...
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    Newegg Sued by Korean Banks for Perpetrating Ponzi Scheme

    I used to see this a lot when working at a lease funding company. An order for $12K in servers would come in as a $65K lease, which puts $53K into someone's pocket as case (if the invoice was fake, he pockets the whole $65K). First of the month rolls by, they default on the payment and walk...
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    Amazon Devising Methods to Deliver Packages in Your Home or Car's Trunk

    Anything left on my porch is gone before I get home. They don't really seem to care about cameras, our street has hours of footage of thieves walking off with packages. Even then, anything delivered by an Amazon courier has a 50/50 chance of never making it to my house in the first place before...
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    Equifax Hired a Music Major as Chief Security Officer

    Voodoo Studies would make her a perfect fit for some server room issues I've had to deal with.
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    Tesla Model S Hits 300,000 Miles in Two Years, Saving $60,000 on Fuel Costs

    The $11K doesn't include electricity. That was $6,900 scheduled maintenance and $3500 to replace the headlights. Electricity is free on their planet. Twelve days in the shop, new motor, new battery pack...I would have been close to leaving it a burning heap on the side of the road having to...
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    Tesla Factory Described as a “Predator Zone” by Female Employees

    Some account are overblown, and some are dead on. I've worked in places where the all-male support departments would deliberately delay or screw up any project that had a female engineer attached to it. Millions of dollars in lost revenue, any they're trading high-fives for missing another...
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    Programmer Automates Data Entry Job, Ponders Whether to Tell Employer

    The flip side of being on salary. They want you to work as many hours as it takes to finish your job. The company thinks I'll be working nights and weekends. My plan was to head home after lunch.
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    Learning to Let Go of Framerate Anxiety Made Me Love PC Gaming Again

    Same. I've been playing on 2560x1600 for the past decade and recently moved to 4K. I can hold my own in most games despite living in a 60Hz world, and I'm not willing to play on a tiny screen chasing some abstract "framerate". (This doesn't mean that I won't be breaking open the piggy bank when...
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    Dash Cam Footage Captures Plane Crash and Insane Explosion

    Planes are always falling out of the sky in Seattle. A few years back, I was heading to work in the wee hours of the morning and saw a small airplane upside down on the freeway under an overpass, with a motorcycle policeman standing next to it scratching his head. Evolution in action; some idiot...
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    Studios Flirt with Offering Movies Early in Home for $30

    $30 a month for everything - new releases and back catalog - we'll talk. $30 for one show is why I quit going to the theatres in the first place.
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Evaluation Thoughts

    The electronics already exist in the form of the Acer XB321HK, but it's only a 32" screen (and it's $1400). Graft a 40" or 43" screen on it and I think they'll sell as many as they can make.
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Evaluation Thoughts

    I'm in the same boat. Put active sync on my 40" 4K60 and I'm golden. (I've been using 1600p for over a decade. Trying to play on a 1440 screen feels like something I'd see on my phone.)
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    San Francisco University Lays Off IT Workers; Jobs Head to India

    Different budget category. The guy who chopped 30M out of his budget scores that bonus money now. The 10M cost of the outsourcing contracts gets buried in "continuing expenses" with the rest of vendor contracts and disappears somewhere into next year's budget. I watched a company use that same...
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    Google CEO Writes Back to Girl, 7, Who Wants a Job

    Bean bags and go karts? Why was I not told about this before?
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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    Picked one up at Costco yesterday for $289. Lots of inventory on the shelf.
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    Okay, i'm confused as hell (re: resolution)

    A 43" 4K has the same dot pitch as the 30". Text on the 49" will be 10-15% larger at the same distance.
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    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    So now I just need a white case and a white motherboard...
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    A PC Gamer's Worst Nightmare

    I have that problem in theaters. Some movies are like watching one of those paper flipbooks. Add in motion blur and jerky cam and most movies just aren't worth the trouble. The newer IMAX and 48 fps betters are a bit better, but I still wait for most movies to show up at home. (Shaky cam is stil...
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    Apple: 90% Of “Apple” Power Accessories Sold On Amazon Are Fake

    Most of the third-party stuff sold on Amazon seems to cost more than buying it straight from the manufacturer. Anything that seems close to regular price always comes opened or used. If I see something at an actual discount, you just know it's going to be fishy. I had better luck buying random...