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    Upgrade from 6800GT in AGP format?

    A friend of mine recently had a 6800GT die on him and was wondering what the best bang/buck would be while keeping an AGP format. I haven't kept up on what cards are the 'gem' of the site in the economy realm, so I thought you guys could give me some input? Thanks!
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    E228WFP Replacement?

    Well... I just picked up a Dell E228WFP to put on an ergotron arm and use next to my 37" westinghouse, but now that I've got it running, the colors are way off (even after adjustment using the monitor settings and nVidia's desktop color control panel) and it looks super dull compared to my...
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    Olympus ES-10 Drivers?

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    Connecting PC to HDTV

    My roomate is attempting to hook his hdtv up to his pc as a secondary monitor. He currently has it hooked up via svideo, but its pretty low quality, so im trying to figure out the best alternative... besides svideo, the following connections are available: - PC videocard has a vga and a dvi...
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    Clock speed versus memory throttling tradeoff?

    I'm just curious what will yield higher performance overall: lower clock speed with memory running 1:1, or higher clock speed with a memory divider? Example scenario being: 165 Opterpwn at 9x275 @ 2.48Ghz with a 1:1 memory timing or 9x310 but knock the memory divider back to 166 so it runs...
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    Opteron 148 now and DualCore later?

    So ive read through the entire dual core gaming fix guide and it seems like its going to be a real annoyance running multiple cores - just the fact that im going to need to worry about setting processor affinities manually for applications all the time and enabling/disabling the amd fix...
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    Monitor support for Scaling vs L/R Letterbox

    Ive been searching for a simple answer to this but I must not be looking in the right places. I'm just curious how a widescreen monitor will handle 4:3 aspect ratio content (mainly the acer al2030wa). Will the source content only be stretched to 16:10 or will I have to ability to view it with...
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    2405/2005 Pricing

    I'm looking to replace my sony cpd-g520p with a 2405fpw - are there any deals out I should know about? Also, im getting used to dual monitors, would it be better to skip the widescreen and just go with 2 21"'s instead? meh, thanks in advance for the input
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    Direct printing to a shared printer?

    I have a standard usb printer that is currently shared (windows xp print sharing), but I need it available on the network for other people to print to directly via TCP/IP. The main reason im asking is because I work at a university and when printing transcripts a remote server actually...
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    Software RAID 1 on 2003 Server

    I'm looking into setting up raid 1 on windows 2003 server (just being used as a simple fileserver), but I was wondering what the main drawbacks were. I'm not really concerned with the loss of performance due to it being a software array (over hardware), just concerned with any downsides to the...
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    Sony CPD-G520P Brightness Problem

    So I bought this monitor maybe a year and a half ago, and now for whatever reason the picture looks like I have the brightness cranked up about 40 more than necessary. Right now with brightness set to 0 everything is washed out and the black appears very green looking (obviously). Has anyone...
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    Logitech Wireless XBOX Controllers?

    Anyone know the difference between these 2 wireless logitech gamepads? Logitech® Cordless Controller for Xbox® (listed as $69.95 Logitech® Cordless Precision™ Controller for Xbox® (listed as $49.99 I cant seem to tell what the difference is - Id like to get...
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    digital out on audigy 2 to z-680s? (instead of soundstorm audio)

    Im currently using the digital optical out on my nf7-s into some z-680s which has worked fine - but soundstorms are notorious for having static/nosound issues which I am experiencing in various games... I have an unopened audigy 2 zs I could hook up, and im wondering - how would the digital...
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    Upgrade help: 2x256 Kingston HX3500 to 2x512 pc3200?

    I'm looking to upgrade from 2x256 of kingston hx3500 to 2x512 of pc3200. I would like pc3200 because right now, with my kingston ram I cant get any higher than 183mhz fsb, which is effectively ddr366 - so its mostly a waste to get anything higher (unless maybe I upgrade my 2500+ barton to a...
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    best WinfastTV recording codec settings?

    I've been trying to find a decent set of codecs for recording/compressing tv shows - right now I'm using divx 5.11, 640x480 res @ 750kbit for video and some built in mp3 codec for audio @ 128kbit - but the sound sounds really tinny, and the video looks like ass, especially when there is a lot of...
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    1600x1200 res capable LCD Reccomendation?

    Could someone reccommend a flat panel display for at or under $600? My friend's CRT is dying fast and he needs a reasonable replacement - something comparable to a 19" monitor that can do 1600x1200 res (being able to do that res is a firm requirement). He plays a lot of games, but I dont think...
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    RAID1 80GB WXP & Linux Partition Suggest.

    I have 2 80GB drives in raid 1, and im wondering what would be a good partition scheme. I was thinking like: Windows XP: 20G Linux: 20G Storage: 40G Also, should I add a page file partition of like 2G? I'm also going to have a 30G single drive connected as well, so I could always...
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    RAID1 imaging

    I'm just curious how troublesome this would be. If I were to setup two drives in a raid1 setup (with a hardware controller), create an OS partition of about 30G on the raid-array, and then image this OS partition via norton ghost or whatever to a seperate single drive; is it difficult to...
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    80G RAID1 perf. VS old 30g ata100 perf.

    So I had another hard drive crash - and im looking into backup options. Right now im running on an old 30G ata100 (7200rpm maybe) quantum fireball lm30, which I just have as backup to my 80g wdse. I was wondering, since I really dont notice the performance drop from my 80g to this old...
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    W98 Windows Networking Problem

    Im having problems seeing other computers on the network. I have windows file and print sharing services installed on each computer, but when I open up the network neighborhood all I see is "entire network", and then I click on that it gives me an error "Unable to browse the network. The...
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    Setting up new home lan

    I got an email today from a newly hired coworker who has just built a new home and was looking to hire someone to help setup their home network. She mentioned that the house was already wired and that they had a patch panel in the basement. Basically ive never really setup anything like...
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    MX700 Side Buttons in UT2K4 demo

    Anyone know how to get my mx700's side buttons working in unreal tourny 2004?
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    Olympus ES-10 Drivers?

    Im trying to locate some drivers for an old Olympus ES-10 film scanner - checked olympus's site and there is no mention of the product at all... if anyone could help me out that would be great. Thanks!
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    Apple Beginner...

    I've using a pc forever, and I thought it would be fun to pick up a mac to tool around on - any suggestions on which model to go with? I was thinking about a cube because they seem relatively inexpensive, but I dunno about performance (plus I have no idea yet what I'm going to use the system...
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    Forcing monitor refresh rate?

    I have a sony cpd-g520p and I just did a reformat and install of my OS, and now for some reason there is no option for 100hz refresh rate @ 1600x1200 res. I installed the same drivers for my monitor that I usually do, but the option is still not there a way to force these settings...
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    WinFastPVR Application

    Does anyone know of a mirror for leadtek's winfastpvr app? The US server seems to be down and the Taiwan server is only yielding about 4 kb/s and it stalls half through - could someone that has all_winfastpvr_40102.exe log on aim and send it to me, or I suppose email would work - thanks!
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    RAIDO0 Array Toast?

    Just after installing Call of Duty, upon reboot, my raid array (2 80G WDSE drives) decided to die on me...apparently drive 1 of the 2 drive stripe is broken or disconnected (according to the promise fasttrack100 tx2 raid controller's on-boot utility). I tried running dxdiag to check for errors...