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    What case can handle dual Antec 620 in push/pull on top?

    I am about to do a new build and I picked up two of the Antec 620 coolers when they were on sale, one for CPU and one for GPU (gonna strap it on a GTX 670). I grabbed 4 Gentle Typhoons so I can do push/pull on each radiator. A friend of mine said he thought that would make them too tall...
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    MWave Palit GTX 460 Sonic 2GB $216.99 AR FS

    Lifted from Techbargains. 2GB model. Must be an MClub member.
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    Sapphire 5870 @ newegg $389.99 shipped Didn't see this listed, so here ya go.:D
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    ssd and hdd in combo question

    Just set up ssd for C drive. Have lots of storage space on D drive hdd. I remember seeing something in these forums about setting up steam and other programs so that they seem to be on the ssd, but are actually referencing their place on the hdd. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can...
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    Problem with both mouse and keyboard. HELP!

    Yesterday my mouse and keyboard started to act goofy. When it is happening, the mouse wheel no longer scrolls pages but only controls the zoom in/ zoom out function. If I double click on a desktop shortcut, sometimes a different shortcut is opened up. Sometimes it makes a copy of a shortcut...
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    Logitech G9 $39.99 Free Shipping after Coupon

    just stole this from Techbargains.,en&ci=0 enter the code logi_g9_2510 to drop the price $60.
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    Questions about possible raid setup

    I am about to build the i7 rig. 920, Gigabyte UD5 and 4870X2 running on Windows 7. I have 2 Vertex 120's I want to set up in raid 0 for OS and programs. I am considering setting up a raid 5 with 6 of the Barracuda 1.5TB 7200.11 that Dell has on sale right now. The first question is, if...
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    Questions about lapping

    It's been a while since I've built a new box. Are you guys still lapping the heat spreader on their cpu's before you mount your cooling, or has Intel gotten better at making them flat? I just picked up an 8400 at Fry's. Should I dig out the old, thick mirror again and a bunch of grits? Any...
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    SLI or not

    Thinking about a new rig for gaming. My monitor is the 37" Westy that does 1920 x 1080. Will one 8800GTX keep me on top of the mountain for a while, or do I consider 2 of them for the next system crippler like Crysis? I keep reading that 2 only start to make a difference at 1980 x 1200...
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    Surround sound headphones?

    Are there any out there that work? And if so, are they comfortable? I need to hold off on buying a 5.1 speaker setup for a while, but I want to hear the sweet surround.
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    Bad Axe 2 Beeping Question

    Just put together my new box: Bad Axe 2 E6600 2GB corsair dominator ram pc2 6400 cas 4 eVga 8800GTX (100.65) Vista Home Premium Enermax 1K PSU. Everything at stock speeds so far. Installed Vista. New bios for mobo. Drivers. When I install a game (happened on both Quake 4 and Titan Quest)...
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    8800GTX drivers for XP

    Just about to install a single 8800GTX and will be using a fresh XP install. Are the 97.92 drivers the best out there for now? Are earlier ones better / more reliable?
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    Bad Axe 2 OC and RAM question

    I want to get some great RAM for my next build (BA2, E6600, 8800GTX). I will be overclocking (haven't done that since AMD's looked like Nintendo cartridges). I am willing to pony up the dough for some nice high end stuff, but I don't want to drop $600 on Corsair 8888 if the board won't fully...
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    Philips 50" Plasma TV with Pixel Plus $1499 AR free shipping

    Seems like a good price. Philips USA 50PF7321D - 50" Widescreen HDTV Plasma TV with Pixel Plus - 50PF7321D/37 - Built-in ATSC/NTSC $200 mail in rebate
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    Hong Kong shopping.

    I have a friend who is going to have a free day in Hong Kong sometime very soon. I was thinking of having him find a Gigabyte DS3P since we can't get them here. Are there any other cool new boards for C2D that are available in Asia but not here? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Not bad. eVga 8800GTX $549 AR (+tax) free ship add it to the cart to get the $579 price. $30 mail in rebate. sadly I get taxed in Illinois.
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    enough power?

    I am going to build a new Bad Axe 2, E6600, 8800GTX box soon. I will only start out with one card. If I decide to add a second 8800GTX later, will the PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750 Quad be enough power for the rig. I will probably have about 3-4 HD's, sound card and water cooling. I...
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    2405fpw question

    Is the Dell 2405 widescreen HDCP compliant? :confused:
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    warmish Guild Wars Nightfall $29.99 + $2,59 shpping limited time sale at supposed to be a 48 hr sale, but page says 84 hrs to go right now.
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    warm 8800 GTX deals

    CC $599 (+tax if it applies) free shipping: $604.43 (not sure where they tax) free shipping...
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    warm to hot Seagate 250GB .10 drive 69.70 shipped they are out of the cheap 320GB model, but have the 250GB model for 69.70 shipped when you use google checkout. :)
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    8800 GTX and 1920 X 1200

    Will a single gtx do gaming with most/all eye candy on at 1920 X1200? I have a Dell 2405 widescreen lcd. I plan on building a 6600, 2Gb ram rig soon. I would prefer to go single card to sli for now. thanks for any input.
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    a "which is better" question

    Trying to decide on processor for my next rig. I was going to go with a 6300 or a 6400. Is the 6600 worth the extra dough for double the cache? probably watercool. most definitely overclock.
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    Warm Dell 2407FPW $799 +tax free shipping :o
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    Problems with comp

    Since I did the new security patches today, my computer is slow as hell. Pages and pictures take longer thand they did on dial-up, and I am on a cable modem. Has anyone else had any problems since the new XP and IE6 patches? nevermind. McAfee just found a damn trojan. delete please.
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    Which AGP card is better?

    Trying to squeeze the last oomph out of an old(ish) rig. Help me choose an upgrade (to my ATI 9700 Pro). ATI x800 xt 256 MB or XFX 6800 Xtreme 256 MB I have a choice of either. Both are slightly used and within my budget. Going into : 3.4 Northwood 2 gig of ram Audigy2 ZS...
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    Seagate Barracuda ver .9 200GB SATA 3G $76.01 shipped

    Directron deal. Love them Barracudas. $76.01 is the cost shipped.
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    WD Raptor 74gb 8MB cache $130 NR Best Buy free in store pickup. Plus tax, obviously.
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    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 SATAII 750GB $409 shipped $409, no rebates, free shipping.
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    Upgrade question for AGP

    I am upgrading my current box until the conroe/965 hit the market and simmer down in price. I currently have an ATI 7900 pro running, but I am thinking of throwing in an Nvidia 6800. Question one: How much difference does 256MB vs 512MB video memory make on an A64 3000+, 2GB ram, Nforce 3...
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    WARM? Seagate 400GB SATAII 16MB NCQ $174.99

    ewiz Seagate ST3400633AS 400GB SATAII 7200rpm 16MB NCQ Hard Drive
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    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 250GB SATA $81 $80.95 Free shipping.
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    NewEgg Raptor 74GB $130 AR they also have the 16MB buffer version in stock for $170. No rebates :(
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    Raptor question

    Does anyone have any idea when WD is going to release the 74GB Raptor with the 16M cache?
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    Hot? Abit N18 Sli $69.99 Nr

    It's a Tiger Direct deal.
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    Need some RAID 0 help

    My computer just died. I am pretty sure it is the motherboard. It is an ABIT IT7. I have had various problems over the past couple years (one ram slot died, built in ethernet died, problems with usb controller, usb2 stopped working). I have 2 80GB drives in RAID 0. Of course I never...
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    Quake 4 question

    does anyone know how to disable the movies/ads at the start of the game. I don't need to see the id/rave/activisioin vids everytime I start the game.