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    Custom Displays

    Interesting, I know others are also working on this with the LG LP129QE1 - see the ibm t221 yahoo group for details. It would also be tempting to explore the 15.4" LP154WT1 since the bigger display might be better for a desktop replacement.
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    Exploring the HW limitations of Nvidia Surround gaming

    2 display support is coming, current estimate is r325 but of course subject to change. This feature is most useful to people running 4k displays which are handled as two panels on the backend (sharp 4k and ibm t221 are the most common current examples). AMD has been supporting 2 display...
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    How far away for 4K PC monitors, and affordable ?

    It's great for reading and photo editing as well but playing games is where I think high dpi monitors really shine since its (at least for me) a more immersize experience.
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    How far away for 4K PC monitors, and affordable ?

    Yeah I don't have Crysis so not sure what it plays like but for the games I mentioned they're playable at 3840x2400.
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    How far away for 4K PC monitors, and affordable ?

    I've had enjoyable experiences gaming on my ibm t221 with a 7950 3gb. I haven't played all the latest games but Hitman Absolution, Deus Ex HR, and Borderlands 2 are all fun and run well. With a high dpi display I can usually turn down or off AA settings to help with frame rates. One of the...
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    LG finally launches the first large-screen OLED TV

    Why settle? Sony is showing off a 4k oled
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    Dell U3014 News

    Eh, 4k isn't that big of a graphical challange esp since you need less AA with smaller pixels. I'm pushing 8 megapixels on a t221 with a 7950 and most games play pretty well, for things like web and office work even integrated will be fine.
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    Nvidia live from CES.

    I thought Grid is supposed to be the business oriented cloud gaming hardware platform? Companies like OnLive would buy Grid to support their offerings rather than a consumer offering.
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    Westinghouse to release 50", 55", 65" 2160p@120hz televisions

    2 x dual link DVI is a pita now that ATI is only shipping with 1 DL-DVI (as of the HD 6000 series) connector and nVidia surround doesn't support 2 screen surround. nVidia mosiac seems to be the ideal solution but it's only on their quadro cards ($$$).
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    $5500 4K 32" Sharp LCD on the way

    It's an interesting monitor but the pixel density is a bit disappointing, I'd rather have the same resolution in a 24" screen.
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    ASUS Matrix HD 7970 Platinum

    Quick question regarding the outputs, are both DVI dualink if none of the displayports are used? nvm found my own answer: looks like you either get 1 single link DVI + 1 dual link DVI + 3 displayports or 1 single link DVIs with 4 displayports
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    Will I ever switch to LCD?

    Geometry issues were the biggest annoyance about CRTs along with the fact they were big, heavy, and text was fuzzy.
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    The Lian Li PC-700 Thread :-)

    Any word on when these will go on sale?
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    In need of a better VPN solution

    +1 for the Cisco ASA with the SSL VPN licenses. It works well and as long as your users have local admin you don't need to install anything ahead of time. The new x series looks pretty nice as well.
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    Canon 5D Mark III

    Damn nice :)
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Yeah, I got mine from Japan but there seems to be a few more popping up on ebay in the past couple months here in the states. It's running at 48hz with two dual link DVI cables connected to monoprice DP to DVI adapters. The monitor itself has two LF60 inputs but it came with DVI adapters...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    New setup, just got the lcd arm in a couple days ago. Humanscale M8 with IBM T221
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    What do IT consultants do?

    Geez seems like people have had some bad experiences with IT consultants. Most of the time consultants are brought in for a specific short term project such as deploying a new SAP system or deploying a technology where it doesn't make sense to hire someone full time. I would suspect that...
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    What the heck is this?

    No offense, but really you clearly had your answers and you came back with a reply that seemed pretty snarky and self indulgent. Frankly I'm surprised you even got another reply with that attitude.
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    Smallest Size, highest resolution.

    ibm t221
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    20% off all PCIe Graphics Cards & DDR2/DDR3 @ MicroCenter

    Tried to get the coupon with a newegg pricematch, didn't work but worth the shot. Thanks op
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    Eyefinity screen tearing

    nope, i've got the same issue and it's freaking annoying
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    16gb is OOS, 32gb is still in stock
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    The prices for the rental itself isn't bad but the mandatory 2 day shipping at $30 is pretty pricey. If you're near a large city most of them have stores that rent lenses for similar prices w/o the shipping. Here in Chicago I've rented from Calumet a couple of times with no issues.
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    Most comfortable headphones you have used?

    I'm going to say dt880s out of HD80s, dt770s, scl4s, and klipsch custom 3s.
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    Would you join the ‘digital Blackwater’ ?

    Or it could be worth a lot of money to the government to have someone else use the slightly unorthodox methods the government wants to use but doesn't want to get caught using themself.
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    Penetration Test?

    I believe qualsys guard used to offer a free scan, not sure if they still do or not.
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    Any Thoughts on FishNet Security?

    10. As far as FishNet Security is concerned, have you heard of them? Worked with them? Worked for them? What do you think of them? I've heard of you guys but only as part of working in the information security industry.
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    Lian Li USA or other contact info???

    Not surprised since you're dealing with a relatively small company based in Asia. If you run into an issue with one of their cases the retailer would be my first avenue of support, not Lian Li. That being said I've owned my fair share of Lian Li cases overs the years (PC-60, V1000, A05n...
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    [H]ey C[H]icago p[H]otographer

    I'm interested, are you guys planning on being downtownish?
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    H60 at Fry's

    Not to get too far off topic but in Chicago the TigerDirect and Microcenter are walking distance from each other, too bad the Fry's is a drive out the burbs which is a giant pita. I'll have to look into the Directon deal, thanks.
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    enterprise instant messaging

    OCS here, part of MS BPOS. The screen sharing is pretty handy but the dialing doesn't get used much because I'm either at a desk with a phone or at home w/o decent QOS and the audio isn't that good.
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    Recommendations for home viewing of medical imaging

    If you're a doctor then I would recommend that you talk to your tech dept since specialized displays must be used. If you're part of a tech dept and have received such a request then I would contact a vendor who sells such displays so they can walk you through a purchase. In either case I...
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    Best way to learn more?

    +1 Internships and having good stories to tell when you're interviewing matter more than any certifications you get. No one in industry that I've met cares about + certs. CISSP is pretty much the standard for the security industry but you need experience to become certified so there's no...
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    OCZ Vertex Limited Edition 100GB

    Already got a refund for the 100gb from TXC. Message from seller was "Currently out of stock"
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    OCZ Vertex Limited Edition 100GB

    Yeah, depends if they have real time inventory or not. I paid for next day air to hopefully get them out the door today...
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    OCZ Vertex Limited Edition 100GB

    Thanks for the link, in 4 1.
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    When will we see 3840*2160 monitors?

    They've always been the determining factor, people don't go out and invent and commercialize new technologies for the lulz and because it's cool, they do it to make money.
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    Domain Admin - Can't Touch This !

    Agreed, while full segregation of duties might not be practical there's no reason for every IT person to have full access to everything (or even six people in a small organization).
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    Domain Admin - Can't Touch This !

    Six people with full admin on all systems seems a bit ridiculous to me even if you have sufficient logging in place. Having worked with large banking and financial services clients I can tell you how most of them do it; they have separate people and roles for production and non production...