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    Mmmm, Mouthwatering Meaty Manger for Baby Bacon Jesus

    I didn't come up with this but... Savor the savior.
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    Any hope for resolving all the cheating in MW2?

    Tribes, because the projectiles all moved too slowly. The closest thing to a hack was the perfect skiing down hills by holding the space bar with a script, but they implemented that as a standard feature in Tribes 2 so meh.
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    Is the 5970 discontinued?

    Give me $900 and you can have mine.
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    Shattered Horizon..a diamond in the rough

    I bought it and hope that it's great. I even bought three extra passes so hopefully people play with me. That said, Tribes did the whole completely 3D thing over 10 years ago...granted, this is different, with the spinning and all, but I really wonder where that game could have been if people...
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    HP Ink Costs More Than Human Blood

    Transplant patients, vampires, stab or gun wound victims...
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    Will my Corsair 620hx handle a ATi 5970?

    I'm disappointed. Wall of text pretty much agreed with you, I just felt it necessary to elaborate on each step since people could get the fairly simple concept...
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    Will my Corsair 620hx handle a ATi 5970?

    We might be speaking different languages here. I was saying that his whole methodology was wrong, but that the OP's power supply should be able to support the card. He said the card could support it. The recommendation was fine even if the rationale was not. ;) The "I don't see why this...
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    Will my Corsair 620hx handle a ATi 5970?

    His idea is wrong, but at least his yes/no answer to the original question is right. I really don't see why this is so difficult... :confused:
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    Will my Corsair 620hx handle a ATi 5970?

    Dude, read your own link: You prove yourself to be wrong but then continue arguing your position? :confused:
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    Technet 25% off deal on now

    Not to sound too gay, but I love you so much right now. :p I decided I'd upgrade to 7 today and have been going nuts because of the slow DL speeds. Now I'm pulling it at close to 1 MB/sec.
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    Damned Pirates: Hollywood Sets $10B Box Office Record

    I pay $9.75 today for 4k digital projection with awesome sound systems, stadium seating, and wide seats, and I paid $6 10 years ago for crappy projectors and seating. Once you factor in inflation, is the rise in prices really that bad? I mean, I'm getting a far better experience now. It's...
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    2 TB drives for a RAID array

    I didn't really dig into the complaints. Newegg people are complaining about them clicking then dying. I know Newegg reveiwers might not be the best source but that's an issue that is hard to be user-caused. Wasn't there also some problem with the 7200.11 1.5 TB drives in RAID arrays? As...
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    2 TB drives for a RAID array

    I'm running a 5 x 750 GB array of Seagates right now on a Dell Perc 5i, but am running out of space. I told myself that I would upgrade when 2 TB drives really started dropping in price, and at the $140 level that we're seeing with holiday sales I'm ready to bite. However, it seems that people...
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    Seagate 2TB Internal Hard Drive $149.99 -8% cashback = $138 w/FS (TigerDirect)

    Actually, I appreciate the link because I'd rather pay an extra $2 for the drive than have to pay sales tax.
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    Gouging? You want gouging? Have a look...

    That's actually kind of interesting. I think I purchased 2 video cards from them before, and both times both a) supplies were tight and b) they weren't gouging. It seemed to be that most people just didn't check their website and so they offered the cards close to MSRP and it was great. So...
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    5970 In Full Stock @ Newegg

    Thanks OP, picked one up.
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    Alright, sorry, hard to figure out subtleties online. Never know when someone might be serious. I'm glad you got my point, and that the developer only added the features due to time constraints does not say that one is better than the other. It only says that the developer was under time...
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    UG, you're kind of all over the place, or maybe it's just my interpretation of your perspective. I would rather assume more than you've said if only because it means I'm covering more bases. First admitting to being familiar with smoke then accusing me of smoking something means that I have no...
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    Marijuana does. ;) For Batman, they were retarded for not adding effects other than PhysX. IT'S A BAD COMPARISON. That's the only thing that I want to point out. You cannot point out lazy non-effects with optimized PhysX. IT's just wrong. The original thing that I quoted was a deceiving...
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    You're being an asshole. Look, man, I gave away an 8800GT on these forums because I did not need it anymore. Understand...I had what I needed to use GPU physics and I did not want it. I am not a fanboy. I have owned both brands. And yes, Batman is castrated for non-PhysX users. Why not...
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    You implied that everyone who does not share your purchasing power for technology somehow shirks advancement. That is wrong. I was providing an example that you were...wait for it...wrong. People care about PC gaming even if you do not think that they do. Well shit, let me go to the game...
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    Not at all. The point is to show what PhysX can do that regular physics cannot. Otherwise, why would you even want PhysX? Come on, be reasonable. I cut the rest of your post to highlight your poorly-made point. If DX10 can do the same effects as DX9 but at a higher framerate, GREAT. And I...
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    The game is what it is, but other people have done it. Once again, you can't just post a Youtube vid of "here is the potential of PhysX vs. something that doesn't even try." Look at what can be done without PhysX and then make a comparison. I really am not advocating one way or another, I...
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    Yeah, I caught that edit. I bought a 4870x2 to play DoD:Source better (the only game I play competitively), and try out other games. I am not thrifty with my hardware purchases; in fact, the only reason I have not bought into the 5800 family is that I am waiting for the 5870x2. Not...
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    I'm not whining. Once again, I have seen approximations of those effects. It really is best to compare approximations to the full PhysX deal. When you compare full PhysX to nothing at all (and ignoring what is out there) you are being disingenuous. I fully support a move to advance physics...
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    Is Single-Player Gaming In Danger Of Extinction?

    I would like to argue that I support single-player gaming, but I have to admit, if they only remade Tribes with better visuals over and over I would totally pay a monthly fee. :(
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    Too Bad PhysX Lowers FPS in it worth these numerous trade offs?

    I haven't read the whole thread, but is that really valid? I mean, I have seen smoke and explosion effects (when a projectile hits a wall) before. While they may not be 100% physically valid, they are close enough approximations. So the smoke may not swirl when you run through it. Batman...
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    How bad is gaming on the thin and light laptops?

    My brother wants to get a thin and light laptop because he carries his current one around 10 hours a day and apparently that is a pain. Right now he plays CS:Source, and not much else. So with a 1.6 GHz Core2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, and Intel 4500MHD graphics, what can he expect in terms of framerate...
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    Free Windows 7 Upgrades Have Fee

    That many people did not see it as tongue-in-cheek should indicate that you are not very good at communicating tongue-in-cheek. Stick to what you are capable of and maybe you'll actually pull off what you were hoping for.
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    GTX 280 vs 5870: Confusing Results

    And that really was the most idiotic thing that he could have said. He said his card ran things at 60 fps. He said he doesn't care if a card can run at more than 60 fps, because he uses vsync. Well then what the hell, why post a thread if you're getting the performance you want and don't want...
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    Strategy for dealing with Comcast

    I assume my Comcast quotes to be in the best of times. They claim that they will give me 22 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload sustained. In off-peak hours, I get 24 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload sustained. I'm pretty happy with that...they don't fuck everyone over. Comcast has been good to...
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    4GHz Quad Core i5-570 Screenshots

    Yeah. I bought my i7 920 from someone here on the [H] who had pretested it to something like 4.3 GHz on air. I'm running 4.0 GHz and am happy with it. The i7 might cost more, but how long have people been able to use the i7's? At the same time, the more cost-conscious were probably using...
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    Keep 300GB Velociraptor or buy SSD

    According to your sig, you are using an AthlonX2 4200+. What happens when you're running a Core i7 at 4+ GHz? Is the processor or the hard drive the bottleneck at that point?
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    Seagate 2 TB Drives

    They will not be used for system drives, and will be put into a hardware 5x2 TB RAID 5 array. I transfer to the array over a single Gb connection, so as long as I can get 90 MB/sec writes out of the whole thing I'll be happy.
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    Seagate 2 TB Drives

    How are these things? Are people seeing the same kind of problems that they did with the 1.5 TB drives? Hell, does anyone actually own one? I've been pretty loyal to Seagate, but admittedly, have not owned anything past their 1 TB drives. They haven't failed me yet, so I see myself...
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    Keep 300GB Velociraptor or buy SSD

    I have the Intel SSD. While I only play DoD: Source at the moment, it's nice already being on a team before almost anyone else even gets into spec when maps change. You always get your pick of team. :)
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    Any signifcant SSD changes imminent? Good time to buy?

    I just did. I'd rather not have to deal with RAID, as it's just another level of complication that I really don't want to deal with. RAID arrays are also tied to their controller, whereas with one drive I can always use another PC to pull data off the disk if I need to. Besides, I think that...
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    Mobo for 4+ GHz?

    Thanks for responding. Looking at a few of the boards on Newegg, I was considering both the UD5 and some version of the P6T. I have a 4870x2 and am not considering getting another card, so I'm not worried about SLI or CF capability. I am not too worried about price either, but I don't want to...
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    Mobo for 4+ GHz?

    I have not been following the i7 processors and motherboards at all because I was not planning on buying one. However, I found what I think is a good deal on an i7 920 that is good for 4+ GHZ speeds on air, so I went ahead and bought it. The trouble is, I now need a motherboard. The big...