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    CPU mining still have any value?

    thanks for the info guys, maybe i should just keep this thing pointed at stanford :rolleyes:
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    CPU mining still have any value?

    been mining some altcoins lately and I was wondering if there is any way I could put a 4p g34 (6172) to use mining xpm or pts or something else. Are any of these still profitable? thanks in advance
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    WTB - Supermicro G34 motherboard for 4P

    bigted you remind me of the guy that runs around a parking lot putting change in expired meters
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    FS: 4x 8425, h8qme-2+, 4x hs, 250gb hdd, 8x2gb ram

    I guess we can close this thread now as I have this rig plus some other gear in a FS thread
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    CO: Free Server Rack

    no garage, no basement, no wife :rolleyes:
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    CO: Free Server Rack

    SO tempting but i have nowhere to put it
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    FS: 4x 8425, h8qme-2+, 4x hs, 250gb hdd, 8x2gb ram

    price drop for the [Horde], still FS
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    FS: 4x 8425, h8qme-2+, 4x hs, 250gb hdd, 8x2gb ram

    I'll be putting this up in the reg FS/FT forum with a bunch of other gear pretty soon
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    FS: 4x 8425, h8qme-2+, 4x hs, 250gb hdd, 8x2gb ram

    unfortunately, once i took the rig out my cat turned the chassis into his "fortress of terroar" swiping at unsuspecting passers-by through the fan holes :rolleyes:
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    FS: 4x 8425, h8qme-2+, 4x hs, 250gb hdd, 8x2gb ram

    $275 shipped for any [H] DCer in the lower 48 I've had this rig for about a month now, but the folding bug has bit me again and I am moving on to bigger and better things. This setup will still get about 150k ppd on average. *psu not included* *custom chassis in pic not included* aside...
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    video card upgrade gone horribly wrong: help wanted

    The flash went fine, then i made sure everything was configured how it should be. including disabling anything that im not using such as floppy & 1394 almost seems like your friend had the same issue as me. i frequently get prompted to (re?)install DX which is a little odd. the fact that...
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    video card upgrade gone horribly wrong: help wanted

    Yeah the .net went without issue. in nfs i can look through options and whatnot and select a race & car. it shows the cut scene then gets to the loading page when it gives you tips. this is as far as it gets in this particular program.
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    video card upgrade gone horribly wrong: help wanted

    Crysis still works and i've also discovered that FEAR1 works fine. the NFS:Shift demo does not get past the loading screen however.
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    video card upgrade gone horribly wrong: help wanted

    yeah, everything by the books. I've done alot of work on PCs in the past but now i am really stumped; never seen a problem quite like this before. The only possible part malfunctioning at this point would be the mobo (also tried a different HDD) but i would not expect to have these symptoms
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    video card upgrade gone horribly wrong: help wanted

    well i shat/giggled as i tried the 4x slot but came up empty handed. im really running out of factors to eliminate here. For all its worth ive had the setup running fine for quite some time. makes me wonder if somehow something on the mobo got shorted & fried by the new video card?.
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    video card upgrade gone horribly wrong: help wanted

    yeah sorry, Q6600 D0 @ stock 30c-44c Abit IP35pro, latest bios EVGA 7900GT 256mb, ASUS EAH4890 1gb 2x1gb patriot 'PDC22G6400LLK' (ddr2800 44412@2.1v, running 533, SPD @2.0v) PSU1: thermaltake TR2 RX-550 (550w, 16a+17A on 12v) PSU2: Antec earthwatts 650 (650w, 22a+22a+25a on 12v) HD: samsung...
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    video card upgrade gone horribly wrong: help wanted

    The other day I finally received my 'new' asus 4890, a big upgrade from my aging 7900GT. i uninstall the drivers, reboot in safe mode and use driver sweeper, reboot n swap in the new card and get it all set up. the problems then begin. every game i try to play crashes or doesn't work in...
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    Puterless PSU

    I've been having some issues with some very hot equipment and I was thinking about rigging some fans up to an old PSU I have lying around using the paper clip method. Gonna be using 4x120mm fans, nothing else. I have two questions for you guys: Since there will be so little draw, does that...
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    dead monitor, need suggestions on a budget

    So i've had a viewsonic ve175b ( 17.5", 1280x1024) since 2002, and it finally decided to crap out and never turn on again. here's what im looking for in a new screen: anything > 12801024 anything >=19" i do some gaming now and then, but nothing new in a while (still running a 7900gt) even...
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    I barely even lurk much anymore, still folding away on a 1.0 p3 dualy but planning on trying the smp client on a new q6600... new as in its still in its box... waiting to be sold to me... some day :p
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    I see snow up in the hills...

    ^ yeah i plan on moving up to summit county next summer, then i may get a real p[H]arm online :cool:
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    I see snow up in the hills...

    I live just above Boulder, CO. the front range got a bit of a dusting last night even down into the foothills a bit. a friend of mine who lives at about 9200 said it felt like winter; i plan on paying her a visit to help heat up the house- and i'm talking about borging.. ;)
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    I see snow up in the hills...

    and you know what that means- b0rging season! Its been in the 30s-40s here at night and its time to turn on the heat/folding in the house full speed, also time to pay a visit to those friends with computers that i salivate over...
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    losing hdd space

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    where are you?

    Boulder, CO I dont think i've posted in quite some time, and down to my home file server (dual 1.0 p3's) folding. starting up a business, taking classes, and working on 50 days in one of the best ski seasons out here. Ive had a great time at CU and living in Boulder. the administration...
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    OCAU in the [H]'s sights & Countdown to Overtake!

    finally starting to get back into the fold, today added my dual 2.4 xeon workstation and i plan on adding a 3.2c as well as my 3500+ when i get back to CO on thurs :) i should be selling some other equipment (including opterons) on the trade sometime soon, keep your eyes out
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    how many of you are ramping up?

    over thanksgiving im going to my parents house and there i should be able to set my old farm back up, ~19ghz ;)
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    Why did you join the [H]orde?

    after having questions about a video card a while back and was kinda bored and checking out the different forums (for like the 10th time) and finally decided to take the 20 seconds or so to actually find out what this 'folding' thing was. It sounded pretty cool, my aunt had recently died of...
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    100,000 finally.

    congrats on the 100k red
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    310k, starting to get back into the game
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    What are you working on?

    im working on paying my rent and starting a business, but come this winter i can have much more than just my 3500+ and dual 1.0 p3's back in NY. once the electric bill is minor enough i will finally move all my boxen out here and get another ~20ghz or so running. many pics when the time comes :)
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    Calling all Active [H]orde Members.

    I'm not here as often as i should be/used to be, lotta things going on and my ppd is low. :( i'll try to get my farm up in the winter
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    congrats on the mil, keep it up
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    Running on fumes

    well, as some of you may have noticed (but probably not), my ppd is nothing like what it used to be a month or so ago. used to have a really nice farm running at my parents house, but those days are no more. The next time i am there, i'm selling about 3/4 of the farm, and possibly putting 1 or 2...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    300,000 , never thought i'd be anywhere near here
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    Might have a deal for the [H]orde... whos interested?

    i am highly interested (and back folding again :D )
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    I can't make up my mind! You choose

    i think the 6xx's have double the cache too
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    whats up with us??

    well for once i wont really be able to do my part for a while... :( tomorrow im leaving on a backpacking trip out in Oregon for just under 2 weeks, my dad and bro are coming along as well and I can't leave the farm on during that time. btw, the farm is actually located at my parents house...
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    Something's Afoot

    reminds me of the 'get relic to x' threads ;)