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    Why hello There ...

    Got me finally
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    Why hello There ...

    better check that again going full steam ahead to hold u off as long as i can
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    Why hello There ...

    just saw this post lol... about time slacker t-minus 14.5 hours till you mow me
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    Crosshairs ..... Hello

    you can bring it, defeat comes and goes
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    Crosshairs ..... Hello

    when in the hell did i pass you? lol guess i should pay more attention
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    wtb vid card

    yea either the svideo or the composite is good, shoot me the details in a pm on what payment type you want
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    wtb vid card

    yea that thing that plugs in the back of the card
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    wtb vid card

    do you have the part that takes the port for output to rca kendrrak?
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    wtb vid card

    looking for either a 260 gtx and up that have a s video out option, needed for a new daily driver in the works
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    Nitro's FS Thread

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    Mow List: hadrien 4 Weeks MrValentine 2.5 Weeks wyluliraven 1.7 Weeks MikeMcHugh 1 Week Xilikon 5.7 Day Threat List: Extide 3.6 Weeks Carbon_Rod 4.1 Weeks mjannusch 1.1 Months penn7 2.8 Months wings2004 4.1 Months
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon Registration

    maybe i will win something finally?
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    New Devalued GPU WUs in the wild..:(

    yea been getting unstable on my 450 all day since yesterday 3 pm 10k less points zzzzzz
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    Summer is comming: Cooling your setup!

    Going to shut down the gpu's and go pure cpu folding during the summer
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    Top 20 > 350kppd

    guessing this needed a bump as the numbers have change now its min of 400k 1 tear 1,595,961 238,633,864 2 CHANDAN 1,531,543 200,845,274 3 dwdawg 1,415,186 255,621,734 4 dreadwing 1,142,186 42,590,588 5 firedfly 1,079,524 165,543,374 6 ChelseaOilman 744,312 11,122,577 7 jebo_4jc 664,526...
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    FS: 2x6274 16 Core @ 2.2GHz

    as the saying goes "Swallow the blue pill return to the General Forum and believe whatever you want to believe, Swallow the red pill log onto IRC and see how deep your bank account goes, swallowing both lands you in GenMay."
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    im going Tiger hunting in less than 5 days..

    Time to D Up or get Ur shed rdy
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    New GPU3 Projects

    im getting these things back to back non stop jesus christ
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    New GPU3 Projects

    1st time ive heard of that also :confused:
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    New GPU3 Projects

    only problem im seeing wit the 280's is once i stop em they wont kick back into 3d mode when i restart the gpus
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    New "D"

    heh they all 1 tb drives so i didnt want to wipe out any data so i unplugged em during format :D
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    New "D"

    i know some 1 is gonna say it, but i have poor cable mangment
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    New "D"

    New "Storage" box AMD x6 1100t be @ 4.0 antec 920 push/pull config and here is the hw porn pics :eek:
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    New GPU3 Projects

    yea my 570gtx and 450gts got them last night i was gonna take like 12 hours on the 450gts 570 temps went up to 83c
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    Have you ever been a folding "evangelist"?

    u must not pay attention to the teams? google has there own team already
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    WTB: s939 x2

    i got 2 s939's opteron 165 and 175 both still working 30 bucks for either and its urs
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    Neck and Neck...

    EVGA's Top 20 folders are producing 6,107,689 PPD [H]'s Top 20 folders are producing 11,146,352 PPD That is 5,038,663 more PPD than EVGA's Top 20 producers. lol from evga forums seems they getting worried over there
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    MSI GTS250 1GB OC TwinFrozr

    just a fyi you should read the posting rules here is the section i think you should read :) "If you belong to another folding team and wish to sell here, please provide team information as well as a link to your stats. If this is missing, your thread will be deleted; no questions asked."
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    WTB gtx 450 460 or 260

    i have 1x 450 gts $100.00 and a 260 gtx 216 40.00 plus shipping
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    WTB: Cheap mobo/CPU combo with 2 or 3 PCIe lanes

    i have 3 mobo cpu comb's 1x opty dual core 165, mobo with 2x pcie slots, 1x opty dual core 175 or 185 not sure which cpu it is, mobo with 2x pcie slots also have like 2 gigs each for these systems and aftermarket hsf's price for both of these is $225.00 with shipping. 1x am2+ amd pheonm x4...
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    WTB: Cheap mobo/CPU combo with 2 or 3 PCIe lanes

    does the cpu power matter like dual core quad core? or u just need the PCIe lanes
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    MSI Barebone System Give-Away

    sign me up :)
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    Summer Shutdowns

    yea currently jobless so i will go with what i have atm :)