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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 6

    Count me in, thanks
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 4

    IN it for the win! thanks!
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    Seagate 640GB 32MB Deactivated on Egg

    The ST3640323AS drive has been deactivated on Newegg, also noticed its not listed ZZF either. I am out of the 30 day RMA return window so I cant return it. Just curious if Seagate is replacing this drive with an updated one ? Mine is acting funny and hoping they will recall this HD and send free...
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    I freakin' love my 640GB AAKS drives!

    Ditto, I recently bought both the 640AAKS and the Seagate 7200.11 640 32MB, the AAKS is the real winner, smooth and FAST!
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    9600gt or 9800gt

    Depends on your motherboard, if u have room to accommodate the wider dual slot gpu. If your case has extra fans, you can use the single slot.
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    What's the *oldest* card you're running?

    EVGA 6800GT on a socket 754 pc
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    post here what video card you have now

    BFG 7950GT-OC
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    Seagate SATA 320gb HD $60

    Just ordered one, delighted with the fact there are no rebates involved, thanks OP !
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    PR Nightmare Drawing - AMD 6400+ Black Drawing

    Most addictive pc related forum board I have found on the net, reason being its more resourceful and updated than the other forums. The unbiased, honest tech knowledge and opinions are very beneficial to me, reason this forum absolutely rocks. Many thanks to Kyle and the community for keeping...
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    Supply or Demand on 8800GT ? POLL

    Waiting for a price reduction on the 8800GT when the next generation cards appear, call me cheap ! The Egg is awesome but their Video Card prices arent always the cheapest.
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    Socket 939 Upgrade or Dump?

    Upgrading my 939 also, just got my 5000+ BE/Call of Juarez bundle from Tigerdirect. Still debating on a motherboard, the Biostar TF560 appears to be a healthy choice but still question Biostars life expectancy. Any release news on the AM2+ DFI SLI board along with a entry price ? The DDR2 is...
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    Deal: $20 2GB OCZ Gold PC6400 (40 MIR) Free shipping

    My OCZ is shown as on backorder, ordered Sat evening. Is anybody else in this situation ? Any notification on a expected shipping date ? OCZ rebate time frame sucks, they only give you 2 weeks from purchase date to postmarked date on rebate letter. Thanks !
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    ZipZoomfly Cyber Monday 2007 Ad is online

    Wondering if this has Closed Captioning like the Avermedia TV tuner card ?
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    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition + Call of Juarez 99$ Shipped

    Do you have to subscribe to the TigerDirect deal newsletter to get the free shipping ? When checking out, I am being charged $8.49 for ground using PP.
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    Zipzoomfly BF sales!

    Ordered the CM case, got free shipping with PP payment, good deal. Ive had zero problems buying from ZZF, theyre just slower than the Egg.
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    I would donate my current S939 build to a family member and purchase all new parts from Newegg for an X2 build. Thanks Newegg for supplying the parts for my previous builds, excellent service. Phenom
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    Just built a X2 4200 Toledo system, upgraded from a S754 which my daughter still plays on it. This new dual core, 2GB, 7950GTOC pc is awesome, so please dont close this thread yet and let me join ! Holding out until Quad core, DDR3 prices fall then I will upgrade. AMD rawks :D
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    Who Has Swapped To Intel Since CD2 release??

    Pure AMD fan here, still running a S754 and a S939 system.....will wait for AMD Quad core prices to fall before upgrading again. Why should I spoonfeed more money into Intels profits.
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    Biostar GeForce 6100-M9 939 MATX Question

    Thanks for the replies, bought the Foxconn board on the last day of the rebate offer. Definitely will try OC to 2.6 along with the OCZ DDR400. This board must be popular, its on AUTO-NOTIFY now on the Egg. Keeping the Biostar for a backup board since the PCI-1e slot would be nice for a TV tuner...
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    Biostar GeForce 6100-M9 939 MATX Question

    How reliable is the Foxconn 6150K8MA-8EKRS MB ? I noticed it has an additional PCI slot compared to the Biostar. Thanks for your answers.
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    Biostar GeForce 6100-M9 939 MATX Question

    Its too crowded to use both PCI slots with the 7950 however I found a Avermedia TV tuner card that uses the PCI-1 slot to allow more airflow but its around 100 bucks . Not sure about USB dialup modems, connect at 21.6 kbps out in the sticks. Debating between the A8N-SLI SE or the Foxconn ATX...
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    Biostar GeForce 6100-M9 939 MATX Question

    Building a S939 system, one possible problem after I ordered this MB. Just realized the PCI-E slot is so close to the other 2 PCI slots, will I be able to use both PCI slots once I put my 7950GT card on it ? The PCI slots will have an Avermedia TV tuner card (I am deaf and use the CC feature)...
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    BFG card busted during shipment?

    Just bought this video card from MWave today, hope FED-UP doesnt screw up the shipment !
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    AGP club

    Still dragging along with evga 6800GT AGP in a S754 system.