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    Max Keyboard 30% off thru December 28
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    Optimus and >60Hz

    Are there any hacks out there to enable custom timings on an Optimus notebook?
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    Any laptops with 100+hz IPS?

    Has anyone tried overclocking their laptop display? Perhaps we should start a database ;)
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    Asus RMA has me worried

    They were a little sloppy with the solder when replacing the 24-pin ATX connector, and you can see 2 of the pins are almost bridged together. I'm a little afraid to plug it in. And I'm not sure what that big glob of white stuff is.
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    Think i could put a 590 and 6990 in the same system?

    I want to dive into GPU programming and evaluate performance on both NVIDIA and AMD hardware, preferably on the same box. I'll be working in Windows 7 and Linux.
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    GTX680 CUDA Performance?

    Has anyone found a good review comparing CUDA performance to the GTX580/590? Once I get rolling on CUDA development I'd like to upgrade to something beefier than my 8800.
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    VirtualBox Disk Performance

    Do VMs really take this much of a hit in random I/O performance? I have a guest that only gets about 7,500 4K IOPS (64 threads) while the host can get upwards of 125,000. Has anyone else done any benchmarking of SSDs inside of VMs? I'm curious if it's just a VirtualBox thing.
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    Monoprice HDMI Certification

    Something's not right. I ordered a 25' High Speed HDMI cable from them, and the thing's thicker than the power cable to my oven. I think they must have 100kV lines running through their building or something.
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    IP over Thunderbolt/USB3?

    Would something like this be possible for computers in relatively close proximity?