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    I've been out of the loop for years. Need an ATX case

    NZXT switch 810 or Phantom will get you the job done. These are pretty good cases and will fit all your needs.
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    Corsair Air 540. Best case I have ever used. Period.
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    2019 Best value card as of today

    RTX 2070 is the best bang for buck IMO.
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    SAPPHIRE Radeon VII 16G listed...

    If it was listed for about $100 less then I think it would be a good buy. There should be an option not to include games for lesser price. Also if anyone knows which game uses 16GB VRAM?
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    Would going from a 1070 to a 2070 make a noticeable improvement at 1440/100Hz?

    That wouldn't be a much of a upgrade. Try finding a used GTX 1080ti, they are going really cheap nowadays
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    980ti to 2080?

    2080 is a great upgrade over 980ti but I think you will be limited by your CPU.
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    2019 Best value card as of today

    As of now RTX 2060 is a great bang for buck. However, RX580 and 590 are not that bad either considering their price tags
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    Thinking of upgrading GTX970 to RX580 or rtx2060 CPU=i5/3570 - worth doing?

    Before upgrading your card you should upgrade your CPU first as it will bottleneck your system in the future. If you don't want to go for DDR4 platform as DDR4 rams are expensive then you can simply upgrade to i7 4790k with only MB upgradation and can use your previous builds rams. And RX580...
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    Internal sound cards for PC

    I just bought HyperX Cloud Alpha Headphones and I wasn't convinced with the sound quality of it. My PC isn't the latest and greatest, Core i7 4770 with Asus Q87M-E Motherboard. Been searching around for a while and found that the sound card on my motherboard isn't good. I can't upgrade my system...