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    The Best TCCD

    PQI for sure its the only TCCD chips that i can get to run stable @245 1t command rate :) corsair couldnt do it and gskill i tested couldnt do it as good as the PQI
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    BFG 6800GT & NV Silencer 5 are Great Combo

    guess i got lucky on my retail bfg6800gt overclock. mine does 430/1.15 on the stock cooler with roughtly the same temps you guys are mentioning. guess ill have to get one of these coolers and flash to theu ltra bios and see if 450 is possible
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    Prospective setup question/advice..

    I just built a rig for a friend based off the k8n neo2 and 3000+ 939 with a gig of PQI pc4000, and its smoking fast even with loose latencies. if you plan on overclocking youll be very happy
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    6800GT Question

    yeah 310+tax for the gt out the door price then send a copy of the sale recipt and a paycheck stub to bfg for 5%(i think could be more) under what best buy paid for it making the card around 270 or 300 if you factor in tax, but you have to be a employeee and if your buying it for a friend you...
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    6800GT Question

    best buy discount on the card is 310+tax, then you can mail the recipt to bfg for 5% i think under best buy cost making it like 275
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    Mouse Pads

    IceMat for sure i have one and love it, and as everyone said it will never wear out :D
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    where can I find info on unlocking a winchester

    on the neo2 some people are geting courption on SATA ports 1/2 with high FSB, but SATA 3/4 are locked down and shouldnt have a problem with the high bus speed
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    PQI Turbo DDR 3200 2-2-2-5 quick take - 300 FSB

    uping the voltage on the samsung chips used will not gain you speed nor tighter timings. i was able to run 2.9 volts thru the samsung chips anything high i had stability problems
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    Keep my XP of get a 64 for FREE?

    get a 939 board and 3200+ and overclock the hell out of it, youll notice a nice increase in games
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    AMD or INTEL?

    argh another one of these i hope you have your flame suit on
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    If You Love HL2...

    well it doesnt look like it records ip's so you can just go back over and over to vote again, but i highly doubt they will pick the winners from our votes.
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    Can You Not Play HL2 WITHOUT STEAM?!?!?

    lmao id lo ve to see that sticker on the box
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    Good 2x256 or Crappy 2x512

    if by crapy ram you mean high latencies like cas3 4-4-8, get the gig youll be better off, i sure as hell cant tell a bit of difference in gaming with loose latencies compared to tight ones, sure benchmarks show it. now good quality ram overclocks farther usally. if i was in your shoes id...
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    X700s On Shelves at BB PCI-E Only

    ha i work at 383, sold one last night to go into a gateway. i did encounter one problem installing it thou, there was a cap right by the PCIe lock that had to be slightly bent upwards to allow the video card to be seated properly
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    Athlon 64 3000+ Socket 939 90nm Review

    yeah for a little over 200 bucks you can get a gig of PQI CAS2 3-3-6. Thats a pretty good value i think.
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    Athlon 64 3000+ Socket 939 90nm Review

    the PQI memory is some really good stuff. the pmi with cas2 2-2-5 uses the same chips as corsairs 3200xl xms, but the pqi is a ton cheaper
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    PQI 3200 turbo.performs more or less on AMD than on an Intel setup?

    The tras of 9-11 works for the nfroce3 boards too :p . If you wwant proof just run sandra at stock then the 9-11 range and youll see a increase in bandwidth
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    new BFG 6800GT overclock decent?

    yeah mine is idling at 55c stock
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    new BFG 6800GT overclock decent?

    well i got a new bfg 6800gt oc today, got if for 276 with my employee acomidations. so far i have it overclocked to 415mhz core and 1120 on the memory, now i know the stock retail bfg dual fan heatsinks are known not to be great performers. would i benefit by going with a artic cooling...
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    Star Wars Battlefront! 56k beware!

    great just what i wanted to hear. the store i work at already had a shipment in but they are holding it till the 20th, and i didnt want to pick up a copy and not like it. guess i know wht im doing tommorow :p
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    Star Wars Battlefront! 56k beware!

    when you say plays like bf1942 is it sorta slow paced action. i thoguht bf1942 action felt slow, but dc seemed to give the game the pace i like
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    Star Wars Battlefront! 56k beware!

    wow those shots look awsome. how is the gameplay? really looking forward to the online play
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    Best LAN party games to play in the next month?

    point of existance will probally be the main game i think. the last few lans a iwent to bf192 DC was all everyone was playing, and poe bfv mod is simply awsome. sure its still beta and not as polished as dc, but it will get there oneday
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    Emulation Software Detected!

    surely they will get hundreds of complaints and possibly put out a patch to allow you to play the game and use 120% at the same time. what game was it they did a patch too, and it did the same thing, any virtual drive was detected and the game would not run. was it rainbow six ?. anyway they...
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    The best motherboard for overclocking barton?

    with out a doubt the DFI Infinity or lanparty REV b is the best overclocking mobo for the athlon axp's. my nf7-s overclocked just as good but needed a volt mod to run high fsb. with the DFI board and better n/b cooling 250+ fsb is attainable
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    Best Buy Employee Plasma and LCD

    out of stock in the southeast too, but i already purchased a pioneer PDP5041HD 50" plasma a month ago ;) , but i would love a smaller lcd for the bedroom
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    Radeon 9600XT 256mb vs 9800 Pro 256mb

    256megs on a 9600 pro is a total waste, the settings needed to utilize all that memory will make both the 9800pro and 9600xt will give you a nice picture, but it will look like a slide show. a 128meg 9800pro would be a better buy
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    Norton Anti-Virus Small Buisness Edition

    nortons sucks avast is much much better and is free :)
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    9700PRO still rockin

    yeah but if you bought a 9700pro when it first came out you have to be happy about that purchase. it has been surpassed in the performance department, but is still a damn good card, and can play virtually any game at a decent res and details.
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    Any Use for 64 bit?

    not right now but the 64bit athlons tear thru 32bit apps
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    cheap but good power supply?

    im running a vantec ion2 350 watt psu on my 3200+, k8n neo, 2x80 gig SATA drives and a 6800gt and have no problems what so ever. the ion2 rails specs are low compared to other PSu's but for 38 bucks it awfully nice
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    3.2E, Corsiar 3200XL and YOU

    ive had no problem running the XL on both intel and amd systems, the only problem i had was the plug and frag didnt work on the ic7 max3. id rma the sticks to corsair for a new set
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    How far will an average 3.0C go on stock HSF?

    the sl6wk d1 3.0c is a monster overclocker, ive seen a few do 3.7+ on the stock cooler. my 3.0c will do 4ghz 1.70V on air with sp94 and tornado, but on the stock fan im limited to around 2750mhz. the 3.0c should give you a higher overall speed compared to a 2.4or 2.8
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    My new 3500+ Benchies!

    heres what i got with a 3200+ cg 1meg oc the card and the system some and see what scores you get.
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    6800 GT's coming in stock everywhere

    paid 310+tax for my bfg 6800gt got it thru a friend in retail
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    vantec stealth or silenx 80mm silent fans?

    The Silenx are very worth it. i have 5 80mm silenx in a cheiftec case with a tt silent boost and the loudest part in the system is now the PSU.
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    NO 6800GTs anyone know any secret hidden underground vendors?

    id try best buy stoped by the one in bham tonight and they had just gotten 4 6800gt and 8 6800 nu 128meg cards all bfg flavors
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    Funky Fan on BFG 6800GT

    ive got one from best buy and it works well clocked up to 410/1100
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    Should I open this BFG 6800GT?

    that black thing is a heatsink the end of the card is covered by about a inch and a half.
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    Should I open this BFG 6800GT?

    hrm what best buy you get that from lol