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    First htpc build. Does this look good?

    Thanks for the input you two i appreciate it greatly. I guess that coolermaster stacker i used to own would come in handy for times like these hah. I'll have to do some reading on freenas and the like on my days off this week.
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    First htpc build. Does this look good?

    I just figured i would stick with independent drives. I have honestly never looked into RAID, i've always just thrown my new drives in and moved on. I'll stick with that case unless it is smarter that i do a seperate server.
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    First htpc build. Does this look good?

    Well at the moment i'll be at 3 hard drives. I'd like to think that i wont fill this 3 tb drive but i have my doubts. Looks like i have some more researching to do than what i previously had thought. I'll look into the idea of doing a seperate nas and htpc.
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    First htpc build. Does this look good?

    Well i chose that case because i dont have a server for my media so i wanted the extra space for hdds. as far as the matx mainly because it was on the cheap end and came with free ram. Would it be worth the extra cash to jump the atx biostar since it also comes with free ram...
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    First htpc build. Does this look good?

    motherboard:BIOSTAR TA75MH2 FM2 AMD A75 (Hudson D3) HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard comes with this ram for free: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB
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    p5e-vm hdmi hdmi output not working

    I tried looking in the bios but did not see anything about video. Even in device manager i didnt see any mention of onboard video. Well i was hoping to just connect it to my tv so i could watch my .mkv videos on there since streaming through windows media center to my xbox isnt that great
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    p5e-vm hdmi hdmi output not working

    mobo: asus p5e-vm hdmi os: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit cpu: core2duo e7200 gput: ati radeon x1900xt So i have tried googling this and have found no solutions or information at all regarding getting hdmi output to work with this motherboard. My tv will say searching for signal but...
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    Dell XPS series- how reliable?

    I have an estimated date of 12/23 as well, to bad i had it shipped to my damn apartment and not back home i dont even know if i'll be here to get the thing. : /
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    new build, power supply question

    Alright thanks for your help. Do you happen to have any suggestions on a good quality psu for a possible upgrade and wont hurt the wallet to much?
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    new build, power supply question

    yea i happened to read that before i posted this thread so i just wanted to double check. At most i'll add one more hdd but im not sure on that. Its a shame as when i first bought the psu i read nothing but great reviews on it and now im reading stuff about how its flawed.
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    new build, power supply question

    Hey all its been awhile since I've had to build a new rig so i just wanted to make sure my power supply is still adequate or not. My power supply is the ocz gamexstream 600w. I dont plan to overclock or anything like that either. My new build consists of the following: ASUS P5E-VM HDMI LGA...
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    Free Posters Porsche Boxster RS 60

    page isn't working here either so im guessing its dead, i'll try again tomorrow though.
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    Free $25 Amazon Gift Card

    thanks op, i entered.
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    stores to buy old nes, sega games?

    like others said try locally owned stores but most of the ones around me charge 5 bucks for games like mario/duckhunt o.O. You might wanna try garage sales sometimes you get lucky and can score some good stuff there.
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    Wavebird $17.99

    I couldn't believe how much they were going for on ebay just for that controller. It's sad when i can sell just my wavebird and get almost as much as what the local game store would give me for my cube, 3 controllers, memory card, and 6 games. Good thing I'm not as dumb as i was when i was...
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    Where to get good deal on R4?

    i got mine from here
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    [H] Halo 3? Any players out there?

    i play my gamertag is mysticdem0n im alright i suppose but not all that great yet.
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    Have you ever purchased any XBLA games?

    yea need a less than 5 option in there. The only game I've bought so far is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I played it a lot when it first came out and really haven't touched it since though multiplayer was kinda laggy most of the time.
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    Hooking Xbox 360 Online at College Campus

    i had the same problem i just had to call the internet people at my school and they told me to register my xbox 360 on their site and i'd be good to go.
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    Microsoft Live Club

    i ordered my stuff late june early july and have yet to get anything but the arcade games thing for the 360.
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    Hilarious videogaming montage

    the megaman part had me loling especially the part where he is under the box sneaking up on her. Then gets his ass kicked when he goes to attack her.
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    Rock Band Poll

    I will probably get all of the accessories if the bundle is at a decent price. I really want to play the drums. The only one i probably wont try is singing unless im all alone i'll leave the singing to someone else much better than myself.
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    How many of you actually get your free stuff?

    i usually dont get any of the free stuff i sign up for but this is what i have got off the top of my head: egm subscription games for windows or w/e its called subscription razors st. pauli girl posters amd t- shirt (of couse it was 5 sizes to big no love for the us really skinny folk when...
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    People listed in the Gamertag thread ::: has your XBOX 360 broken?

    gamertag: mysticdem0n console- premium date bought- October or November of 2006 replaced- yes, i'm waiting to receive the box from Microsoft to send it back to them
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    Another dead 360 thanks to GH2 thread. *RANT*

    I dont blame the game its just the game i happened to be playing at the time. I am in know way blaming gh2 my bad if it sounded like it.
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    Another dead 360 thanks to GH2 thread. *RANT*

    i feel your pain op i just loaded up gh2 to play some gnr it froze so i turn it off then back on and bam ring of death starts laughing at me. Fortunately mine is still under warranty but im still pissed about it.
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    Do you have a Video Game collection?

    i used to have a collection of games but i decided to sell them all so i wouldnt have to take them with me when i move out. I think i got over 1000 dollars for all my stuff.
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    Guitar Hero II for the 360

    hopefully i'll picking it up on day 1. I have a friend who has the ps2 version and i dont get to play it that often. The only thing standing in my way of rocking out everyday is my 360 and it deciding if it wants to die or live.
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    My 360 Died!

    im waiting for my 360 to die aswell im getting dirty disc errors and it freezes during games and stuff. Seems like it has been getting worse lately. After all the horror stories i've read im dreading the fact that i'll probably be sending mine in soon.
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    heatsink help

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    Why do you play video games?

    I play them because they are fun and a great way to kill time.
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    The new Gamertag thread! Post your XBOX Live Gamertag!

    mine is mysticdem0n and all i play right now is rainbow six vegas. The only games i have are vegas and gears hoping to increase the game collection soon though.
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    100 Taiyo Yuden CDRs = $5 @ Kmart (Turkey Day ONLY)

    thanks for the heads up but my local kmart did not have any. The only fujis they had were the smaller sizes.
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    Butterfinger Advisory Panel

    i got the same thing hopefully it comes and if the t shirt is with it im hoping its a medium, however everyone knows free shirts always have to be a large.
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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    10% off Power Products Here is your Coupon Code to use at Checkout: $D5CQST7190$00
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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    $350 instant savings on select Dimension Desktop over $999 Here is your Coupon Code to use at Checkout: 1VV?LGRF6HNG9C
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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    $200 instant savings on select Inspiron Notebook over $999 Here is your Coupon Code to use at Checkout: 59RL93CMHKLPDN
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    OMG Hot 200Gig 52 Cents

    they are getting raped on resellerratings unless the lower the number the better lol. but hey i guess its worth the risk when its so cheap just a heads up though.
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    Angry Gaming Stories anyone? Broken Controller :(

    Amazingly enough as much as i have banged my controllers on the floor or thrown them at the floor they have never broke. Maybe i dont throw hard enough lol but my genesis controller is a trooper for sure cant tell you how much i abuse that and my playstation controller took but kept working. I...