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    Largest Prime Number to Date Discovered

    There are likely millions of primes between this one and the previous largest number...There's a decent chance we'll never find one.
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    Largest Prime Number to Date Discovered

    There isn't really. Large primes are used for encryption but numbers this large are useless there (for now, at least). In reality much of the search is just math for math's sake. A lot of basic research is like that, to answer questions nobody else has or currently cares about. Some becomes...
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    Boeing Unveils “Son of Blackbird” Hypersonic Spy Plane Concept

    If you really are an Aerospace Engineer you would know the main variable in sonic boom intensity is the quantity of air being accelerated, therefore the main driver(s) of a strong sonic boom is aircraft size and shape. You would also know that beyond about 1.3-1.4 speed is almost an irrelevant...
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    APKWS or Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System - OOORAH!

    There are have been munitions with cockpit selectable PRFs for a looooooooong time. Most new laser guided munitions have such a feature by default. As someone else said, this is due to the lack of interface with the pod.
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    APKWS or Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System - OOORAH!

    Manually dialed PRF selectors? WTF? What is this the stone age?
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    Almost Everything on Computers Is Perceptually Slower Than It Was in 1983

    If what you're doing only requires textual input, sure. Too bad for this guy computing has expanded it's role and interface requirements. I've had to work with ancient government computer generated hardware models that only used keyboard navigation.... so much so the keystrokes are second...
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    Hacker Unlocks “Secure” Smart Gun with $15 Magnets

    Malfunctions are fairly common in the middle of a firefight, ask anyone in the military who's actually been in a few. You take cover, clear your weapon, and move on. No firearm works 100% of the time. NONE.
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    Tesla Owner too Stupid to Buy New Tires

    There are an embarrassing amount of people in America that do not think fossil fuels will ever run out. This also applies to a surprising number in congress.
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    Tesla Owner too Stupid to Buy New Tires

    c'mon's not a mustang :D
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    Tesla Owner too Stupid to Buy New Tires

    He's doing it for clicks. Dude just bought a new Model X (notice he also says on twitter they've gone through 3 sets of tires in 2 years with the Model he clearly knows to change tires). My guess is he roasted the tires knowing he was getting rid of the car. Hell, I do so whenever I'm...
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    There was a mild recession in the early 90's, the Aerospace industry is susceptible to such things like everyone else. Nowadays we can't find enough talent. My own company has a goal of hiring 2000 more engineers this year (obviously not all are entry level spots) and we are on track to hit...
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    Mohonri is correct. I don't know of any EEs that have dedicated courses for statics, machine mechanics, dynamics, thermo, or fluids. It's not needed. Also in my experience the aerospace industry is fairly stable as far as engineering employment. If you work in defense, a program might get...
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    Valid points as well. Though my point about certain fields of engineering not needing a PE to be called an engineer still stands. Example: In my field a PE is almost worthless outside of VERY few niche positions. However, an FAA DER (Designated Engineering Representative) is FAR more...
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    Man Fined $500 for Writing "I Am an Engineer" in Email to Oregon Engineering Board

    Oh jesus christ. You are the kind of PE that makes the rest of us look bad you pretentious prick. Some overly broad statements you are making here. First of all, a PE is only relevant in a few fields of engineering. Civil, HVAC, Nuclear, and EE's working in power come to mind. Most ME's don't...
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    To be fair, none of these things MAKE you an engineer either. I know many wannabe AEs that knew all the basics like this but were incapable of abstract thinking. They didn't last long in the aerospace industry.
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    Oh Jesus fucking Christ. Engineering boards and their insistence of the title "engineer" only being afforded to people who passed the PE are just a bunch of elitist pricks. I'm an Aerospace Engineer (With a PE), know how common a PE is in my field? Hint: quite fucking rare. How many Aerospace...
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    It actually surprised me. It was at the bottom of my priority list until we test drove it. The fact a full size adult such as myself (at 250 lbs and 6'2") can sit in the third row with decent comfort was a big deal too.
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    Twitter Helps those Overwhelmed with Bad News

    It's not the same, much like our parents / Grand Parents didn't understand our generation. But sure, keep acting like our life experiences universally apply. A good parent adapts with the times. I have no intention of letting my kid(s) be soft, but guess what...not all (hell...most) kids will...
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    They came in behind the Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot. I like Toyota's reliability, and the Ford had an excellent feature set (and much more powerful engine) for what we were going to pay....BUT Honda is also very reliable, has a well made interior (and infotainment setup), and is reasonably...
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    This might be an understatement :D
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    Negative. This is all about branding and not wanting their systems to look like everyone else's (which Android Auto / Apple Carplay tend to do).
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    Twitter Helps those Overwhelmed with Bad News

    It's not a horrible idea, our kids are growing up with social media information overload. We didn't, so it doesn't affect us the same way.
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    "I have a performance / beater / old / offroading / base trim vehicle so I don't need this" yadda yadda. Good for you.:rolleyes: I have a big V8 (with a blower waiting for installation) that suites my personal vehicular entertainment purposes, and a Volt for my commute...but the family hauler's...
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    We actually prefer Android Auto over Carplay. It's smoother and easier to use (not to mention doesn't use Apple Maps)... though it may just be the implementation in Honda's vehicles.
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    The Android Auto implementation in our Pilot allows voice-command navigation changes while vehicle is in motion. Quite convenient.
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    This right here. Their garbage system immediately ruled them out to replace my wife's totaled Grand Cherokee with a Highlander a couple months ago. We eventually bought a Honda Pilot.
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    We Know Uber Stole Google Waymo...but that's Cool

    I guess I should note I work for one of the largest defense companies in the United States and is worth roughly the same as what Uber SAYS they are...and brings in 5x more money than they do. I still don't see how it's any different other than they are a darling of Silicon Valley while my...
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    We Know Uber Stole Google Waymo...but that's Cool

    I work in the Aerospace/Defense industry. If I downloaded my company's trade secrets before quitting (or getting fired) and then proceeded to give them to a new employer...I'd be in fucking prison and my new company would have some serious corporate espionage charges of their own to contend...
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    Robots are Going to Outrun us All...then Kill Us

    This does not impress me at all. Call me when they can get it to run without direct support to keep it upright longer than half a step. Pretty sure Boston Dynamics have superior running bots.
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    FCC Kills Plan to Allow Mobile Phone Conversations on Flights

    Then your "measurements" were shit. At cruise altitude cabin noise in an airliner ranges from 70-85 dB.
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    Tesla Model X Driver Blames Autopilot for Insane Collision with Semi-Truck

    I'd like to know this too. Even in my wife's Honda Pilot, the collision mitigation system works well at night (we found out the hard way after some yahoo pulled out right in front of us on a rural highway).
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    Theory Suggests Radio Bursts beyond Our Galaxy Are Powering Alien Starships

    The word "theory" suggests there is actual data to back it up. This is a pie in the sky hypothesis.
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    Google Admits to Pixel and Pixel XL Microphone Defects

    1% is pretty significant in the manufacturing world.
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    How to Disable Advertising in Windows 10 File Explorer

    Just got a file explorer ad today for a product/service I already have. GTFO Microsoft. This might be the last straw. I've always held out moving permanently to Linux due to the software I use...but this is ridiculous.
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    Amazon Announces Plans to Ship Packages to the Moon by 2020

    I dunno about Bezos but Musk has always been willing throw his fortune to grow his companies. Hell, that's why they grew so fast anyway...he was basically broke for a short while due to Tesla before they took off.
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    Xbox Game Pass: Unlimited Access to More Than 100 Games

    Being first does not guarantee success, or even a good product. Oftentimes it's the "copy cats" that benefit from the originator's mistakes to make a better product and capitalize on the their missteps. Not saying it's the case with Microsoft here, just a general observation with technology in...
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    NASA Kicks off Study to Add Crew to First Flight of Orion, SLS

    This is an incredibly stupid idea, and a waste of resources to even investigate it. How many space launch systems actually succeeded on the very first test launch? Hint: we definitely aren't batting 1.000 here.
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    Broad Institute Wins Big Battle over CRISPR Gene-Editing Patent

    As a worker in the Aerospace and Defense industry, this is 100% false. In my case, if the government paid my company to develop something they own the IP and can do whatever they want with include having someone else make the product. My company will only own the IP if it was funded out...
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    Tesla Employee Writes of Low Wages, Poor Morale

    Dude, trying to defend Venezuala's brand of socialism isn't going to win you any battles. There ARE examples of successful socialist countries....Venezuela is not one of them.
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    Why Are Physical Software Sales Still a Thing?

    You still have extra pens, don't you?