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    Lsi 9211 4x480gb 730's in raid0 vs IT mode?

    I currently have it running in IT with four separate stores but since the 730s work well with raid0 I was wondering if it's work updating? Currently on ESXI 5.5 u2
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    ESXI VSGA W7100 FirePro looks promising

    I've been dying to get VSGA going in my home Lab but I haven't been able to find the right card. everything that's cheap is like 1-2gb of ram but this monster on the horizon i can see myself grabbing one. The only problem is I can't find anything on their site or Vmware that says it's...
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    Is 2008r2 SMB2 cpu dependent? Fileserver related

    I can't seem to find the right answer googling around :( Is SMB2 cpu dependent? how would one cpu fair (VM) when you enable more threads per a queue or add additional critical workers?
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    Why does no SSD maker say if their product supports VAAI?

    This is becoming very frustrating, no one lists whether or not they support it.
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    Any Cisco RV180-K9 alternatives (performance)

    Can anyone recommend me a router that has Vlan (802.1q) Port management, QOS. I already have a couple of managed Cisco switches which I like a lot but when I ordered a Cisco RV180-K9 I was sorely disappointed, the feature set was very nice but the performance was the pits, my crap linksys...
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    Can anyone here confirm if SCSI UNMAP is supported on M550?

    esxcli storage core device vaai status get -d device_id Been using my 1tb evo but that thing don't support it :( but my old Intel x25 does WTF... Maybe even a M500.
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    Does anyone have the Plextor M6e PX-AG256M6e running on a X58?

    Curious on the numbers?
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    HOT: ENERMAX Platimax EPM1350EWT 1350W $259 After Rebate
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    DS1812+ 8x2tb Greens dying out ...looking to replace them with 4x4tb blacks.

    So two weeks ago one of my 2tb Green Ears goes nuts and registered 65k bad sectors, it has always caused me problems but in the past it never mattered, i used to basically use it as my download/seed drive. Anyway, i decided to replace it with a new one from the egg (warranty was out) I get the...
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    Is it worth setting up 802.3ad for Diskstation 1812 and a ESXI server?

    Hardware Diskstation 1812 8x2tb greens T5500 2x5650s, 48gb ram I'm debating on purchasing a cheap managed switch to configure 802.3ad and jumbo packets to increase performance, not looking for speed, just looking to run multiple VMs of the diskstaion (AD, FS, SQL, Exchange client/hub, Exchange...
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    Thoughts on this new 750 Ti for PhysX?

    It's cheap, cool, and small :D I can't find a reason not to get it?
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    Can anyone recommend a PS4 controller bluetooth adapter for PC

    Controller is solid I can connect it via the wire. I was wondering if any has connected via Bluetooth to the PC?
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    Just ordered two GIGABYTE 780GHZ should i be worried like this?

    For some strange reason I feel nervous about this? I usually always get evga but the price was pretty dam nice. I hope these things aren't crap. :( This and the price was pretty much the selling point for me...
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    Upgrading to 770gtx SLI should i use my old 570 as a physics card?

    I currently have a 570gtx sli but i'm thinking about leaving one card in as a dedicated physics card. Any thoughts?
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    Upgrading: Evga 570 SLI to 770 SLI - Need recommendation and advice please

    Hello Everyone, All Input is welcomed and appreciated. I want to upgrade my EVGA 570's SLI cards to the 770GTX SLI First my specs: Dell 3011 2560x1600 for mouse and keyboard FPS goodness Panasonic VT60 1080p For Xbox 360 controller, relaxed couch gaming. I7 970@4.4ghz water cooled Evga 770...
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    Please recommand allocation unit size for a 2tb with a 1mb stripe.

    Hey guys can you please recommand me an allocation unit size for a 2tb drive in a single drive raid 0, 1mb stripe. Most files on the drive will be 7 to 20gigs+ mkvs. Do you guys recommand going with 8192?
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    Evga step up has the 580gtx up get em while there hot.

    Just stepped my three evga 470's to the three 580gtx's muahahaha (can't wait) $246ea on queue for 48,50,51 More to come.
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    16TB Raid 0 Failed 5tb worth of blurays gone lol... Need advice

    Hey guys, I have an intel 128mb SRCSATAWB Raid card plus 8x2tb westend digis plus two Istar backplanes I'm going to redo my system but this time no raid, but my card for some reason does not allow for the drives to come up unless i put them in raid. However, i can put a single drive in...
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    Anybody have some number on 465 gtx 3-way SLI ???

    I tried bingin it but nothing on 465 3-way SLI
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    Dell 2711 vs 3007 vs 3008 for gaming?

    Which one is the best for gaming?
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    Whats the point of a high dpi gaming mouse?

    So i bought the Razer Lahesis and i love it, but when i plugged it in and installed all the software. I was a little confused as to why i need 4000dpi, i tried to play bfbdc2 and it was unplayable in at 4000dpi, unless i lowered in game sensitivity to very low. I just dont understand why I need...
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    why is there no 2560x1600 30inch 240hz 2ms led monitors?

    Just wondering?
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    Looking for vertical shooters games can anybody help?

    Sup guys i'm scouring the forums looking for vertical shooters games like Linky It does not general have to be a chopper shooter it could also be a plane or space shooter. I looked everywhere but i cant remember any names. Can someone help