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    How would you fix a brken SATA connector on a harddrive?

    I have an 80gb Raptor that I did something stupid to and broke the plastic backing behind the sata copper wires on the HDD connector on the drive itself. Now I have an older 36gb raptor and was thinking of using that to repair the connector. Does anyone know offhand the hex wrench size to...
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    Maxtor 1Tb - L01F1000 - $169.99 regular price

    @Fry's Maxtor 1TB Serial ATA/300 32MB Buffer Hard Drive - L01F1000 Yes we know you prefer Seagate and the 5 year warranty, you once had something bad happen to you or your third cousins Maxtor drive and swore them off for life... Keep on moving nothing to see here then. If this is a dupe...
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    Samsung F1 Reliabiliy Survey

    Please post your first hand experiences please. Hrm last one should be 1Tb.
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    EVGA trade up program, your experience...

    Hey, I'm looking for your experiences with the EVGA trade up program> I just bought an 8800gts320supermegaocwtfbbqEdition and am hoping to utilize the tradeup before Jan1. What have been your experience with this? Timing, pricing etc. Just looking to read more info on the program. Thanks.
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    EVGA 8800 GTS Superclocked $263.99

    @ MIcro and B/M Considering I just bought it on Saturday for $314 before a $25 rebate after a price match will make it $239 for me. Now thats what I call hottt. Edit: 320Mb
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    Dreamhost special for [H]

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    [H]ott Dell Raptors $134.25

    Dell Small Business has 25% off storage with code KPW79M$LM2PF24 Which means you can get the WD800GD 80GB Raptor Regularly $179 for $134.25 Western Digital Info Note: Dell has the same drive at many different price points for different systems but should be the same drive for all...
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    NF4 vs. Silicon Image vs. External RAID SS

    So I've been doing some research and think I want to implement a RAID 1, 0+1 or 1+0. Now I have the MSI K8N NEo4 Platinum which has 2 RAID controllers the Nforce 4 and a Silicon Image. Now the NV RAID supports RAID 0 or 1, 0+1 and JBOD on SATA150 and SATA2 drives and the silicon image...
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    WD 160GB HD For $6 - After Finessing

    Circut City has the Western Digital 160GB internal hard drive for $49.99 after $70 mail-in rebates. Purchase the hard drive and then later price match the original Circut City price of $119.99 to Sam's Club everyday price of $79.99 (plus 10% of the difference). $119.99 - $70 - $44 = $6...
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    VIVO, whats it good for?

    It's been awhile, bear with me. How is VIVO ona video card different from a Tuner card? In particular I have a 7800 GTX with this miraculous feature but not a clue what its good for. Back in the day I'd use a dedicated capture card to bring clips into Premiere or After Effects but not sure if...