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    Left 4 Dead, offline, LAN co-op

    Yeah we did what Frozen said to do as well. All in all a pain in the ass just to play some simple multiplayer. Hopefully this will be fixed and so forth in the retail game thats coming in a few weeks. You would have thought BETA testers of the PC game would have been voicing alot of the...
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    Left 4 Dead, offline, LAN co-op

    We figured it out. We basically have to run a dedicated server, then both connect to it via the openserverbrowser command. Once opened we had to type "connect number) to connect to the server he set up. We are now in co-op, offline, LAN mode
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    Left 4 Dead, offline, LAN co-op

    Normally my co-worker and I play a ton of multiplayer/co-op steam games here at work on our laptops. We don't have the ability to online with Steam but it has never been a problem before as we are basicallly connected via a LAN and use Offline mode. We both grabbed the Left 4 Dead demo today...
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    ATi 4870 & WotLK

    I was on PTR today, everything is silky smooth again.
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    ATi 4870 & WotLK

    The dynamic shadows were in effect before when I was on Test and had 0 issues. They clearly did something either to the shadows or what not to mess everyone up.
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    ATi 4870 & WotLK

    Something is wrong after a recent patch that they need to fix. I was running 60fps (vsync, 1920x1200 4aa, all settings maxxed) before a recent patch. After the patch using the same settings my FPS were around 13-14. Slidding the shadow bar to low gave me back the 60fps basically. But shadows...
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    8.10 Beta Catalyst Drivers

    Do you mean the benchmark tool? Warhead Benchmark Tool edit: nm I'm slow -_-
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    8.10 Beta Catalyst Drivers

    Installed this morning. Crysis, WoW, CoD4 all play "smoother" CoD and Crysis even went up in fps. Manual fan control is nice as well. Tabbing out of games and back to desktop is also quicker for me now. On the 8.9betas and 8.9 official it would lag and stutter a bit while switching.
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    HD 4870 1GB (DDR5) H.Q.

    I had the Visiontek 4870 512MB card and replaced it with a HIS 4870 1GB card. Games are noticably "smoother" and the HIS card is actually quieter then the Visiontek.
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    HIS IceQ 4870

    Anyone know if HIS has announced or has plans to release a 4870 IceQ version of their ATi card? I have the IceQ3 3870 and it is amazingly more quiet and cooler the the normal 3870. Google search didn't really come up with anything.
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    4870's in stock at TigerDirect

    Go go go Hmm, it says "Availability: Usually ships within 2 - 3 Days". Does anyone know if you select Overnight shipping that you still might not get it for a few days?
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    Why dont people use vsync?

    I've always left V-Sync on. Tearing in games is one of the most annoying things ever for me.
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    4870 512mb VS 9800 gx2 WOW

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    any NEW oc able DRIVER for 8600M GT laptop?

    As stated in the other thread LaptopVideo2Go mobil drivers for xp 32/64 vista 32/64. Using Rivertuner 2.06 o/c on my Dell 1720 without issues.
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    DELL 8600GT newest driver anyone ?

    The answer was already posted by Stryker: Use the ini / driver they provide in their forum posts. These drivers are tweaked for laptops, I use them in my Dell 1720 o/c np.
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    BioShock and forced AA

    So our Nvidia brethren are able to force AA in Bioshock. Any thoughts on when we'll see such ability from our ATI cards? The game of course is totally playable, but after having AA enabled in every game I play for many years now, not having AA makes the game looks rough. edit: Hmmm...
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    2005FPW and xbox 360's VGA

    Article it is from , hope it helps.
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    My Dell 3007 looked like this coming out from sleep mode...

    Yeah, if and when you ever need to return a monitor to Dell. They send out a new one to you, then once you receive it, you send out the bad monitor to them.
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    suddenly artifacts in all games

    vv :) Sounds like the 9800 is on it's last leg :(
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    pc and xbox360 on same monitor?

    I know on my Dell 2005fpw I have my pc hooked to it via DVI cable, and the xbox360 hooked to it via VGA cable. I press a button on the front of the monitor and it switches between the two.
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    SN25P psu/vid card question. Pls help.

    I'm running a SN25P with a FX57 o/c and a x1900xtx as well.....not a single issue.
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    Always amazed at what Shuttles can do

    I have a SN25P running a FX-57 and a newly installed X1900XTX. Was a little worried if the system would be stable with such a beast of a video card in it, but low and behold it's been about 1+ week and the system is rock solid.
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    Stand suggestions for dual 2005fpw's

    Just wondering if anyone had some links for stands that would hold 2 2005fpw's. Atm my dual 2005fpw's are each using the oem stands that came with the monitors. Just think it would probably look cleaner with one stand holding both monitors. nm, found Ergotron DS100
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    Anyone Successfully Running SB81P and BFG7900GTX

    I have an SN25P (basically the amd ver. of the shuttle series) and have had no problems with a x1900xtx. I know it's not exactly what you wanted to know but it gives you an idea of what these shuttles can handle.
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    hooking up multiple sources to one DVI input? link me to a piece of hardware!

    I think the OP is asking for a way to hook up 2-3 DVI inputs into a single monitors dvi input and have a selector to choose which is displayed on screen. something like this I think.
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    hot deal on ati AGP cards

    In case anyone is wondering, I slapped the X800XL card I bought into my SS51G and its been working fine. The SS51G only has a 200w PSU and atm the system contains a P4 3.0, 1Gb Ram, 80Gb drive, 320Gb drive, dvd-rom, and my hauppauge 150MCE card. Gotta love Shuttles
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    80hr Refurb TiVo FREE with 1yr Subscription

    Interesting tidbit, I called TiVo to cancel my subscription about 2months ago. Instead they told me if I kept the service it would only be 5.99 a month forever. I kept it lol
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    Holy Moly Dell 2007WFP for $160! the hell did I miss this :(
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    Dualscreen or Widescreen?

    If you can't go duel widescreens I'd say go with a 20" or a 24" widescreen,I personally have 2 2005fpw's. If I'm PC gaming on the main one, the secondary is either showing me Teamspeak/MP3 player/Web Pages or my 360. I also have the second screen hooked up to my Media Center so I can watch...
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    some ? about X800 850

    The x800 series only takes up one slot. ATI's x850 pro takes up two slots though some 3rd party companies made single slot x850 pro's. That link above is a good deal for the x800xl, I just bought one to replace my 9800pro.
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    ATI or Nvidia NextGen DX10 card for Conroe setup

    People most likely pick the brand they have had the most luck with. I know I had an Nvidia card, then switched to a 9800pro ages ago. Since then I've only bought ATI cards because the cards have run perfect for me and I like the brand. But I'm sure someone is just opposite of me, they had ATI...
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    GRAW and Oblivion im more concerned about call of duty 3!!

    I just watched the video, it looks just like CoD 2 imo.
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    hot deal on ati AGP cards

    My x800xl just came in today to replace my 9800pro for my SS51g system. Honestly it doesn't seem that much louder to me, maybe its because I'm use to my x1900xt fan in my other shuttle lol.
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    Dell 2007WFP - Screenshot

    They want you to take a picture of the screen with a camera, not with a screenshot of whats on your monitor. As it stands right now looking at those pics they look fine to me. Your taking a picture of whats on your monitor, thats not going to show any issues with what you are seeing when you...
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    CNN on the Wii

    I have an xbox360, and I'll be sure to get my hands on the Nintedo Wii. Unlike most of the blind gaming sheep that play games today, I'm down with playing anything.
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    Greatest Game Ever

    Konami's Snatcher
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    hot deal on ati AGP cards

    Nice! just ordered an x800xl to replace an older 9800pro.
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    Dell 2007WFP Widescreen??

    I'm a FPS whore and I love my 2005fpw.
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    Recommendations for a stand that will hold (2) 2005fpw's?

    Title says it all! Does anyone know of any good stands that I can mount the LCD's to?