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    Twist my rubber arm...

    I'm planning a new build, and I'm torn between whether I'll WC for real at the start, or just use a swiftech 240-X for CPU and leave GPU(s) on air for now. Case so far will be: Corsair 760T White ATX Full Tower Case Proc: i7-4790K GPU: GTX980 -- One or two, ref card or not... Details hazy...
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    Time for a new build and I've been out for a while!

    That's a fair point. The only time I've done SLI was when I did it from the start. I've been playing Elite:Dangerous. I love what I've seen of SC, but it's not done enough for me yet. At least last I looked. The parts that we recommend may not get deals at all. Thanks for that. I...
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    Time for a new build and I've been out for a while!

    4690k versus 4790k makes sense, and seems backed up benchmarks. Yeah, SLI is in the budget from the start as would be water cooling. Going SLI on a 980 or 970 without the triple-monitor setup seems overkill. The other reason I want to wait on SLI is to also wait on WC until block choices for...
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    Time for a new build and I've been out for a while!

    Oops! thought I had answered them, but skipped a couple. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 5k - Yes 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if...
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    Time for a new build and I've been out for a while!

    My present gaming machine is way long in the tooth. It was built back in 2007, and has somehow managed to suit my needs until recently. In the meantime, I drifted away from [H] so I'm out of the loop. Upgrading from: E8400 @ 3.6 (was 4, became unstable over time) DFI Lanparty DK P35+...
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    About to pull the trigger on this GTX 275 Or go AMD?

    I used to work for Nvidia. Their internal process for their drivers is a hellscape. The dsign guys are bright, the driver authors are bright. The QA.. well. The place is essentially a start-up writ large. If any of you have worked for a software startup, you will understand what I mean...
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    *** Countdown to 500 GPU ***

    Finally got off my lazy butt and started folding on the 8800GT 294
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    Chimp Challenge : Official thread

    Only able to swap my desktop over (others are borg), but that should get about 2500ppd.
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    I'm calling 5 folders out...

    Most of my boxen are borg that I can't change the configs on.
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    Dang you vista!

    Apparently at some point, my vista box (my main rig) decided that it would be a good idea to put the nic to sleep when idle to save power. Obviously, this didn't end well for F@H when tied in with the fact that I have been too busy recently to check on it. 7 days. 7 days of sitting there...
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    Bye, Lithium726 and Tsuehpsyde! (...and Brent??) Also, top 500 by January...?

    oooh, I totally want one of those. (Proud owner of totally unused
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    Ubuntu question: how many SMP clients to run?

    No, I don't think it is under-reporting. You can pop over to the 'Processes' tab in System Monitor and see load averages. Which (simply) is the number of processes waiting on processor time in the last 1, 5, and 15 minutes. (Just an easy way to get some history, since the Resources tab is...
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    XP vs Linux

    War? I thought we were just chiming in with the metric asston of distributions that we could help with.
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    XP vs Linux

    Nephelim likes Ubuntu. He also likes setting up folding boxen to not run X. It's installed in case it is needed, but it is not running. Nephelim keeps intending to set up notfred-style thumbdrive image for people to use, but Nephelim is a lazy bastard.
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    Overclocking that linux box....

    There's a version of prime95 for linux. I don't know if it has a torture-test mode.
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    E8400 Overclock

    There was a whole thread around here somewhere with OCs for the E8400. My E8400 is: SLAPL MALAY q748a413 And I've got: 445 FSB, 9x multi (4005Mhz) Puts my RAM at 890 (Some Gskill DDR2-1000 stuff) CPU Core: 1.39v DIMM: 2.00v All other voltages stock. YMMV, Offer not Valid in...
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    How do you stress test your overclock.

    I boot off a memtest CD and use memtest. Just to make sure that memory is happy. I usually fire it up, go to work. come home and see how it did. Then I fire up Orthos and let it run small fft. I like to l let it run for 24 hours, if this is where I am planning to run my machine 24/7. If...
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    Britain Seeks Pedophiles Facebook Ban

    That article is a mess. It says convicted pedophiles in the first sentence, then says sex offenders. Further, it talks about registered sex offenders but doesn't make it clear whether it would apply only to people who have to register. Hire a prostitute? Sex offender. You're 20, she's...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    200k I's a happy folder.
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    One Quad, Two Quad, Red Quad, Blue Quad

    I do live near a microcenter, actually. I should pick up a proc or two before that deal ends. I've never done any OC on a mobo with onboard video, does it tend to get in the way? Am I better off with a crappy PCI vid card just to keep it simple? GIGABYTE GA-P31-S3G - $65 Q6600 - $199...
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    One Quad, Two Quad, Red Quad, Blue Quad

    All right, I'll bite. I presently have... 0 quads (as long as we exclude a couple dual-proc dual-core "test" machines at work). I'll take the 4 quad challenge. I'll even go red quad blue quad, since I'll need cases anyhow (Otherwise I'll likely spill beer on the naked boards). Now...
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    Asking the IT Director...

    Damn, now I'll never catch you.
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    Calling Out ZoomZoomZoom

    *shakes fist* Suuuuuuuuuuuuniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!
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    Calling Out ZoomZoomZoom

    You had a 6k day yesterday and I had a 2k day, but I do not give up easily. Even if I have to borg our entire datacenter at work, I will catch you. (They may not be C2Qs, but there are 80 of them)
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    Calling Out ZoomZoomZoom

    Also, I'm a hoopy frood who really knows where my towel is.
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    Calling Out ZoomZoomZoom

    This is what I get for not checking the forums for a couple days. I get called out miss it. I'm coming to get ya. PS3 online as of yesterday. New rig (e8400) online as of this evening. My production was low for a couple days as my old desktop died and a work machine had to actually do...
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    Longevity testing & Bad ASUS experiences

    I just had to accelerate my new build because my A8N-SLI finally died. I've had it a few years, I guess, but I'm annoyed at its timing. My plan was to wait for the e8400s to come back in stock and drop a little in price. No such luck. Probably going Gigabyte or DFI this time around. Not...
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    Ubuntu 7.10 (SMP) - Little help anybody?

    The big 'tip' is that you have to install ia32-libs. (as root: apt-get install ia32-libs)
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    raptor vs raid sata 2

    Why not RAID 1? You get fault tolerance and you get faster read speeds. You -do- get slower write speeds, but it's pretty likely that you spend a much larger amount of time reading than you do writing.
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    Bug May Expose Encrypted E-mail

    The problem is not with encrypted messages, but with digitally signed messages. So the message is in cleartext, but at the bottom is a little bit that is supposed to be verifiable and say "Yeah, I really said this". So someone can't take that message edit the main text, and then present it...