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    Helpdesk Ticketing Software

    What do you guys use? We're big enough now that we need to get some sort of simple ticketing system going so we can track things and assign stuff out to others who might be on another shift, etc. Open source is great, paid is ok too as long as it's reasonable. Windows is preferred over Linux...
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    Decent WAP for SMB

    What would you guys recommend for a WAP for a SMB based on the following criteria? I need to install 3 at the main facility and one at a branch office. I definitely don't need Aironet quality - a good reliable D-Link or somesuch would be much preferred. Need: WPA2 (radius not required) G...
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    Dell 10 days of Deals - Kodak 10MP V1003 $198.99

    This is day 2 of 10. Kodak EasyShare V1003 Midnight Black 10MP 3X Zoom Digital Camera $198.99 Also comes with a 1GB high speed SD card (Lexar). I'm not much of a camera guy, but this looked pretty good to me. I'm fond of Kodaks.
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    Raid 10 - choices for a better Virtualization setup

    I'm planning a VMware server on a 2U box, so fast I/O is my main concern here. My options are 6x 3.5 disks or 8x 2.5 disks. 2 disks set aside for the OS mirror, so that leaves my options for the VM partiton as the following: Raid 10 4x 3.5" 10K rpm 146GB 6x 2.5" 10K rpm 73GB Obviously...
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    4 way display for server monitoring?

    We are virtualizing several systems that are simple, yet critical and must be nearly constantly monitored (applications, not system resources/hardware). I'll spare irrelevant "why" details, but here's what I'm trying to do: I want to mount a large LCD on the wall, which can show the...
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    What do you use for an employee directory?

    I am trying to come up with a replacement system for updating and publishing our employee directory. Currently we just update a spreadsheet and then print it to a linked pdf. This is archaic and time consuming. I have about 50ish people that need to be listed on said contact list. I am...
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    360 game disk replacement

    I've had my 360 since July, along with Oblivion and several other games. Oblivion has always had disk read problems, annoyingly often, say every 15-20 minutes. I learned to deal with it but I am now at an impass in the game. I cannot progress in a certain quest because it gives a disk read error...
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    CPU selection for Virtualization

    I'm trying to develop a plan for a very simple, non-critical virtual server box. I'm just planning to do 4(+/-1) virtual OS running things like Antivirus, WSUS, BES, etc in a ~150 user environment. I've been trying to do some reading and come up with an answer to what the better setup would be...
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    360 BackComp list updated - don't get excited

    The first BC release I was understanding. The second I was disappointed, and this time I'm again frustrated. Why don't they spend their time getting a single GOOD game running rather than 30 that no one will ever care about? Links 2004 for example. :confused: I know the mechanics and engine...
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    High Volume PC speakers

    Can anyone recommend a very loud set of amplified PC speakers? This is for a warehouse environment where we need an extremely loud windows critical stop beep when something is scanned out of sequence. We've tried some smaller systems like the Logitech X-230 and such to no avail. Grant that I am...
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    Thin Client recommendations

    Just wanted to poll for info on what thin clients some of you are using, and what you recommend. We have about 30 IGELs running their proprietary Linux distro and connect them to a Server 2003 box over ICA Citrix Metaframe 3. Need to buy some more, and I wanted to see if there was anything...
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    USB 2.0 Disk - 24 hours to write 300GB

    I just can't believe that this is normal. I've got a 500gig WD external drive and am attempting to use NTbackup to backup 304 GB. The time to complete this is right around 24 hours. :eek: I installed a SIIG USB 2.0 PCI controller card in a PCI-X slot. Drivers are default Windows 2000 Server...
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    Need a budget mixer...I think

    Hey guys. You probably get similar questions alot, but I've searched and haven't really come up with a suitable solution yet. Here's what I'm trying to do: My monitor is a Dell 2407, so I want to set up all my media to run off it. This means attempting to funnel sound from my PC, Xbox 360...
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    Addin cards on Server 2000 NAS

    Coming to this forum since this is on a NAS - Feel like an idiot on this one, nonetheless, here goes. I need to install a USB 2.0 controller card in a Dell Powervault 725N - this is basically a dumbed down server running a "Windows Powered" OS, which is basically 2000 Server. Now, the only...
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    USB HDD as Enterprise Secondary Backup Solution?

    I do IT Ops for a medium sized business. We have a NAS that is Windows 2000 Powered with about 325ish GB of data. We use a LTO drive to do nightly backups of said NAS with NTbackup (hey, it works - mostly). Lately, problems have been occuring with the tape drive and scsi controllers. We believe...
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    Office Space $6.99 Free Shipping at BB

    What's happening. ;) The same 4th of July sale at Best Buy has Office Space Special Edition (with Flair) for $6.99 with free shipping. Anything else in the add this week ships free as well.
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    Converting .pdf based document portal to HTML

    Greetings all, My company implemented an Adobe based document portal a year or so ago, and while it might have not been the ideal solution, it was fine for what it did. We simply created a powerpoint slide, printed it to .pdf, and then threw in the links. The problem is that it has grown...
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    Mythic bought by EA Link My hopes for Warhammer Online are now devastated. :(
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    Nintendo Managment Briefing transcript released

    Link Not a lot of news-type info per se, but helps you get into these guys' heads so you better understand where they're coming from. I've been somewhat of a holdout so far, but am actually getting interested in buying one - though I will doggedly still refer to it as "Revolution".
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    Slow DL speeds on Steam normal?

    So I've finally decided to get with the times and grab HL2 along with SIN ep1 off of Steam. This is my first time using it and I'm not very pleased with the throughput I'm getting. Do I need to open up some ports on my router, or is this par for the course?
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    Renaming Symantec AV Corp server

    We are in need of renaming our AV server running Symantec 8. Anyone have any idea of how to keep this from borking all of our managed clients? Is there any documented procedure for pushing down the new DNS name to them? I'm stuck without our license info until next week so I can't get Symantec...
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    WSUS partition is full

    So the whole of our IIS runs on an old machine. We only have our intranet site (very small) and WSUS running. For whatever reason, the guy setting this up broke a 36 gig drive into 2 partitions and put the OS and WSUS on the first 19.5 gig part, leaving the remaining 14.7 gig partition unused...
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    About to bite on a 2007, Should I?

    The $358 deal is singing to me. With the firmware update and all, I'm thinking this may be the thing to do as opposed to shelling out over twice as much for the 2405/7. This will be my PC monitor as well as my Xbox 360 display, which I guess I will have no choice but to run over VGA. Anyone able...
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    Good language software

    Anyone recommend a good teach yourself *language* program? I'm specifically in need of German and a live class isn't really an option.
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    PC/Xbox360 Bluetooth headphones

    Hey guys, I've never been into super high quality audio or anything, but I'd like to have a good set of wireless headphones for late night gaming. Thing is, I'd like to be able to easily swap them between my PC and Xbox 360. Does such a beast exist? If so, any recommendations? Also of note, I...
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    Blackberry Enterprise Server setup

    My co. has a a few (5ish) Blackberry's running, but Nextel recently gave us a copy of Blackberry Enterprise Server 3.6 for free (hello $4K :) ). So, I've been tasked with coming up with a plan for setting this up. I'm reading the manual and found, but I wanted to see if...
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    XFX 7 Series - Tomb Raider Legend free

    Did a search and didn't find this, so I thought I'd post it. Buy a 7 series, get Tomb Raider Legend free I didn't check the other sites, but Newegg has the valid dates listed as between 4/11/06 and 4/23/06. So those of you who just bought one, get yourself a free copy of the game. :)
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    XP Network install headache

    I'm trying to do a network install of XP to a Dell SX270 with a floppy but the CDROM has been "misplaced". I also don't have a USB CDROM available tonight. I used a network boot disk and mapped out the CDROM from one of our servers. Tried setup.exe and of course "Cannot be run in DOS mode"...
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    Oblivion - No word from the Gray Fox.

    I finished the quest to steal the gem from the blind monks and returned it to the Gray Fox and we had our little chat. Since then, I've been waiting on him to contact me for the next mission, but have yet to be visited by his messenger. I've tried sleeping in abundance, probably 2 weeks worth on...
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    Vista, EMD, page files?

    So I'm reading through the Vista page on the Microsoft site and get down to "external memory devices". Link Perplexing quote: Now last I heard, usb flash memory was nowhere near the speed of a HDD, so how in the world can it be used as expandable system memory? Or is this aimed at Grandma...
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    Go / NoGo?

    So I'm about to start ordering parts, and wanted to ask the [H] to take a look at my setup and beat me in the head if anything looks bad. Really appreciate your time, I'll try to make it easy to read: Lian Li PC-60BPLUSII ASUS A8N-SLI Premium AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x...
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    Difficulty chosing proc

    I'm a nooblet about to attempt my first high-end build in the next few months. I plan to use it exclusively for gaming. I play mostly WoW, with teamspeak, but plan to run Oblivion and UT2007 when they come out. Help me choose what's best for me between the following: -A64 4000+ San Diego...
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    Need a network mapping program

    I'm an aspiring network admin (read: noob), and just started on a new position in IT Operations with a manufacturing co. One of my assigned projects is to get their old (very) outdated asset spreadsheet updated. So rather than going around to every piece of equipment, I'd love to use one of...
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    Router won't pull DHCP from modem

    So I'm young and stupid.. and would appreciate if you could help me out. I've got a cable modem, a Linksys RT31P2 - used for Vonage, a machine running as just a general use client (XP), and another as a DC (2003). Crude little diagram: Cable modem---> RT31P2---> Netgear switch---> 2003 DC...
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    Installed new windows version, fans run nonstop

    I've got one of those crap Sony Vaios (yeah, I know, planning to build soon). As with many of the store bought PCs, the actual OS they give you is a copy of windows that's embedded into their software disks. IE - I have 3 sony cds, and the old windows home edition is stuck in there somewhere...
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    A64 3400 - Newcastle or Clawhammer?

    This will be for a pure gaming rig; if it makes any difference, I currently have no OC intentions. :p I see the Newcastle at 2.4 with the 512 cache, and the Clawhammer at 2.2 with 1 meg cache. Which leaves me wondering which is 'better' (for lack of a better word). Thanks for the feedback.