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    30GB+ vista ultimate install?

    Hey guys I just installed Vista Ultiate 64 bit and over 30GB of my hard drive is taken up. Does this have something to do with the fact that I had 2x hard drives connected when I installed vista? I have only installed a few programs like device drivers/managers. I moved from 1x 18GB...
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    Please help, laptop cd-rom, I'm freakin out

    My girlfriend's dell 600m cd-rom drive wouldn't close so i took it out. I now have NO IDEA how to get it back in. I went on ebay and bought a new one, hoping it would just go right back in. AM I MISSING A PART??? I'm looking around and don't see anything. The cd-rom connector is on one...
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    I can't shut down XP, even after reformat.

    Hey guys, any help would be appreciated. Sister's laptop, compaq presario 2199US. I had XP Pro on it forever and it wouldn't shut down. I tried everything from Google. I finally reformatted the hd, installed the xp home it came with, and it still won't shut down. During xp install it...
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    Need some help, p5w dh deluxe RAM doesn't show up right

    Hey guys, I've been frustrated by this all day, and need any suggestions you may have. I just took out 3 gigs of OCZ ram in exchange for 8 gigs of patriot memory. Vista still shows 3200 mb of ram even though it shows 8200 mb or something available. I cleared the cmos but all that did was...
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    realtek hd audio manager vs. vista

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    realtek hd audio manager vs. vista

    My taskbar icon for realtek keeps displaying "a jack has been unplugged", "a jack has been plugged in", and it won't stop... I tried uninstalling the audio drivers and obviously downloading the latest ones.. besides system restore, anybody know how to make my speakers work? Could my speakers...
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    Vista hates me, I hate vista.

    It's a tough relationship. I installed vista home premium upgrade lastnight. Took me 4-5 hours. Vista runs like my computer was a 486dx2 66 (not even mx technology). So what the hell is wrong? Computer's performance.. hard drive score = 2.2??? Can't update bios on my p5w dh deluxe...
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    Make me feel better about upgrading plz

    My sister bought me Vista Home Premium Upgrade through some educators deal it so it was cheap... I'm torn here on XP Pro. I'm aware that I have to do a clean install to get vista on. So my 18.4 gig HD is my C: and just has XP, BF2, BF2142 on it. My 300gig harddrive is packed with software...
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    connect3d x1950xtx NO ADAPTER

    I just wanted to say how pissed off I am that I got 2 day air on my new x1950xtx and it didn't come with a 6 pin adapter to power it. WHYY??? I called around locally and nobody even knows what im talking about, lol... grrrrrrrrr where do i get one of these friggin things
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    Motherboard decision help - dual vid card and ocz

    I'm having a helluva time deciding which motherboard to order. I want to run dual pci-e video cards, so I'm assuming I need one with 2x pci-e 16x slots. I ordered the ocz 800mhz deal from outpost which i guess rules out the 965 chipset?. I need atlest 2 pci slots as well, since i'm doing pci...
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    Upgrade or Replace?

    P4 3.0 HT 512k socket 478 Abit ic7-g 6600GT BF2 isn't running that great anymore.. should i -spend 250 bucks on a 3.4/1mb -spend 200 bucks on a new video card OR Ditch my system and spend that $500 plus the $300 on some AM2 Asus setup? I purchased a 300gb 16mb maxtor...