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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    (click on the thumbnails for a larger pic) I'm not sure which forum to post this, but I just wanted to share one of my stories with you guys :D. I had recently read a few articles on submersion cooling, where you take your computer and dump it into a tub of non-electrically-conductive oil. It...
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    The X1800XTPE bios flash...

    As many of you know, the leaked BIOS clocks the X1800XT to 700/800. What I want to know is: Does it work on all X1800XTs? Including other brands? And is it guaranteed like the X800GTO2? I'm asking this because I'm about to order an X1800XT, and I'm not sure if I should specifically get...
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    More RAM or faster RAM?

    I currently have some pretty fast DDR2 in my computer. It is running 626mhz 4-4-3. But 1gb doesn't seem to be enough, I often have several programs open at once: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, 3DS Max, and several IE windows open. It eats up 1gb like nothing else. I have an extra 512mb...
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    Video Card Fan Died

    Eugh. My poor X300's puny fan started making funny noises and was slowing down. Today it just stopped altogether. I doubt the very small heatsink is enough to cool the chip passively, so is there anything I can do about it? Since it has been overclocked, it can't be returned. And buying a new...
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    Chipset drivers

    Where can I find chipset drivers for my motherboard? ASUS? Intel?