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    1.29MB/s from perfection

    *sigh* It was on an upswing too, maybe if it had run for 30 more seconds...
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    Bing lets you chose your search result rank!

    No more having to pay shady companies to boost your ranks! Thought this might be pertinent to the interest of a few of you here. Yes, yes, I know
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    New DSM Update for Synology Users (4.2)

    You can get it right now. Or will be able to once their servers recover from the initial rush.
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    Synology DSM 4.2 introduces HA to all x86 models That puts the DS213+, DS412+, DS713+, DS1512+, and DS1812+ as HA options under $1000 per unit, considering that in DSM 4.1 the cheapest option is around $5k per unit that's a pretty substantial drop in the...
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    I no longer hate Sprint

    I used to have sprint years ago back when they were widely known and reviled for their horrible customer service, and due to a few bad run ins myself and the itch for that shiny new iPhone 3G (no S) I switched to AT&T who was ranking much better in customer service at the time. Sprint service at...
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    Any PBX gurus here? One way audio for outbound calls to single carrier...

    I've recently added Lync and a SIP switch to my home lab because it sounded like it would be fun (a PBX is next on the list). So far it has been. I'm having one small little issue I'm trying to shake out though and none of my personal troubleshooting or google searches have come up with...
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    G600, naga for people who are tired of razer
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    WS2012 Fileshare copy craziness

    Maybe I'm late to the party but I don't think I've read about this feature in WS2012 anywhere yet... Copying files from one remote share to another remote share on the same remote computer causes the transfer to happen locally on the remote server, meaning instead of how W7/WS2008R2 does...
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    Miercom Switch Report

    Ran across this report on switches that tend to get talked about a lot in these parts and couldn't find anywhere that it had been linked here, so here it is. HP wasn't very happy with the report and said some stuff. Cisco wasn't happy with what HP said and said some other stuff. I'm...
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    Dual Xeon X5-26xx Power Usage

    Anybody get a chance to play around with one of these yet? My two E3 boxes with 16GB each is feeling kinda cramped for what I want to do, 8GB unregistered ECC is still stupidly expensive, and a dual E5-2620 box with 12 cores/24 threads and 64GB of the much cheaper registered ECC, something like...
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    Internet Bandwidth Monitor

    Does anyone know of a good bandwidth monitor that can run as a service on server 2008 r2? I have Forefront TMG setup as my firewall/router and tried NetLimiter in the past, which was great, tons of information, but after 48 to 72 hours the firewall would just stop processing HTTP requests. Non...
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    SRT SSD Cache for RAID Drives

    I've been doing some research on this topic and it seems possible from documentation but I can't seem to find any reviews or testimonials of anyone actually doing it. The whole SSD cache thing can be used in conjunction with a RAID correct?
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    Cable modem through smart switch vlan

    I've got two servers setup working on making them HA backups of each other part of that involves running a firewall on one connected to the cable modem through a switch so if it fails the firewall restarts on the other box and reconnects to the modem. Currently it works just fine running through...
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    Horribly slow matrix raid

    I've got 4 hitachi 5k3000 2TB drives in an array on a C204 board, 50GB RAID10 volume for the OS and a ~6TB RAID5 storage volume. Transfering a multi GB file over the network to the OS volume gives the expected results, 100-110MB/s for the entirety of the transfer limited by Gbit connection...
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    Redundant iSCSI SAN

    I'm trying to setup some iSCSI target VMs to provide redundant storage to run other VMs off of in a cluster. So far I've come up with this which will probably work just fine I'm just not sure what the end hardware requirements would be (mostly in memory since thats the only place I'm a bit...
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    WD AV-GP in RAID

    Since one of the problems with the newer WD drives is you can't enable TLER on them would the AV series drives be better suited for large RAIDs? Since they claim to be optimized for audio and video playback it would seem a bit more tolerant of errors, preventing the drive drop out issue, the...
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    Eyefinity and monitor extend

    I have a 5970 that I'm someday planning to do eyefinity on, however right now I just have 3 monitors of mixed size that I would like to use together... Problem I've found is if I try to enable the 3rd monitor with "Extend desktop to this display" via windows, I get an error that the setup can't...
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    Crossfiring different manufacturers

    So apparently Asus is stopping production on their 5970 series, at least in the US. I JUST bought one last week at newegg when they finally came in stock for the first time in weeks, and I go back to see if I can get a second and it's listed as "Unavailable" now, not out of stock. It's not even...
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    Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD HDMI 1.3a Sound Card

    For those who are interested these seem to be shipping now, my order shows a tracking number and the package shows delivery date of 9/2.
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    Onkyo HT-S9100 + Prelude question

    Anybody have experience with the Onkyo HT-S9100THX? I got it ordered just trying to make sure I have all the neccessary accessories to make the connection smooth. I already ordered the replacement speaker wire as I understand the stuff that comes with it is junk. Looks like it requires...
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    BluRay drive + player

    Anybody have a good recomendation for a bluray drive and player software, bundled or otherwise for Windows 7? Also any kind of app to test the HD DRM BS as I'm worried my 30" might cause issues, and I'd rather know before I buy rather than suffer through downsampling.
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    Horizontal / "Desktop" Cases

    Are there any good cases out there that mount the motherboard horizontaly? What with the continuing trend of heavier CPU and GPU heat sinks it seems to me that the whole vertical mounted MB is becoming a "bad idea"(tm). I've also as of late decided to keep heading down the path of massive...
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    Am I crazy?

    I'm wanting to convert my system to a water cooled setup as my next major upgrade for my system. Only problem is the system I want to create sounds a bit... excessive when compared to the average... My background is I spent 6 years in the navy as a nuclear reactor operator so they gave me a...
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    Happiness is...

    CPU-Z Database (ID : 253229) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (*1) Core : Kentsfield (65 nm) / Revision : G0 Freq : 3535.71 MHz (392.86 * 9) ---------------------------------- MB Brand : EVGA MB Model ...
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    Q6600 and Vista 64 SpeedStep... Oddness?

    I got one of those tasty Q6600's and was working on OCing it, got it running seemingly stable at 3.3GHz and left P95 running for about 8 hours for the stability test. For testing I had disabled C1E and SpeedStep in the BIOS, tho prior to to the test Windows Update installed an update that seemed...