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    Undue nVidia's "Display Optimization Wizard"?

    I ran the display optimization wizard in the nVidia control panel and now my screen looks like shit. How do I go about restoring my old ICC profile?
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    Durable Laptop?

    My buddy asked me to find a good laptop for him. The key feature is durability. Basically, he wants it to withstand being knocked off his desk without breaking. He's only going be using it for basic computing--e-mail, dvds, etc, so performance isn't a real concern. I was looking at a Thinkpad...
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    Sweet Utility for Flashing BIOS with a USB Pen Drive (MSI only)

    I found a nice little utility on the MSI forums that allows you to flash your BIOS from a USB pen drive. It handles everything: all you need is a USB pen drive and the zip file from MSI's site with the new BIOS and it'll automatically make your pen drive bootable, save the new BIOS to the...
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    6600GT in a AGP 4x slot?

    I can't afford to upgrade my entire rig, but I'd like to buy a new vid card at least. I'm looking at the 6600GT. Only problem is, my mobo only supports up to 4x AGP. Is this going to limit the performance I see from the card, since the 6600GT is 4x/8x? On a side note, will I be wasting my...
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    Dell 600m Question

    Does the 600m come with a "travel module" that you put in place of the optical drive to lighten the weight? The D600 has one as an option. I didn't see such an option in the config screen for the 600m, so I don't know if that means the travel module comes standard, or is not offered at all.