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    Looking for advice on new building using a few old parts

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming mostly, light video editing, some minor CAD work. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Trying to keep it a less than 1k USD. Under 750 USD would be great. 3) Which country do you live in? If...
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    Partial build for Sandy Bridge System

    I recently came into a few new parts to build a upgrade from the build that i have in my sig. I was going to go with a haswell till a friend of mine sold me these parts that are pretty much new. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming pretty much...
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    Motherboard for i5 2500k

    I recently acquired a i5 2500k with very minimal use for upgrading. I was looking for some advice on a mobo to get for it. I currently have 16 gb of ddr3 1333 ram to go into it also. I do plan on overclocking the CPU as well. I will most likely go with sli video cards as well. Open to any...
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    Looking for a new build/critique

    I am going to go ahead and answer the questions first and then give the build that I have come up with so far. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming (WoW, LoL, Path of Exile, and really any other game), Web browsing, and a little video editing...
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    Looking for a new PC game

    I have just gotten plain burnt out on diablo 3. I have been playing it almost exclusively with the exception of fifa 13 here and there. I am looking for some new pc games to play. Any suggestions? I. Looking to play a lot of multiplayer and I'm usually particular to some form of RPG leveling...
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    looking for a new pc game

    I recently quit wow and im looking for another pc game to play along with sc2. im looking for a newer game and i have kinda been out of the loop with pc games that have not been made by blizzard. any suggestions? i was thinking about elemental (strategy game by stardock) or civ 5.
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    need somewhere to upload sounds to stream

    im working on our wow guild page through guild portal. we want a song to be on the site and through guild portal, you have to have a url linking the sound file. is there any places that i can make an account and upload the sounds so to stream over to the website?
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    how to make an image of a backup drive

    i want to make a backup image of my external hard drive to have these files because drive is getting old and i don't want to lost all my files. what programs can i use to do this?
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    is this legit?

    i got am email today for the medal of honor multiplayer beta. im signed up for ea's newsletter and stuff to get sent to my email, but i never signed up to get into the beta for this game. The email is from this address subject Beta Code Inside - Start Playing Now...
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    in the mood for a sim like kinda game

    looking for some kind of sim city like game or god like game (like black and white) along those lines. i already have tropico 3 so that is out of the picture give me some suggestions
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    corel Ulead video studio 11.5 Plus question

    anyone use this video editing software? i was looking for some good software to edit some xbox360 footage i have captured using my hauppauge PVR and i saw this on sale on impulse for 50% off. is it worth it and any good?
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    fable 2 free on xbox live marketplace?

    i was looking through games on demand today and i looked at fable 2 to see how much it was. when i clicked on it, by "buy" where the price should be it said"free". i have never bought the game before and this just seemed odd to me. anyone know anything about this? i have a picture uploading now...
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    which one is actually my cpu temp in HWmonitor

    i was wondering which one of these temp readings is really my cpu temps? is it the ones labeled as core or is it the ones under temperatures?
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    Applying thermal past

    i have never had to apply thermal paste to a cpu before and i was looking up some youtube videos on how to put it on. i saw some people just put some in the middle and leave it there and i have saw other spread it out. which way do you prefer to do it?
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    In the market for a new case

    I am in the market for a new case and i was hoping i could get some input from some ppl here. I have currently been looking at the antec 902 and 1200. I dont know too much about lian li cases or anything like that. i will be putting the rig in my sig into it and the only change is that i may be...
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    did anyone play black and white 2

    i was looking through older pc games online to try and find something that i may like. i came across black and white 1 and 2 along with the expansions. what i can gather is that it is a sort of rts. can anyone give me some more info on this. is the game any good?
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    CNC 4 or DOW2 expansion

    i was looking to buy one of the two today but i can't decide. i know people said that cnc 4 was bad, it does actually look cool to me. i do also know that you must be online to play the game too on the other hand though, i never finished DOW 2 and i feel like that will mess up the story or...
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    steam question

    i was downloading some games onto my new laptop b/c i didn't have them backed up. i noticed that i couldn't play a game and download a different one at the same time. is there something i haven't found to let me do this or can you just not do it?
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    connecting to a printer on another pc wirelessly

    ok here is what i am trying to do. i am trying to take my laptop (well refer to as PC 1) and connect through our wireless network to the printer that is connected to my dads laptop (PC 2) through usb. Is there anything that i need to setup or any guides that i can follow to get his done. i have...
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    usb password programs

    im not sure if this is where this thread is supposed to be but if this is the wrong spot, mods please move it. im looking for something that can make my usb thumbdrive require a password to open up anything on it. i would prefer that the programs didn't have to be installed on the computer...
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    when is xbox live content released

    i know all the content on xbox live usually has a release date. but what time that day does the switch get flipped to buy? if talking about add-ons and live arcade games
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    which old console would you own?

    if you could only have 1 older console (no current gen) what would it be? Genesis? NES? SNES? Maybe even older. I would have to say mine would be the genesis something about the games just grabbed me. i liked the snes but didn't pull me in as much as sega did
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    good xbla or psn games

    im looking for something cheap and fun to play right now. dont have anything on psn but on xbla i have shadow complex,splosion man, castle crashers, trials hd, and the tmnt arcade game. throw me some suggestions
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    alienware M15x vs M17x

    im looking into getting one of these laptops and i have them speced like i want them to be. i was trying to find out if i could get some kind of input. i will list the specs below. the main think that concerns me about the M17x is the processor(see below). the M15x uses i7 processors and the...
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    5850 temp question

    i just got a saphire hd 5850 for my computer and i have been running dirt 2 that came with it. i checked the temps and noticed that after about 30 minutes of play it is up to 70C is this about right or should i be worried? i have not overclocked it and i have maxed the fan speed to 100%
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    looking at a 5850/70

    just wanted to make sure that my cpu wouldn't bottleneck it. i kinda figured it wouldn't but never hurts to get an opinion. it would be going in the rig in the sig
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    live season 2.0 for fifa 10

    does anyone here do this for fifa 10? i was kinda looking into it cause manager mode is getting a little boring and the concept of this sounds kinda neat but is it worth it?
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    upgrading from 4850 to 5770 or higher

    i was just wondering if it is worth it right now for a video card upgrade, and i didn't know if the increase in performance between 4850 to the 5770 is that much or if it would be better for me to just get another 4850 to put in crossfire. i play typical games like dragon are, dow2 and a few...
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    rotating desktop in vindows vista

    my dad is trying to set up a second monitor for his laptop at his desk. the way he has the monitor set up is hanging upside down in one of his cubby holes. the monitor does not have an option to rotate the display 180 degrees. i was almost certain you could do it in vista though.i read that it...
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    question about 32 and 64 bit cd keys

    i currently have a version of windows xp professional 32 bit on my laptop. i am removing that os off my laptop and installing linux. i can get a disc that will install xp pro 64bit. my question is, can i legally install xp 64 bit with that cd key. i was wondering this cause i do have an upgrade...
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    what are good programs to get for mac

    i just got my 15" mbp here recently and i'm looking for some good programs to get. maybe something for desktop customization, im clients, dvd ripping and other little program. let me know some suggestion
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    running windows programs

    i have a new 15" Macbook pro. i need to have a few windows programs installed on my system. i have a cd key for xp pro but i do not have the install cd. is there any kind of windows emulation program or anything that will just let me run and install windows programs if i only have a cd key and...
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    grid questions

    in response to the horrible optimization of need for speed shift, which im waiting for a patch for. i was thinking about picking up grid for the pc. can some one let me know if this game is stable and how will it run in my sig rig. i'm just looking for a decent racing game to play right now.
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    question about new 9.9 drivers

    i have a hd 4850 and i downloaded the new 9.9 drivers from amd website. after i install everything and restart, i load up dxdiag and it says that my driver version is 8.64. i also went into the ati catalyst center (may not be right name) and it also says that my drivers are 8.64 and that the...
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    final fantasy tactics on psn

    has anyone had a chance to play this one yet. i was just wondering if it was broken or anything because this was prob my favorite ps1 game and i wasted tons of hours playing it. and for 10 buck i was prob going to get it if it isn't broken
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    program to view ppt slides

    i just got my 15 inch mac book pro a few months ago and i was looking for a program that i can use to just view powerpoint presentations, i don't need to edit them just view them.
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    want to record xb360 games on my pc

    i was looking into being able to play my 360 on my pc and have the opportunity to record video when i want to. i don't know if this is the right place to post this, if it is not mods please move it. but can i get some suggestions on what kind of tuner card i need to put in my pc. i would like to...
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    question about fallout 3

    i have had fallout three for awhile but have never really had time to get into it so i decided now would be the time. i am only to the part where i have to get the satellite for 3dog (which i know is really early). i have noticed that the whole time i am playing the game i am either 1. extremely...
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    just got a macbook, question about mice

    i just got a new macbook pro and i had a question. i was looking to get a mouse for it but i didn't know if i had to get a apple usb mouse or if it was ok for me to just use one of my logitech laptop mice that i had laying around. i just didn't know if it was going to mess up my os or have a...
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    buying from

    my buddy showed me this site and i have never really looked at it. does anyone order from it or know anything about it?