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    e4500 heatsink compatible with e6300?

    Have a cooler master that was supposed to go in a e4500, was wondering if it would work in a a newer build.
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    Hooked up 4 ohm 6.5''s speakers to z-5500.. couple questions.

    Right now i just have 1 3.5mm cord going from receiver to the computer because i lost the one it came with that had all 3, so my sub/center and rear isn't connected. I'm just using 2 speakers right now anyway and i don't notice the sub any quieter with it not being hooked up. So my question is...
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    Cheapest cpu for BF3?

    Wanting to spend as little as possible, a new cpu for my mobo would not be much of a performance increase would it? The most demanding game i play is battlefield and i'd like to get min 60 fps. If there is a really could used cpu i could buy that is a good value that would be the best, the e8400...
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    Upgrading ram

    So before i drop what little money i have on memory i was wondering what the best deal for $20 would be? Any ddr2 ram will suffice correct?
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    does AA affect cpu load in GTA IV or other games?

    5770 Sapphire and X2 5600+ 1080p reso, my gpu load is a whole lot less than my cpu's, and i was wondering if it will actually hurt my performance if i enable AA. I've heard not to trust the benchmark tool.
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    Phenom compared to Phenom II? how much worse would that be compared to one a second generation if i matched the clock speed? Thanks.
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    Computer only starting in safe mode

    sorry if this isnt in the right section, but my pc is freezing on either the POST screen, or on the windows xp loading screen. Do i need a new hard drive or is it something else?
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    Best card for me?

    this is the power supply im using bare bones system, 2gb ram, 5600+ am2 brisbane, 1 hard drive, 1024x768 reso. might possibly...
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    Most powerful card i can get?

    on a barebones pc, amd 5600+, 2gb ram, 1hd, 2 fans, no dvd drive. i have this power supply. i was thinking the 4770?
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    Budget pc

    does all this look compatible? been a while since ive built from scratch
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    Laptop graphic card issues? My friend got a virus on his laptop(p-6825), pretty much destroyed his hd, so i got a new one and installed vista, installed video drivers, and this is what comes up in WoW. He tried guild wars and it worked fine, sorry if this is in the wrong section but i...
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    New computer slow?

    i recently sold my 8800gt, 2gb ram, e4500 and built 8500gt, 2gb, 5600+.. now besides the gpu, this computer should be faster right? Overall it feels pretty slow, bootup takes forever, facebook chat lags the hell out of me, and gta4 only gets 15fps on the benchmark(got 33, though it was a while...
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    Best audio experience?

    I own the z-5500 speakers, and a while back i had a foobar2000 mod called sharpener or something of the sort, and it made the vocals sound like they came from a much more expensive set of speakers. Does anyone know of any addons for f2k that would enhance my listening experience? any help...
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    Calibrating video settings

    how do you guys balance between having good colors and being able to see in the dark? just got my new pc up and running with nvidia, and as soon as i get to the point of being able to properly see dark objects, everything else gets terribly washed out. This is especially important in cs for...
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    Why do i need my flash drive to boot?

    I have a TF560 A2+ motherboard, and just now installed winxp home using a flash drive with a guide i found on the internet. The installation went fine, but when i got to the very end of the installation, the last 10 minutes took well over an hour, and i didnt get a chance to configure lan, user...
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    completely out of ideas

    im pretty retarded, delete this thread lol
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    just built my 2nd pc..

    it powers up fine, all the fans work, but i get no display. the graphics card works for sure since i checked with two different ones. any ideas?
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    most powerful card i can run on 400w? 2gb ram, hd(does size matter? i will be upgrading it), 1 dvd drive, sound card
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    z-5500 speakers

    my rear 6x9s recently blew on my car, and i have since then added a 10'' 250w sub and 2 z5500 speakers(got the sub+amp for next to nothing, would buy real speakers if i could). my question is can i add a bass blocker(high pass filter) to these? what would you frequency should i get? i really...
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    computer wont turn off

    i just got my computer back from a friend after i lent it to him, and as soon as i plug the power cable in the back it turns on, and it doesnt display anything on the monitor. i also cannot turn it off until i unplug it. any ideas?
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    so after 5 months ive started to fiddle with the settings on my z-5500, and i was wondering where i should put the "surround" bar on the control pod? in the middle, or the far right?
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    Speakers for old JVC system

    so ive had this system for the past 5-6 years, and recently the speakers blew on it, and since the amp and everything on it still works fine i was going to use it for a new system. thinking about going with 2 of these and...
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    Fatal1ty reg. sound card + Optical digital cable?

    i just bought an optical cable for use with my z-5500, and i was wondering if i can use it with my fatal1ty sound card(non platinum)
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    Upgrading my PC..

    rig in sig I've come across some money, and looking to upgrade my rig. will either be playing on 22'' or 24''. Should i go with an e8400, new motherboard, another 8800GT, and power supply? This will cost me around $500 if im lucky.. is it worth it?
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    Help with router...

    A while back i changed some network settings so i could game with two computers online. I forget the exact changes, but now i plug my modem ethernet into one of the 4 blue slots instead of the 1 green one. It doesn't show up as "online" on the modem, but i can connect to the internet with it...
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    Overclocking = Worse performance?

    Why is this happening? I actually get about 10 less DX9 points in 3Dmark06 if i overclock it from 650/950, to 675/975 on my 8800GT XFX.
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    Worth it to get A+ certified anymore?

    Talking to one of my friends about A+ certification, and he mentioned that no employers care about it anymore.. I'm just wondering if i should follow through on getting certified, seeing as how much it costs($200+ for books and the test itself), and the studying hours..
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    About to order some case accesories...

    And i wanted to clear it with the experts first... Here's my case.. ( I'm going to order these two, put the non-led back 120mm in the front, and replace it with the bgears...
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    Can my PC simply not overclock?

    I just built my 8800GT stock heatsink, e4500, msi neo combo, 2gb skill. On my CPU, in the bios, the FSB is locked.. as in i can't change it.(dont know if im doing it wrong or what..) I downloaded Dual Core Center, increased my FSB by 10Mhz, and my system automatically locked up and made a...
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    Odd temp change..

    I just got by computer built, 8800GT stock heatsink, 2GB G.Skill, e4500 with a hyper TX2, and my temperatures are acting weird. They are either 26/31(cpu) or 45/51(gpu), and i have no idea why this is happening. It really shy's me away from overclocking if i know my temps are not going to be...
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    Max safe temps for 88GT, and custom rules?

    edit: found a post that showed me how to use rivatuner.
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    Just got my PC setup... having problems.

    Everything posts fine, no abnormal noises, i insert my windows key and it sais "checking hardware configuration", and just hangs there... Any idea what it could be? 8800GT, E4500, MSI Neo Combo, vx450w corsair power supply, 2x1gb gskill.
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    Best monitor for X360?

    Under $300, will be using it for my PC too(8800GT512mb). I have been looking at the Acer 22'' Can you switch between DVI and VGA on the fly? How sharp will it be?
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    Problems installing windows...

    So my buddy got a bad virus so we reformatted(needed it anyway), well the cdkey we got was bad and we were using professional. Fast forward a few weeks later and i have an XPHome, but i don't have the option to install it now.. It doesn't ask me to press any key to boot from cd, it goes...
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    If you have BF2:Special Forces installed...

    I need someone to do a quick favor for me, just log onto my account with special forces and unlock a weapon. thanks.
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    About to buy my first case..

    I have settled on the Thermaltake Matrix Case, finally.. And i am wondering if i should buy aftermarket fans? I have my eye on these two..
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    e4500 vs. e6300..

    Would i notice a real-world difference between the two in games such as Crysis? (yes i plan to overclock).
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    Worth upgrading from XP to Vista?

    I'm wondering if i should install Vista on my new computer..(e4500,88GT,2GB). What advantages does it give? Any performance loss?
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    eVGA 8800GT $260 @ Newegg..

    Should i go for it? I'm planning on building right after Christmas..