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    RIP Arecibo, many Goldeneye 007 grudge matches were settled on you

    The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico suffered support cable breakages, severely damaging the dish below and putting the supported cradle above the dish in a perilous state. If one more cable snaps, the whole structure is at imminent risk of collapsing. The decision was made by several...
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    Replacing a blown Network PHY IC on an ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO

    Thought it'd be interesting to make a video replacing a blown up network IC on an ASUS motherboard. This was from a customers' machine which had been struck by lightning, which took out both the power supply and the Realtek network PHY IC on the motherboard. Since the chip was only 50 cents on...
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    80mm fan hub+blade replacement

    I made some replacement fan hub+blade assemblies for a few fans which were accidentally broken or failed due to overheating. They're a bit annoying to print and require some cleanup with a dremel sanding drum, but work fine in the couple of fans I tried them in. You'll have to reuse the...
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    3DLabs Wildcat4 7110 erek
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    Corsair Obsidian 1000D 8x 120mm Fan Tray Substitute

    I was commissioned a couple of weeks ago to make a replacement for the apparently super hard to find 8x 120mm fan tray for the Obsidian 1000D case. Since few 3D printers have a large enough bed to print the entire tray, I opted to make brackets instead so the fans are self supporting. The...
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    Ryzen issues with Linux

    Has anyone been able to get a Ryzen chip stable in Linux? I built a Ryzen 1500x system about a month ago now for use as a multipurpose Linux server and I'm not able to get it to run stable no matter what I do. I did the standard debugging and found the original memory sticks were veeeeery bad...