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    Graphic Shows The Size Of Rosetta's Comet

    that is assuming i have selected the 310m US bank tower
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    Graphic Shows The Size Of Rosetta's Comet actually more like 4.47km wide and 3.15km HEIGHT
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    Mental Modems May Be In Our Future

    now the rich can finally participate in wars... like its a game
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    Bungie: Early Destiny Reviews Might Not Tell The Whole Story

    borderlands in space with a halo feel, would this be correct in this games description?
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    50 Minute Unreal Tournament Sequel Preview

    any good footage or just them wanking on for too long?
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    good for you young man, DNF is not all that bad, guns and shooting things feels fine i just think it fell on the mapping front, just not enough urban or interactive objects, and too much desert and industrial, actually a well balanced game on damn iam good when the railgun dosnt OHKO everything...
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    When does Multiplayer no longer become fun?

    when a game turns f2p or just are, just removes the fee you have to pay if you get banned for cheating
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    Battlefield Hardline Leaked Trailer

    is anyone the least bit concerned its promoting using militarized police on a civilian population like its an action movie
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    Emulation: The Best Feature Of NVIDIA's SHIELD?

    oh and i happily played through ff8 on it if you concerned about "power"
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    Emulation: The Best Feature Of NVIDIA's SHIELD?

    becasuse you were too stupid to get an xperia play X many years ago? or did that huge clunky hack job SNES that still takes real carts not as practical and hip as you thought it would be?
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    Doom 4 you might be waiting a while...

    btw dont get a key from CJS CD Keys if you want wolfernstein, they say they have keys ready to go and its all good, but they dont actually have any keys and you will be waiting 12 hours for them.
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    Bombshell Reveal Trailer

    k how bout that
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    PC Gamer - Hacks! An investigation into the $1M business of video game cheating

    So whats the difference between charging for a game mod and cheat now? If people can charge for cheats than why not other 3rd party mods?
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

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    Titanfall's Anticheat Is Now Being Enforced

    seem to have some in depth insight into it, pro cheater ey? cheaters defend cheaters
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    2014 Worst Company In America Voting

    Damn straight, however unlike EA they have an army of shills/internet pr firms ready to defend them to better end.
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    whats so great about this for 90 AUD, all it does is say verifying files and errors after a minute seriously fuck you, if moneys involved you deserve a fuck you
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    Court Orders YouTube To Remove Anti-Islamic Film

    They're all sexually repressed by whatever US Puppet government that subverts religion into being used as a form of law.
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    GeForce 334.89 WHQL Driver

    oh ffs could you perhaps remember i had SLI on before i installed these drivers, so sick of turning it on after every update
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    EA check Origin check 5 x $15 map packs fracturing the community check
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    Nintendo Bosses Cut Their Own Pay In Half

    I knew it, reddits apprent cock sucking obsession with nintendo is most probably being driven by PR with their yearly losses and now this, who seriously cares that much about 25 year old games, and the same old IPs year after year of childish games.
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    The Steam Machines

    that and VR so they can capitalize on the 3d name, Half-Life 3D, Portal 3D, L4D3D
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    [Poll] Do you actively try for achievements?

    why would i spend hours to put color in an icon, back in the day they used to give you special items for going above and beyond.
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    Razer's Modular Desktop PC Concept

    a bit to fancy considering when steam gets to the point it dosn't need real hardware due to streaming (7-10 years?) all you will need is the android app and a phone that can do HDMI output / whatever is the new port at the time, and it would support steam controllers via bluetooth for input.
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    SteamOS Machine That Straps To Your TV

    wouldnt be surprised if your phone doubles as your steam box in 10 years time
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    all will be fixed in a $60 patch called Battlefield 5
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    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    ok for a bit of fun for the half round you can play before crashing, but if you are happy with bf3 just stay with that for a few more months.
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    Retail Steam Machine Prototype

    geeze some of you are thick, the steam box is not for you its for your idiot friend that cannot operate a PC, also be the death of any consoles in 10 years time when streaming gets all worked out and internet in general is a lot better you will have crappy little boxes with only a shitty cpu for...
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    John Carmack leaves id

    should have the time now to make that revolutionary new voxel engine with ray tracing
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    must say the TXAA looks wonderful, you really notice it unlike the stacks of variations of AA Ive seen over the years this really stands out.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    I want to play but i think its just going to be the best couple of stock maps on rotation and a bunch of dead dlc servers given enough time.
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    gameplay is the same old stuff again but if i were to rate it storywise i'd give it 1/10 its like a bastardized version of AC's story, maybe even an early draft for AC
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    TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit's review video censered for panning game

    seems to be the general attitude on the internet as of late regarding anything, if you can't say something nice don't say it at all even though it cost $60 didn't work as intended and was missing features :rolleyes:
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    Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - First 5 Minutes

    wonder if elizabeth is shodan and just toying with the protagonist from system shock 2 who never actually defeated shodan and she trapped him in a simulation.
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    Post you're Battlefield 4 Beta benchmarks

    usually sitting at 120fps, can drop as low as 70-80 sometimes.
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    Battlefield 4 Beta Discussion

    full auto should be spammy then, its strange in battlefield you only seem to miss what your aiming at, very rarely if ever it will deviate left or right to hit an unintended target.
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    Battlefield 4 Beta Discussion

    after watching this i have no idea why nearly every military game has trained professionals with Teflon gloves and the parkinsons gun.
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    Don't Install the GTA5 "Play Disc" on Xbox 360

    plug in 2 flash disc's if you want to install both disc's if you don't have a large enough HDD by default. problem solved.
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    Grand theft auto V thread.

    I got a midnight launch 10 mins down the road i am gunna pickup, eh not really bothered by gfx if there a bit bad in spots, just really want to play a new GOOD game badly, looks like so much to do this time round with more dev time obviously spent on adding game play more than updating tech that...
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    Grand theft auto V thread.

    hah everyone seems to be doing that, i dusted mine, turned its on let the update shit do its business setup a flashstick to install, got my midnight launch ticket and now its time to play the waiting game....