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    Seasonic X-850 Gold PSU for 109.99 after Promo/MIB

    Update 1/19 Back on sale now with a 40.00 promo (48 hours only) + 20.00 MIB 119.99 so not quite as good as the first time.
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    Corsair 600T 100.00 AR at Newegg

    I've been watching for this case to go on sale for a while now. 30.00 Promo code plus 20.00 MIB brings the cost to 100.00 with free shipping. HardOcp gave this case the Gold award back in May.
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    2 120GB SSD in raid 0 Good Read- Slow write speed

    I've done some pretty through searching and went through and disabled Superfetch, updated Intel Rapid storage drivers, enabled write caching, but still showing pretty slow write speeds compared with the read speeds.950 read 275 write (AS SSD) New Asus MB P8Z77-V LK, 3570K CPU@ 4.20GHZ (2)...
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    Enermax Aurora Wireless Micro Keyboard in the U.S.

    Has anyone seen this keyboard available in the U.S other than at NCIXUS? So far, they are the only ones that seem to have it, but the 20.00+ shipping they want seems a little excessive.
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    Strange Sapphire 5850 behavior

    I just picked up one of these cards for a new I7 build, but I wanted to try it in my "old" E6750 machine running Windows 7 Ultimate. I first thought something was a little strange when on posting I get the Windows "flag" logo at startup. I have built four Windows 7 machines so far, and it seems...
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    3DMark2K5 1.1 patch/hotfix out Apparently a fix for some "inflated" scores. Ran it on my system with a GT and 66.72 drivers. No change in score (4405)