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    Perez Resigns From NVIDIA After 11 Years

    Marketing just has to come up with a way to spin what the business owners(the cheese) have decided to sell. He has less to do with the product thats going out the door than what is marketed about said product. It's easier to fire the director of marketing than it is the president of the company.
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    Old People Don’t Understand Twitter

    I signed up for it to text a friend international and not get txt charges. About to turn that crap off. Twitter updates go off every freaking few minutes on my phone and its pissin me off.
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    If China Gets MS Office for $29, Why Don't We?

    This is just like Capital one raising my interest rate 3% for no reason what so ever. I always pay over my balance every single month. I accidentally had my last payment scheduled 3 days before the next cycle so I double paid a cycle and didn't know I missed the next month payment. They call...
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    MPAA Says Making “One Copy” of a DVD is Illegal

    You would have thought they got a clue from DRM & Spore. The more they push the more people push back.
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    Soon, You'll Have to Pay for Hulu

    Forgot the quote that was for azshar.
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    Soon, You'll Have to Pay for Hulu

    Yeah sure can, any show w season and episode followed by .tor. for instance lost s05e10 .tor. thank you google...silly riaa going after pirate is much easier.
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    Soon, You'll Have to Pay for Hulu

    Do not confuse sustained with subsidized. Add based video on demand can not be self sustained, it is subsidized by the networks to provide a service for the purchasers of market audiences. They could care less about us, their true customers are the ones paying. They didn't come up with hulu...
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    Getting Noticed On Google Earth

    The 8% comment is a Superbad quote.
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    Student Arrested For Classroom Texting

    I think it displays negatives on many facets of our society. Parenting, schooling, and law enforcement are all at fault for something this rediculous to even happen. There can be stronger policies, a teacher with more competance in handling the situation, and a law enforcement that has the...
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    8600GT/GTS vs. 9600GT for HTPC @ 2048x1152

    Hmm, thats what I was wondering. I'm using a ASUS M3A78-EM with out a video card and it plays 8gig 1080p files sometimes choppy with artifacts in VLC, WMC, WMC-HD, and MediaPortal using Core AAC or xvid. It's not every file but my 21 ripped in 1080p is almost unwatchable. It's fine on my...
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    Is this a legit deal?

    Thanks for that tip. I'll go with the 5050e. 45w is excellent.
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    Is this a legit deal?

    I'm going to purchase a htpc setup in the near future and I thought one of these might be a good deal. They have HDMI on the mobo so I'm hoping that I won't need a video card. Any feedback would be helpful.
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    Consumers Cold To Blu-Ray Players

    My HTPC holds a lot more high def content than a blue ray. Rent and Rip. If they can bring the price down to the aforementioned prices then buying wouldn't sound so bad.
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    40% of College Students Plan to Buy Macs, Survey Says

    That sounds way off. Out of all my friends two own macs, one in med school because thats what she's always used and the other because his dad bought it for him but he wished he had a real computer. College students play games.
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    Palit GeForce 9600 GT Sonic @ [H]

    I'm curious about the audio as well as I want to build and HTPC but I don't know much about them.
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    BFGTech GeForce 7800 GS OC AGP Gaming Evaluation

    "It is also a fact that you have not seen any of those advantages exploited yet. " Must be nice to be on the inside.... :)
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    BFGTech GeForce 7800 GS OC AGP Gaming Evaluation

    Thanks for the clarification. I'll go for the manly card :)
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    BFGTech GeForce 7800 GS OC AGP Gaming Evaluation

    I was getting the impression from one review that pci-e isn't that much of an upgrade with current games and the other review i was getting the impression that the agp card is not even a "man". Both can be attributed to literary devices, but I just wanted the quick to the point low down truth...
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    BFGTech GeForce 7800 GS OC AGP Gaming Evaluation

    I've read a couple reviews lately and it concerns me. I've read that games are barely taking advanting of PCI express and the latest review on the agp 7800 seems to belittle it for being agp but there isn't a side by side comparison in the review versus the PCI express version of the card. So...