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    G700 an Upgrade Over Performance MX?

    I currently have a Performance MX and I'm thinking of picking up the G700. Would the G700 be an upgrade at all? I just picked up a G600 for MMO gaming purposes so this will be more or less for FPS and general gaming.
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    If Gaming on Windows 8 is Bad Will You Stick With Windows 7?

    I have a few Windows 7 Home Premiums, but I'm pretty sure a future build will include more than 16gb of ram. So with that in mind, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to pick up Windows 7 Pro before it is no longer for sale if Windows 8 is going to be bad for gaming. But that's just my situation...
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    Why the switch to mini displayport?

    Silly question, but why have all the graphics cards switched to mini displayport? As far as I know, high end monitors have displayport connections rather than mini displayport. I have a 5850 and it has displayport rather than mini displayport connections. Why the switch to mini displayport in...
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    How many here keep spare ram?

    I recently tried adding some more ram and unfortunately the new sticks that came back from RMA needs to be sent back again. I'm a bit impatient and I was thinking of buying a new ram kit. With that in mind, my current motherboard only accepts maximum of 16gb ram and with memory so cheap, I am...
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    2 Fans on Fanmate 2 Question

    Hey guys, I bought a splitter and have two fans connected to a Fanmate 2. Speed Fan only shows one fan speed value. Does anyone know if the fan speed value shown by Speed Fan in this case is accurate? Not sure if something funky happens when you connect 2 fans rather than one to a Fanmate.
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    Fried Ram? Help Please

    I have an i5 750 on MSI P55GD65 motherboard(the old version). Before the problems, I was running 12gb of Gskill DDR3-1600 ram (all 4 ram slots filled) with two sticks of 2gb and two sticks of 4gb. The 2gb sticks had different sinks. Here's the situation. I bought a new SSD and two 4gb sticks...
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    Do you guys format data drives?

    Kind of a stupid question, but do you guys typically reformat your data drives when they aren't fragmented? Like do you guys purposely move your files away from that hard drive to reformat it periodically.
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    Is There A Good Gaming Wireless Keyboard?

    As far as I know, there aren't too many wireless keyboards around besides the ones made by Logitech and none of those are really performance or gaming keyboards. I was wondering if there's a good wireless gaming keyboard. Price isn't a concern.
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    Azentech X-Meridian G2 a Good Buy?

    I'm currently using on board sound (analog outs) for blurays and games. I'm thinking of buying a sound card to upgrade my sound (I do have a nice audio system). Is the Azentech X-Meridian G2 a good choice? It has the analog outs I'm looking for.
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    Distance between modem and router?

    I have moved things around and have a new location for my modem. The modem is a bit aways from my gear which is only a problem logistically if I want to run wired connections. My question is whether there is an optimal distance between the modem and router. I have a DSL connection and I know...
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    Designed for P67?

    I've been looking at picking up more ram for my system. I currently have these Ripjaws: but see that there are Ripjaws "designed for P67"...
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    870 vs 880 vs 890gx chipset

    I know there have been threads on this, but the prices are pretty much equal these days. So is there a reason not to get an 880 based board? I am thinking of doing an AMD build for the first time for my gf and I do have a discrete graphics card for her. I've read comments about the 870 boards...
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    Any reason not to get P67 Motherboard?

    I'm building a budget gaming build for my gf and I was thinking of going with the i3 if i was going Intel. With the ASRock P67 being compatible with 1156 chips, is there any reason not to get the ASRock P67 motherboard?
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    Monitor Stands

    Any recommendations for monitor stands? Preferably it can hold heavy 50" plasmas but wouldn't look out of place with a smaller computer monitor.
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    Is 37inch LCD-TV too big as a computer monitor?

    I'm consdering getting a 37in LCD-TV for use as a computer monitor. 32inch is probably the better size but the price difference between 37inch and 32inch is small. I am worried about the sheer size of it though as well as image quality. Would i notice a significant difference in IQ betweena...
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    Asus vs Panasonic?

    I'm considering getting the Asus vw266h or the Panasonic L32S1. I don't there is a size and price difference, but the reviews/user comments seem similar. Both monitors are not the greatest for desktop use but are good monitors for gaming among other things.
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    Fried Mother Board Returnable?

    I bought a MSI motherboard from ZZF and fried it during installation. I was wondering if it is returnable to ZZF (within 30 days) or to MSI under warranty.
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    Bios Doesn't Recognize Hard Drives

    Please Help. I've just put together a new build and I can't get my motherboard bios to recognize my hard drives. I want to install Windows 7x64 Motherboard: MSI P55-GD65 Hard Drives: OCZ 60gb Agility SSD WD Black 1tb PSU: Corsair HX850 I have tried using different...
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    Getting an SSD. WD Black or Green for storage?

    I know the black vs green question gets asked often and I read a lot of threads on it, but there doesn't seem to be any consensus. I am getting the OCZ 60gb Agility for OS. I am looking at getting either the WD Cavair Black or Green (either 640gb or 1tb whichever is better) for storage. I...