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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    If you have a link that would be nice. :D And sorry for the image downtime, I hadn't realised it went down. I've reuploaded them, hopefully this host won't explode. And wow, this thread has over 100,000 views.
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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    I live in Melbourne. Ambient room temp was about 18C. But it didn't really matter - most of the CPU and video card core was under the oil anyway. And yeah, that's a ghost. They were originally smiley faces, but the company expanded their products and introduced a ghost. They're basically...
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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    Yeah, I uploaded them to a new host. Hopefully it allows for higher bandwidth usage.
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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    Bah, I live in Australia. And in Australia, we go by the UK system and call them "chips". :p
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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    (click on the thumbnails for a larger pic) I'm not sure which forum to post this, but I just wanted to share one of my stories with you guys :D. I had recently read a few articles on submersion cooling, where you take your computer and dump it into a tub of non-electrically-conductive oil. It...
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    I think I fried my video card

    Put it in a paper bag, light it up, place it in front of ATI HQ, and ring the doorbell. :p
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    They're pretty good. I used to use a TV tuner for VIVO, my X1800 blew it out of the water.
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    MSI High-End Video Card Comparo @ [H] Enthusiast

    I just read through the review, and it was very good overall. However, just 1 thing bugged me. The self-shadows in Oblivion are a game engine bug, are they not? I'm pretty sure I've seen this problem on all cards, wether ATI or Nvidia. I understand that you probably didn't notice this on the...
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    HDR +AA For ATI Worth It?

    I think we're discussing FP16 HDR here. I'd say go for the X1900XT - it's about on par with the 7900GTX, and has better all round IQ (HDR + AA, HQ AF, etc.)
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    Looking for nV HQ vs. ATi HQ-AF benches

    It does if you put it on "Advanced". IIRC, "Standard" constitutes no IQ hit but a performance increase. So Nvidia's HQ = ATI's Cat AI "Standard". Something I don't understand is why reviews don't set Nvidia cards to HQ, for an apples-to-apples comparison (or as close as you can get to it)...
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    Card to run Oblivion everything highest

    If you want to play Oblivion at highest settings, you have to get an ATI X1K card, or else you won't be able to enable AA and HDR at the same time. If you want to play it at max settings fast, then you'll probably have to get an X1800XT or higher.
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    To disable catalyst AI?

    Catalyst AI is supposed to introduce application specific optimisations which have absolutely no effect on visual output. Wether this is true or not I don't know. Personally I just leave it at "standard".
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    AVIVO vs PureVideo - New video card help

    AnandTech just did another comparison - this time using ATI's newest drivers: ATI's AVIVO comes out on top over Nvidia's PureVideo, AVIVO: 111points vs. Purevideo: 68points
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    looking at x1900xt, but will CPU be dragging behind?

    A Pentium 4 ~3.4ghz or Athlon ~2.2ghz should be enough. Dunno about dual cores, though, since they usually clock much lower.
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    nVidia drivers vs. ATI drivers ?

    Never had a problem with CCC, with the 3D Renderer and fancy skin disabled, it loads in a few seconds. The biggest thing I like about ATI's drivers are that they release a working, stable, complete version every month with clear and easy to understand version numbering (left of the decimal...
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    Who uses AA and FSAA? Really?

    Eugh. Obviously, AA will always come with a performance hit. However, on fast modern cards, 2xAA is practically free in terms of performance, with the framerate hit being almost unnoticible in most games but with much improved IQ over 0xAA.
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    X1800XT Poor 3Dmark Quality?

    First, you need to understand what mipmaps are. As we all know, textures are image files which are applied to a mesh to give it extra detail, and things such as colour. But, as you apply perspective and as the object gets smaller when it recedes into the distance, a full-resolution texture map...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is vaporware?

    Don't worry - EA will buy them out soon enough. ;)
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    ATI Battlefield 2 Problems

    It probably scrolls slowly because your graphics card is trying to render BF2 in the background, leaving no processing power to render IE.
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    X1800 XT - Adaptive AA?

    I personally use ATITool, don't know if they have support for X1900 yet. Since I don't mind noise at all, I set it to dynamically change the fan speed as temperature fluctuates. From ATITool: Above 0C 32% Above 40C 41% Above 45C 50% Above 50C 59% Above 55C 68% Above 60C 77% Above 65C...
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    First DX10 comming Q4!

    Matrix: Path of Neo too. Has 2001-esque graphics and runs at 20fps on an X1800XT @ 1024x768.
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    Official X3:Reunion Demo Benchmarks

    It seems to be really, really CPU limited.
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    X1800 XT - Adaptive AA?

    Adaptive AA is basically ATI's form of TRAA. What it does is eliminate aliasing on alpha tested textures. In a game like Half-Life 2, for example, the fences use Alpha testing to simulate extra detail where there is none. An image taken from
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    Help with my X1800XT

    ATITool works fine for overclocking X1800s - I'm using it right now. Be sure to use the latest version (beta 11).
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    First DX10 comming Q4!

    Fan of Battlestar Galactica? :D
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    3DMark06 - Two days time

    The difference is that 3DMark05 at least showed where each card rougly stood in regards to performance in games. With 3DMark06, that seems to have been completely erased. Since when does a 7800GTX 256mb consistantly beat the X1800XT 512mb all the time in games?
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    3DMark06 - Two days time

    Oh, yes, that explains why the CPU score is now included in the overall score in '06. :rolleyes:
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    Overall Score: 4036 SM2 score: 1716 SM3/HDR score: 1827 CPU score: 1075 X1800XT 512mb 650/800 Catalyst 6.1 P4 Prescott 550 3.4 @ 3.9
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    3DMark06 - Two days time

    No, I don't think VTF is used in any tests which are included in the score.
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    3DMark06 - Two days time

    Meh, Wednesday is already over for us Aussies.
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    HELP...X1800 XT...ATI Overdrive

    No, it definately works for me. Make sure you download ATITool Beta 11 or newer.
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    HELP...X1800 XT...ATI Overdrive

    Use ATITool for overclocking as well, simple.
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    3DMark06 - Two days time

    What the...? It looks like they've included a rehash of Return to Proxycon as a game test. Or maybe that's the mini game. That would be cool.
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    X800xl & Hdr & Hl2 ?

    That's a common misconception. SM3 has absolutely nothing to do with FP16 HDR. Your card supports SM2.0b and does not support FP16 HDR. Meaning that it can do HDR in programs such as Rthdribl and HL2: Lost Coast but not in FarCry and SC:CT (?).
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    Does the warranty cover 'over-use'?

    Any failure of the Video Card during normal operation (ie. no overclocks, no tamering, etc) should be covered by warranty.
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    Next generation video card = free winter heating

    Try having an overclocked Prescott in addition to an X1800XT, and in the sweltering hot Australian summer right now.
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    Not sure which graphics card path to take

    I'm pretty sure that the SLI 7800GT's will outperform the single X1800XT 512mb. But I say go for the X1800XT since it's extra features and lack of bugs associated with SLI outweigh the performance difference. But if you can wait, it is probably better to stay put and wait for the next...
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    Traded my 7800GTX for...

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    VPU recovery?

    I didn't even know there was a still a control panel for Cat 5.13. I'm using CCC and it works for me.