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    Hardcore photo processing PC

    Ok, so I just bought the Nikon D800 (it takes 36 megapixel images for those unfamiliar). Furthermore for those those that aren't familiar, this camera takes an average lossless compressed RAW file at about 40mb per image. When editing and using this file it becomes pretty damn huge...
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    Gigabyte 6970 or MSI Lightning

    Simple enough question This Gigabyte or this MSI
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    New GIGABYTE 6970 over 6950's

    So after buying two 6950's ( with the intention to unlock the shaders and slightly OC them to give me two 6970's I have discovered that they run way to hot for my system. At factory BIOS and clocks my two HIS...
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    BFG 295 vs current gen/drivers

    Ok so I have an old BFG 295. I have one of the newer revisions they made before they went out of business, though I had to wade through a bunch of crap to get it. Seriously, my original had a GPU died so RMA RMA1)DOA RMA2)worked for 5 minutes then ceased to function RMA3)Caught on fire...
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    $15 dollar shooter

    What was the name of that up and coming shooter that was posted on the [H] a few weeks-months back? It is supposed to release at 15-20 dollars, was futuristic, and the developers were all proud that all of the technologies (weapons and such) used in the game were ones that were in the works...
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    Windows 7 and BFG 295 dont play well together

    ........or at least not in my case they don't Ok so a few days ago I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit professional from Windows Home Premium 64-bit. Before the upgrade my BFG 295 was functioning perfectly in SLI, no issues what-so-ever. Now that I've upgraded my computer is only recognizing...