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    Apple Watch

    At the time, I really wanted a nice leather briefcase, not an Apple Watch which I decided I don't need. Now you're gonna have to box me to get me to take off the watch. :D
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    Apple Watch

    Gf surprised me with an Apple Watch for my birthday. I didn't ask for one and I sure as hell wasn't going to buy one for myself. I didn't even want to open the package and wanted to straight up return it then and there. Gf got so mad, haha. Anyway, I put it on and test drove it for a few days...
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    I think we all agree Touchwiz sucks balls. No offense of course to WarpDrive our resident licker of Samsung balls.
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Get rid of TouchWiz and this phone may have a chance.
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Super happy to see microSD slots being phased out in modern smart phones coming out these days. MicroSD lag is terrible, and pretty much unbearable after using phones with flash storage for any amount of time. Old technology should be put to rest, RIP. The biggest problem I had with micoSD...
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Why do you give a shit what I buy anyway? Hey if you want to circle jerk go somewhere else, I'm done with you buddy. For a $700 phone, The S5 shouldn't have fallen apart with normal use. I guess it's my bad buying on launch day, and expecting a great phone based on the Samsung name. I should...
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    It's called a business tax deduction. Maybe you'll understand in a few years when you move out of your mom's house.
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Excuse me. I owned a Galaxy S II, Galaxy S4 and the shitty S5. There's a reason Samsung isn't the top dog anymore when it comes to smart phones. Their laggy ass TouchWiz software and the pathetic 16GB internal storage. When you force users to use a SD card to store apps and write pictures to...
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    After owning an S5, I will never ever buy a samsung phone ever again. The whole plastic chrome ring on my phone disintegrated. It's like the phone had cancer and withered away. It was fucking alarming that a $700 phone would have this problem. Fuck you, Samsung. I own a iPhone 6 Plus now and...
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Released Early

    Frank Underwood is in this game?
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    Need One Plus One invite

    Hey, I've been here for awhile. Could I get that invite? :)
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    FS: OnePlus One - 64GB - Sandstone Black Invite

    How about we meet in the middle at 40 bucks? Don't see it as losing cash, see it as gaining $40 you didn't have moments ago! :D Just tell me where to send the funds.
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    FS: OnePlus One - 64GB - Sandstone Black Invite

    Paypal you $30 bucks right now for one of them. Thanks!
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    FS: OnePlus One - 64GB - Sandstone Black Invite

    $210 BIN huh? Wow..
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    Get Battlefield 3 For Free

    Thanks but no thanks!
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    Asus 39 inch 3840x2160 60Hz panel.

    60 hz seems awfully low. Anyone seen a 4k with noticeable screen tear?
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    Confused about supposed performance. Another 7950 vs. 7970 thread...

    For your monitor resolution get the 7970 and be done with it!
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    Is my card dying?

    Forget getting a new video card! Bake that 8800 GTX back to life!
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Bangkok. I want this card.
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    My builds consist of almost exclusive all Corsair parts except the cpu watercoolers. The idea of coming home to a wet PC scares me.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I want a galaxy because I want my galaxy to be rocked.
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    Where to advertise BF3 server?

    So it worked! You're welcome!
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    Am I the only one sitting BF3 out?

    Sounds like you're just old. Get off my lawn! ;)
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    Am I the only one sitting BF3 out?

    I'm all for banning trolls from the game, if that's all they do on forums is troll people. However, for every one banned two pop up in it's place it seems. Can't wait to play when I get home from work! Dice released R5 and R6 2 days apart, so that tells me they are working hard to fix issues.
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    Where to advertise BF3 server?

    No, it isn't. Just do it, now!
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    Where to advertise BF3 server?

    Well your server name could be more appealing ;) Try: REMUS Hi Def Rush Los Angeles No-Lag Don't kill me just my opinion.
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    Where to advertise BF3 server?

    What's the server?
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    BF3 servers lag and rubber-banding feedback.

    Yes, there's rubber banding on most servers. Seems some maps rubber band a lot and some none at all. Karg Island and Tehran Highway is rubber band central, I find.
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    Am I the only one sitting BF3 out?

    BF3 continues to impress me day by day.. Not many games out there offer "Battlefield Moments" which make me stop and go: "Wow, did that just happen? AWESOME!"
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    Mad Catz Cyborg amBX Gaming Lights

    They are pretty well built and would use them more often if I had more room on my desk. Especially now that they work with BF3.
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    Mad Catz Cyborg amBX Gaming Lights

    i bought them, used them for a week, and now they sit unplugged because they don't work with bf3. That, and it takes up 2 USB ports. FUCKER. it's 10% off with free shipping. I paid $114 shipped for mine.
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    Battlefield 3 On a PC Make You Twice as Accurate?

    Bullshit. The negative mouse acceleration totally ruins all firefights for me as I like to run and gun.
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    BF3 server type question

    There are no files, just documentation. You have to use your own rcon program. nfoservers provides one, but i'm using procon atm.
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    Really EA? I'd pay a million to punch you all in your Origin loving faces right now.

    they want bf3 to be like facebook. the major downside i can foresee having the server browser outside of the game is it's just begging to be ddosed.
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    End of Reality Game Servers -

    there should be a control panel of some sort.
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    New 64 man Battlefield 3 test server!

    Server provided by nfo, los angeles server. Some feedback would be great! Search in the server browser! Squad up and kick ass!
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    Hard community BF3 servers thread 64 Man Conquest Nfoserver based in Los Angeles! Drop by and kick some butt!
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    Question for BF3 server admins/owners regarding game modes

    it's a simple variable in rcon to mix up the maps and modes. this is server side of course
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    New 64 man BF3 Server Test

    mods, please delete thread. my apologies