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    Malwarebytes, hijackthis, Trendmicro
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    Downloaded adwcleaner_8.3.0.exe per that one with no luck.
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    Tried both. Something new. Microsoft Defender will not remove.
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    Does anyone know how to get rid of this?
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    Generic toner cartridges

    Monoprice doesn't have toner for a Canon LBP612Cdw.
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    Generic toner cartridges

    Obviously, someone is buying generic toners from a specific manufacturer. Which one?????
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    Generic toner cartridges

    Which brand on Amazon?
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    Generic toner cartridges

    Which brand of generic does she use?
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    Generic toner cartridges

    Has anyone had any experience with generic toner for a Canon LBP612Cdw?
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    Laptop LCD

    What is the difference between LP156WH3 TL SA LP156WH3 TL BA
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    ntldr missing Windows 10 Home

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    micron mt16ktf1g64az-1g6p1 and ASRock Z77 Pro4

    That is low voltage.
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    micron mt16ktf1g64az-1g6p1 and ASRock Z77 Pro4

    I have been having problems with this PC intermittently locking up.Win 10 Pro. I have checked everything and can't seem to find the problem. Now I noticed that my memory is low voltage. Could this be the problem?
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    BIOS password reset needed

    I pulled the battery and waited 5 minutes. Did not help.
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    BIOS password reset needed

    From what I understand that will screw up the clock in the BIOS.
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    BIOS password reset needed

    I am trying to log into an old Elitebook 2570p. Can't get by the BIOS password. Is there a way?
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    Antec MicroFusion 350

    Anyone know where I can get parts for this case? Antec is no help.
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    Asus K55VM shuts off for no reason

    Passed MemTest over night
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    Asus K55VM shuts off for no reason

    Windows 7 Pro. i7-3610QM 16 gig memory Every so often it just shuts off. Ran Prime95 for 10 minutes with no problem. Logs are no help.
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    Toshiba Satellite p775-s7100" video blurry

    Looks good on external monitor. Changed LCD with same problem. Any suggestions?
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    LG BH10LS30 Blueray drive

    I put this in my HTPC running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. When I try to eject the disk in Windows I get
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    ASRock H61M-VS VGA

    I am using an ASRock H61M-VS motherboard to test hardware and software. I had to remove the video card to test a PCIE 4X card. My KVM is DVI. I was not able to use the VGA to DVI adapter I had to use the onboard VGA through the switchbox. Anyone know of a cheap adapter to get this to work? I...
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    Is it worth running a Tower PC as a (Cloud) NAS? Changes I should make?

    I am using Freenas but the Freenas forum wants you to run server hardware. I recently looked at nas4free which is based on the original Freenas code. Does not have the same hardware requirements. You may want to look at that.
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    Dell PowerEdge R510 R710 Server PERC 6/iR PCI-E SAS SATA RAID Controller JW063

    Will this work on a motherboard other than Dell PowerEdge; ie. ASRock H61M-VS?
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    Multiple DNS servers

    This is the subnet for the new router.
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    Multiple DNS servers

    We installed a new wireless router ( TENDA AC18 1900 ROUTER) to handle the routing behind our FIOS Actiontec MI424WR modem router. I now have 2 subnets with 2 DNS servers. I now seem to have a big delay accessing drives on the other computers on my Windows network. Could this be causing a problem?
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    SAS to SATA converter

    I am trying to use a HP 300 GB 15K RPM 3.5" 6G SAS HARD DRIVE 533871-001 EF0300FATFD HUS156030VLS60 with a SAS to SATA converter. The drive does not seem to spin up and is not recognized by the BIOS. Am I missing something?
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    Laptop memory

    Is there any use for DDR2 and DDR3 1 gig chips?
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    SSD adapter for 3 1/2 " slot

    I have a Rosewill Himards case I need an adapter to put a SSD in the tray that slides into the cage. All the ones I have but the SSD connections centered in the tray. I need one that will mimic a 3 1/2" drive.
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    Problem with an Aten CS1764A KVM

    Had it working with a Samsung S27A550h LCD with using an AVI to HDMI adapter. It was a problem in the first place but now it won't work with any HDMI LCD. I upgraded the firmware on the KVM but still having the same problem.
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    Can anyone identify this cable?

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    Can anyone identify this cable? Jan 24, 6 03 45 PM.jpg?dl=0
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    Unknown USB adapter
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    Unknown USB adapter

    Sorry about that. I forgot "wireless".
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    Unknown USB adapter

    I have an USB wireless mouse adapter that I do not know what mouse it will work with. Is there any way to determine what mouse it is supposed to work with? It shows up as a HID-compliant mouse in Win 7 Device manager.
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    Really stupid question

    Is it possible for a CPU to prevent an on board touchpad from working but allow an external USB mouse work?
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    Does any know for sure?
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    Xfinity says they no longer support this modem/router. Can it still be used as just a router?
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    Mixed memory

    In my main machine I have: 2 sticks Corsair PC3-8500F 1 stick G.Skill PC3-12800 1 stick Hyundai PC3-12800 All are 4 gig. The Corsair are XMP memory and my board automatically overclocks them to XMP-1600 by increasing the voltage. They show 800mhz with a CAS of 9.0. The G.Skill is XMP...
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    G Skill F3-12800CL9S-4GBNT