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    5700 XT Anniversary Edition -$369.99

    I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the reference design cards but cheapest I see right now for an Anniversary Edition card for any collectors out there. Regular version can also be had at $349.99...
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    Any routers that can get close to gigabit on wifi?

    Recently just switched from Spectrum to Fios Instant 750/750,(not quite gigabit but getting there) and it seems my Asus RT-AC68U maxes out at 450/450 on the 5GHZ band. Wanted to know if this was the limit of more current routers as well. I'm pulling well over 750/750 when plugged in.
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    SFF 8643 to PCI-E Intel 750

    I should have probably picked up the PCI-E version but I got a decent deal on the 2.5" version of the Intel 750. My motherboard has neither a SFF8643 port or a M.2/U.2 slot. I'm looking for a mini-sas to pci-e adapter but wanted to see if anyone has actually had any luck with one. The only one...
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    Best Mouse for Work and Travel

    Started a new job a month ago and I've been using their provided their cheap, no frills, good but not good enough Logitech B100 mouse; a classic case of you get what you pay for. That said, I'm not impressed and am looking for something portable, wireless and can track well on different...
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    390 or 970

    So my brother's birthday is coming up and he's been gaming on his laptop for awhile so I decided since he just started college a couple of months ago and has a massive steam collection, its time to build him a real PC so I can't cringe at the thought of him playing the witcher 3 on his 2 year...
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    Not impressed with my Audioengine A2's

    Up until a month ago I owned a set of Klipsch Promedia 2.1's. While they were great for the occasional movie and to some degree music, they seemed muffled at times. With my brother starting college and without speakers, I gave them to him and picked up a pair of Audioengine A2's(not the A2+) as...
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    7970/280x Tri-Fire/Quad-fire Performance Scaling?

    So I used to mine cryptocurrency and with profits being negative with New York rate electricity I stopped. I sold most of the equipment and some cards but I still have about 7 7970/280x's and a 7990. I'm looking to upgrade right now but can't really say I'm unsatisfied with the performance of...
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    ASUS RMA. Broken Fan Blade

    Well I have an ASUS R9 280x and unfortunately one of the fan had some of its blades break off while I was clearing the card of dust. I've talked to ASUS chat and they've said they could RMA it no problem under warranty but reading the warranty it states: They wouldn't offer to sell me the...
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    MSI 7970 Lightning BE keeps crashing

    So I'm under the impression I was sold a defective card on eBay but it could be an issue I don't know about. I was going to use this in a crossfire setup but even alone ATI drivers are crashing constantly(crashed under PCI Render test in GPU-Z, CS:GO, Starcraft 2). It looks permanently clocked...