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    alan wake xbox only ?

    Just read a q/a at gamespot and no pc version? Wtf?????
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    Memory Problem

    Hi guys I'm having a problem that started yesterday - when I turn on my comp it detects the cpu but hangs at the memory test and just stays there. When I take out one of the memory sticks (2x512) it works fine regardless of which stick and regardless of memory bank but when I try to run both...
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    Linksys problems

    Hi guys I bought a new linksys router (BEFSX41) and it has firmware 1.50.18 and the problem I've been having with it is that I can't set it to stop my AIM from signing on and off every 5 minutes, I checked the settings to allow more time but its just not there. I was wondering if anybody...
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    CRT Monitor Question (Nec Multisync Fe991sb)

    Hi guys I purchased a 19" Nec Multisync Fe991sb in February of this year from Newegg and I noticed that it has developed 10 vertical dark lines in the middle of the screen that are readily apparent when the background is white or light colored. Is this normal? I read the owners manual and...
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    Swat 4

    Ok - who has found it and where? Employees at Gamestop at 10:30am were dragging their feet and hadn't unpacked it and were unwilling. Damnit - I need to find a better video game store. Hopefully I'll find it by the end of the day.
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    Anybody play Star Wars Galaxies?

    Hi guys I tried it when it initially came out but I found it rather dry and lacking. I'm a bad Star Wars nerd and I've been following the latest expansion plus the one planned in May. I was wondering if anybody that still plays it had any input on the current state of the game - I'm...
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    Republic Commando

    Supposedly it is out - anybody get it and have any impressions?
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    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines problem

    Hi guys I picked up the game yesterday and when I launch it I get black screen that says: Signal Frequency out of range FH 98.3 FV 150.5 Please change signal timing and to get out of that I have to end up hitting the reset button on my comp. I'm running at 1280x1024 85hz and...
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    CC Generals Question

    For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the Chinese Migs to fly out of their hangers on the airstrip and destroy something - how do I do this?
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    Freedom Force

    I found this game at Gamestop for $10 and picked it up considering the upcoming game coming out and I figured I would try it out. Man - this game is great! I can't believe I missed it but I'm glad I decided to give it a shot - I only got 1 hour of sleep before class this morning. :o
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    Case stand/cart

    hey guys I have an Antec case exactly like this and I was looking for something to elevate it off the ground so as to not have it on the floor. I would also prefer it to have wheels so that I could roll it out of the way to vacuum under it as well as when moving it to clean the dust out of...
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    Doom 3 question

    Hi guys I recently upgraded my video card from an Ati Radeon 9800 pro to a Bfg 6800 Ultra o/c and while seeing how various games performed, I was able to set Doom 3 up to ultra high settings (rest of system being in my sig) and it looked better than I had ever imagined - I only played through...
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    Ipod Defragging?

    Hi guys I've noticed when I have my ipod connected to my comp via usb 2.0 that it appears when I launch disk defrag as FAT 32 along with the other partitions on my hard drive - anybody know what would happen if I defragged the ipod via windows defragger?
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    Video Card recommendation

    Hi Guys I'm putting a computer together for my parents and it is culled from old parts I had laying around - they currently have an amd 233mhz and I have an and tbird 1333mhz so I was going to piece it together along with a 40gb harddrive I don't use and so forth. Problem is that the fx 5200...
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    Upgrading Video Cards - would I see a difference?

    Hi guys My current system (in my sig) is what I use for gaming and I play just about everything out there - World of Warcraft, Doom 3, Half Life 2, Rome Total War, Sims 2, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, IL - 2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters, Microshaft Flight Simulator 2004 and...
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    New Power Supply

    Hi guys I'll be replacing my power supply over the weekend (current Antec Smartblue 350 watt) in preparation for new video card purchase (bfg 6800 ultra) and I was considering an Antec Neopower 480 or an Antec Trueblue 480 My system is as follows: Amd XP 3200+ (cpu) 1024mb Crucial pc...
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    Is my cdrw dead?

    Hey guys I was playing Vice City and the cd-rom stopped reading the disk, it pretty much just stopped all together. I tried other games and the cd rom just wouldn't start spinning or play anything. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver via device manager and all I get is that...
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    I enjoy Rockstar's games and when I heard it was coming to pc I've been anticipating it - especially after all the negative press about it being so gruesome. Anybody pick it up? details! I want some details!
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    Nostromo N52 Speedpad Question

    I'm unable to get my Nostromo N52 speedpad to work with Battlefield Vietnam, is anybody else having this problem? Anybody have any solutions?
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    Gta Vice City (pc)

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem getting the game (Grand Theft Auto Vice City for PC) to recognize my Nostromo N45 gaming pad, any input on a workaround for this? I emailed their tech support and they responded the game didnt support analog controllers.
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    Amd XP 3200+ temp

    Hi guys I'm running an amd xp 3200+ on an abit mobo and my normal temp based on what mbm 5 says is around 51c just surfing and when I run prime 95 it goes up to 61c and prime reports errors after 2 hours 30 mins. I'm not overclocking anything and everything is at stock speeds, I have a...
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    heat monitoring question

    Hey guys, whats the best way to accurately measure the temperature of my cpu, mobo and inside case if possible?
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    Dual channel for Abit Nf7s v2.0

    Hello Im running two sticks of pc 3200 crucial ram each 512mb for a total of 1 gb ram. I plugged one stick into slot 1 and the other in slot 3, the system reports 1024mb ram and for dual channel mode do I need to make any bios adjustments or is it automatically enabled when I put in two...
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    Flatpanel connection

    hey guys I have a flatpanel lcd i use with an ati radeon 9800 pro, pardon my ignorance but my ati radeon has two connectors on the back, the standard one that has the pins and is blue colored but theres also another one i believe is called dvi and its white rectangular with square holes and...
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    RAM question

    I have an amd xp 3200+, ati radeon 9800 pro, 512 mb crucial pc 3200 ram my machine is primarily for gaming, would adding another 512mb ram make a noticable difference on my performance?
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    AMD XP setup

    hey guys i recently installed an AMD XP 3200+ in an Abi nf7s v2.0 and the motherboard has it running at 2.0 ghz, anybody know how to set the multipliers to have it run at stock (not overclocked) speed of 2.2 ghz?
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    broadband connection problem

    hey guys i just setup a new computer with a new installation of win xp pro, problem is that its not seeing my broadband connection, any recommendations on how to fix it? im running off a cable modem connected to a d-link router connected to the onboard lan with my abit nf7s v 2.0 thanks
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    upgrading - harddrive/OS question

    hey guys i'm upgrading my comp with a new everything (atx case, abit nf7s v2.0 mobo, athlon xp 3200+, radeon 9800 pro) save for a 40gb maxtor harddrive that has win xp pro installed from my old system. do i need to wipe the current installation of win xp pro off my hd and reinstall or is...
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    Integrated sound question

    Hey guys, I'm working on building my gaming comp based on an AMD XP 3200+ with the Abit NF7S V2.0 and 1 stick 512mb pc 3200 Crucial RAM. The question is the onboard audio - I'm no audiophile and I do prefer to have decent sound for my gaming, I'm not really picky - if it sounds ok, I'm...
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    RAM Question

    I'm upgrading my comp that I use primarily for gaming. I have the ABIT Nf7s v2.0 motherboard that will be mated to an amd xp 3000+. I was concerned with the amount and type of RAM to use - video card is an ati radeon 9600xt. To stress, this is primarily a gaming comp.
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    motherboard question

    hello I was looking over the specs for certain nforce2 motherboards and noticed the asus a7n8x-deluxe has an NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 + MCP-T while the abit nf-7s has a NVIDIA nForce2 SPP + MCP-T would anybody know the difference between the two designations?
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    mobo upgrade question

    hey guys I was hoping for some input here - my current system is as follows: asus a7v133 amd tbird 1333 512mb pc 133 nvidia fx 5200 I'm a gamer and I intend to start upgrading my system, I don't want to blow a ton of cash just yet and I intend to upgrade slowly as prices fall and...
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    paired memory modules

    I was in the process of upgrading my AMD system and ordering RAM for the new motherboard and it supports dual channel mode. I noticed they sell matching pairs for dual channel mode and I was wondering how effective it is to have paired RAM modules versus nonpaired from the same RAM manufacturer?
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    comp upgrade questions

    Hello everybody I currently run an Asus A7v-133, AMD T-Bird 1333 and 512mb pc133 ram with an nvidia geforce fx 5200 ultra on win xp pro connected to high speed cable. My problem is that the fan on my MOBO is no longer operational and basically I was going to start upgrading my computer and...