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    Sony XBR-940D

    Anyone have luck getting the 75" 940D working with any Nvidia GPU properly? I can't get 4K@4:4:4 enabled no matter what combination of drivers and GPU's (I've tried a 980Ti, 1060, and now 1080ti) Best I can get is 4K@4:2:2 Internet largely has failed me doing Google searches..curious if...
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    Wall mount solution for 3 40" LCDs

    Anyone know of a single track system for 3 40" LCD's.. I could do separate mounts but last time I tried that it was a huge ordeal getting each mount exactly lined up and spaced evenly and even then there were slight variations due to the way the studs lined up on the wall. I've seen plenty...
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    3 4K monitors with Dual 290's

    This is not for gaming!!! I have 3 Dell P2815Q's connected to 2 Crossfire 290's... I can't seem to figure out the cabling to get all 3 working at the same time.. the 290's have 1 DP, 1 HDMI which work fine..but the 2 DVI's don't seem to be able to drive a 4K even at 30hz.. I've tried a DVI...
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    Mobo that allows for 3 AMD 290x's

    With room to "breathe" that is.. I've run 3 Card setups before with the cards essentially stacked side by side.. not really anxious to do that with these 290x's
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    Gaming Desk Kickstarter..

    I contributed but really need more people to support this project or its looking like it won't hit its goals.. looks like an awesome gaming PC desk.
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    Question about Z68 and Intel SRT

    I tried googling for this but didnt seem to get an answer.. I understand how the tech basically works for a boot drive.. use a smallish SSD and "Raid" it with a larger HD for caching frequently used programs. My question is if I use a 240GB SSD for boot can I use the SRT technology for the...
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    Anyone get SLI working under Vista?

    I loaded the latest Nvidia drivers for an older rig with 2 7900GTX's but dont see any option to enable SLI under the control panel
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    8800GTX SLI 97.02 and Half Life 2

    Anyone else getting crashes to desktop trying to take screenshots in game? All settings maxxed at 2560X1600 I get immediate crash to desktop trying to take a screenshot. Was trying to because I notice that Models in the distance appear gray or almost textureless until you get up close...
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    Long time SLI user impressed with Crossfire

    I havent been in the ATI camp since the 9800XT days.. but with Conroes release I picked up a couple parts to build a 6700 Conroe based system and an X1900XT master and X1900XTX slave card.. It was just as easy if not easier to install than my various SLI systems have been and for the most...
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    Bizzare A8N32 SLI problem..

    Flashed my A8N32 the other day to the latest BIOS and suddenly my system wouldnt get by a certain point during boot.. the system would just reboot and start over.. I tried safe mode and saw a few files load then the reboot.. not sure exactly where its bouncing. I flashed down to one later...
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    2 PCIe videocards in non-sli

    I want to run 4 monitors on a AMD SLI system and I have no available PCI slots.. so my thought is to get 1 GeForce 7800GT and 1 Geforce 6200TC.. My question is do I need to set the motherboard to SLI and simply not enable it in the Nvidia Control Panel to run all 4 screens? Or do I leave...
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    Fastest single HD (Sata or SCSI) in a desktop PC

    Getting pretty sick of my 74GB they honestly dont "feel" that much faster than some of my other systems.. This SCSI drive appears to be the single fastest HD one can buy...but I'm wondering if its worth it in...
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    Bioforce NF4 Ultra AGP+PCIe mobo

    My Abit KT800Pro mobo took a dive last night and I was looking at possible getting a new mobo while I wait for my RMA.. I saw that BioForce has a NF4 Ultra mobo with both PCIe and AGP slots.. this would be good for me as I have a 6800Ultra AGP card and a socket 939 FX53 Has anyone tried...
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    How many games are out today that use PS3.0

    I recall last year there was an impressive list of titles that would be shortly supporting PS3.0 I havent really messed with Farcry in a while but with my new SLI setups I'd like to see some PS3.0 games in action other than Farcry. Does someone have a current released list? Does WoW...
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    Who makes the new Apple 20" LCD?

    Its sorta an odd panel since there are very few manufactures outside of Apple making a 20" 16X10 LCD Specs are 16ms though and I've always preferred widescreen LCD's to 4:3 LCD's I have a buyer for my 2 Dell 2001FP's and was thinking of going with these panels since 2 23" HP's wouldnt fit...
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    Find 9800XT Metal Brackets

    My OEM 9800XT's have a 2 Card Slot Metal Bracket instead of a single slot metal bracket.. Its removable and not really needed but I need to find some supplier where I can order a single slot bracket that matches up with the DVI/Analog/Svideo Ports. Any have an idea where I can find such a...
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    My 2 cents on the Samsung 172X

    A little background first.. Heavy gamer..mostly online FPS's such as Wolfenstein:ET, UT2003/4, BF 1942, WC3 Have owned or currently own Dell 1703FP, 1702, 1901FP, 2000FP, 2001 Samsung 172T Sony SDM-V72B, SDM-HS73 Apple 20" Cinema Hitachi CML174B Right now I have the two Sony's...
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    Anyone source some right angled SATA cables?

    preferablly just the one end.. not on both ends. Need to connect 4 SATA hard drives and the right angled connectors would be much nicer
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    What is the memory layout of a stock 1.25ghz 15.2" G4 PB

    I'm trying to get to 1GB of comes with 512mb.. Do I need two 512 SODIMMS or just one with the existing 512 MB soldered on board? I'm at work so I can't open it up and look inside.
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    4 port SATA raid card recom.?

    Looking to build a 4 36gb Raptor Raid 5 or Raid 1+0 (havent decided yet) Looks like I have a choice between the 3ware 4lp card and the Promise S150 SX4 with the 3ware costing twice as much and some pretty bad reviews of the Promise card is there anything else out there that may do the job?
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    New MS Intellimouse 4.0 wired mouse?

    The new MS mouse with the tilt wheel.. anyone find one for sale yet? I'm pretty interested in it.. I found the wireless one very comfortable to use.. plus MS now uses a 800dpi sensor.. sounds like a great gaming mouse.