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    Are these XBOX 360 game prices insane or what?

    Ok so I'm sitting here next to my 10 year old looking at games for his XBOX 360 on Amazon. These prices are retarded, just look for yourself.... Transformers $128.97 Madden 07 $107.97 Tenchu Z $128.97 Call if Juarez $141.97 I don't think he clicking the obscenely rick snobs link for...
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    Asus Commando, post problems? Read inside.

    I just got my Asus Commando with a E6600, 4 gig of G.Skill DDR2800 and Ati HD2900XT to upgrade my current system. So I assemble the new setup and everything is working great. Speedy and fast. I clean up my cluster around my desk and push the tower back into it's spot with all my USB cables...
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    Lian Li V2000 issue (big pic)

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    discussing the warez problem

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    Best AGP supporting board?

    I've been out of the scene for a while since things have been rather boring in the pc world to me with the slow speed increases. I sold off my 2.8Ghz intel system since I had too many computers. Then my parents house burned down and I had to give up my 3.0Ghz Intel computer and send it to them...
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    Keyboard virus?

    First of I'm not quite sure where this belongs so mods move as required. There's a always someone writing a damn virus for everything under the sun. I just replaced my kids motherboard because the keyboard(s) weren't working. I tried 2 PS/2 and 1 USB and none of them worked properly. 15 or...
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    Keyboard not working USB or PS/2??

    This is a odd problem I have a older Soyo Dragon Plus SY-K7V with a XP1900. The USB keyboard I was using had a bunch of keys stop functioning. I figured the keyboard got damaged since it was on the kids computer and it was one of those rubber foldable Grandtec keyboards from plycon. I then...
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    Multiprotocol on a wireless network issues?

    I'm trying to upgrade this inventory control program at work that recently went to a multiprotocol encryption. I'm running into a ton of problems getting it to run on my D-Link DWL-7000 AP and Linksys WMP54G wireless nics. My problem is all computers will see, ping, and browse each other fine...
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    Fun with the laser engraver at work. 2 custom 80mm fan grills

    I've been playing alot with our new ULS X-660 at work and finally got around to designing my first two UV reactive 80mm fan grills. They are both image rips off the coral 12 disc adapted for this purpose. So I'll just take credit for the cutting and conversion. :cool: I first started with a...
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    Largest work unit?

    I'm chopping my way through a 25000 work unit right now. Far as I have noticed the largest work unit was 5000. So what is that largest work unit out there? If there is one. ;) WooT! It just finished as I was typing this :)
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    We need people start folding AGAIN!

    hard to believe we have such a huge team and in 2nd place when we only have what appears to be a hand full of people active. I just rejoined last month and I am crawling my way up pretty fast with 4 cpus running 24/7. I know it will take forever and a year to get to the top 500 but with so...
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    ebgames mess up gives you a free HL2 shirt

    I placed a order for HL2 at ebgames when it first came available for preorder. As a bonus ebgames was giving away free HL2 t-shirts. I changed my mind a few weeks later and decided to go with the steam version. This morning I checked my email to see that I had a HL2 T-Shirt shipped from ebgames...
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    HL2 notification email from Newegg

    Just got this email from Newegg. Looks like their notification department jumped the gun as HL2 isn't listed on their site yet. But at least we know it's getting stocked at the big retailers.
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    Any results/discoveries from folding yet?

    Just wondering if there's be any headway in the intended uses of the folding data.
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    OMG! Thermaltake W0029

    Not quite sure what to think. :confused: Frozen CPU Thermaltake W0029
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    Going INSANE trying to find the best Athlon XP Socket A heatsink

    First off I know everyone gets sick of seeing these post. So sorry, I just can't seem to find a answer that is current. With all the AMD64 chips out the heatsink world is changing really fast. I'm down here running a XP 3000+ Socket A and I would love to find a killer heatsink that would work...
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    2.1 & 5.1 speakers + Audigy 2, anyway to make a 7.1 setup?

    I've got logitech z680's with a rear channel out so I connected my z560's speakers in to run the rear sound which is basically a 2.1 running the rear. Audio quality is fantastic like this. My question though, Does anyone know a way to wire these together to make a simulated 7.1 speaker system...
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    Wireless multimeida receiver?

    I was looking at getting one of these but the reviews don't look so hot anyways has anyone seen better faster wireless multimedia streamers?
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    Just bought a Gigabyte X800XT Retail for $489 @ the egg.

    VERY Happy the prices are coming down to the working man levels. I checked a few places online and this looks like a fairly good deal considering competative cards are $100+ more. Hope it gets here before HL2 releases. ;)
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    CaseArts PSU Modding Tool Kit

    I know many of us have been looking to buy pin removal tools since sleeving your power supply is fun but sometime exhausting. Well CaseArts took the guess work out of which extractors to buy and put 4 different designs in a kit. It's pretty cool and handy but I can't say the price is nice for...
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    Audigy Plat, replacing ribbon cable from card to FP I/O?

    Did a search and nothing turned up. What I'm wondering is if anyone has replaced their ribbon cable coming from their Audigy card to the 5 1/4 Front Panel I/O drive with a round IDE cable? The cable has the same number of pins just their are a few pins blocked on the cable. Reason I want to...
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    Error loading operating

    My linux learning machine took a dump on me today. 60GB Maxtor IDE on a old Soyo Dragon Plus 1900XP system. Anyways I go to reload linspire (don't laugh everyone has to start somewhere) and it reloads fine but when actually starting the OS it hangs. I tried next to load XP formatted the drive...
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    4" zip ties on the cheap

    For those who don't know McMaster has really good prices on the 4" zip ties. I ordered 100 flourscent yellow for $1.96 and they are UV reactive! A must for a good clean wire job. search 71295K123 and scroll down the page to Color-Coded Nylon Cable Ties. blue, gray, green, orange...
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    Project: V2000

    I have no ideal really what I plan to call this or my direction. First off $ is a bit tight after buying this case and new drives. I'm waiting on a new motherboard, CPU, and Video Card. Water cooling is still up in the air so I may wait till I return to the US before doing that. Specs to...
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    Voltage on a TNT2 Ultra APG?

    So I don't go a burn up my cheap friends PC with my old TNT2 Ultra. The MB APG is 1.5v max. What the draw on a TNT2 Ultra APG? 3.3v?
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    Fresh Install XP w/ RAID drivers and no A: - possible?

    I'm sitting here removing a old floppy drive that croaked in my newly assembled computer and I'm wondering why we still have these things. The only time I have ever needed this thing is when reloading my computer and I need the driver disk for RAID/SATA/SCSI. Is there anyway around using the...
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    Tranfer RAID 0 setup to a different PC?

    I'm changing out computer cases and motherboard/CPU and I was just wondering if there is any problems changing over my RAID 0 drives to my new setup. I'm not exactly sure if I need to rebuild the array or if it will auto detect it and run as is.
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    SATA Power connectors sorta found

    Well I found the 90 degree SATA power connectors over at but I am unable to find a reseller. I've tried Jameco and Mouser with no luck. Anyone know a online vendor?
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    Who the heck are these ATI manufactures?

    I head over to newegg to check prices and availablity of X800 cards and there are all these manufactures I have never heard of. Celestica, Info-Tek, Elsa, Hitech, not to mention the rather new folks like Connect3D, Powercolor, Sapphire, and HIS. Have I been living in a cave or something?
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    Seagate 160G vs Maxtor 300G?

    I've considering buying these: 2 each Maxtor 300GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model 6B300S0 Specifications: Capacity: 300GB Average Seek Time: 9.3 ms Buffer: 16MB Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM Interface: Serial ATA 150 Features: SATA II, -NCQ [Native Command Queuing] or 4 each Seagate...
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    Lian Li V2000 issue (big pic)

    I recently purchased the V2000B from newegg. I am now in the process of transfering my current system into the new case. The problem I am having is with the front connections. The USB, Firewire, and audio cables that go from the front to your motherboard headers are too short. The idiots...
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    That's not a case. THIS is a case!

    Just got my V2000B in and this sucker is HUGE!!! I bet I could smuggle a couple illegal aliens in this sucker! :cool: Soon to be modded once I get my ideals sorted.
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    Newegg Downloadable Software Hope I didn't do a repost of old stuff but this is the first time I have seen this catagory on Newegg and I've been on the site alot more than normal this week. The software collection is pretty big and prices look...
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    Printer review site? Looking for a DVD/CD print feature

    I was browsing on newegg and seen the Epson R200 for $88. Problem is it takes 6 ink cartridges, 5 x $14 for color and 1 x $20 for black. Which means $90 for everytime you have to change every cartridge. :eek: Now I would gladly pay more for a printer if I can get it with cheaper/less/combo...
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    D3 FPS boost

    I don't see this posted anywhere except on the frontpage. Anyways this gave my system a hell of a boost and now I can play High Quality 1280x1024 silky smooth. props to the guys that found it.
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    9700Pro? D3 worried? Don't

    I was pretty worried like everyone else wondering if my old ATI 9700Pro could handle Doom3. Checking newegg every few hours to see if they have either a x800xt or 6800 Ultra/GT in stock. Well don't stress yourself if you have a 9700 Pro or better. I ran D3 on Tigershark at 1280x1024 medium...
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    discussing the warez problem

    I'm wondering where/if a person could discuss the problem of warez software. It's a issue that needs to be talked about and not ignored. Does everyone realize the effects it creates? Here it feels like a safe sex issues that everyone knows it needs to be talked about but are afraid to. With Doom...
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    How thick are the acrylic fan grills?

    Just wondering what the thickness is on the common acrylic fan grills. I have 1/4" acrylic that looks a bit thick. edit: also does anyone know the distance between the screw hole centers for the 60, 80 & 120mm fans. I don't have a good ruler around and google isn't being very helpfull. I...
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    Catwoman game by EA, great graphics - crap controls

    So I get this game Catwoman and being put out by EA and seeing some screenshots of it I know it should be ok. I get it installed and all setup to run on my 9700 Pro and wow, the graphics on the catwoman model are up there with ATI's Ruby. I kid you not. She looks hella good and when you stand...
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    Anyone who did a PSOne LCD mod was you able to use the built in speakers?

    I picked up a PSOne LCD and got it working fine aside from having to adjust the screens position every startup. What I want to do now is get the speakers on it to work using a standard 1/8" audio cable into the LCD's a/v 1/8" plug. I tried a a/v cable from my camcorder to feed audio into it...