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    good quality chairs and desks?

    Sadly Ikea stopped carrying the reigning king of desks, the Jerker, awhile back now. If you are a lucky person you might find one on craigslist.
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    OCZ Octane 256GB 2.5" Solid State Drive w/ SATA III: $165-$20 MIR=$145

    Maxtor is probably the best since sometimes you will get a Seagate drive back, sometimes I have even gotten Server class Seagate drives.
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    Rocksmith $59.99 w/free shipping

    Amazing learning tool!
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    Humble Bundle 4!! Best bunder EVER!!!

    Didn't notice at first that there are steam keys. Amazing.
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    COD MW3 PC Download $39.99!

    Wow that does make a huge difference, but I appreciate that there is the option because I think I play better the other way.
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    Humble Bundle 4!! Best bunder EVER!!!

    Paid, waiting for download information. Edit: Downloading. Awesome deal. Been wanting to finally play Cave Story.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Remember that CRT's are usually measured roughly from Bezel to Bezel while LCDs are screen area only, so the FW900 is probably closest to a 22" LCD. I can take a picture next to my 24" LCD to make sure later.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    So it comes out at higher brightness? Sorry if it sounds like I'm starting basic but I don't know what you have done already. Did you try setting the color to sRGB before or after the restoration? Mine have seemed to get pretty close to D65 with that, most will need to adjust to how dark it is...
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 $95 + FS

    Amp is not necessary. My Droid can power these very well. I use an Astro Mixamp with these and replacement cable with mic, and the mic works: Pretty sweet setup, can use it on 360, PC, and PS3
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 $95 + FS

    Yes, these were released after the 5's and I believe cost about twice as much when released. I think the 5's have two drivers and the TripleFi have 3.
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 $95 + FS

    Amazing headphones. Got two last time. I have a couple Beyerdynamics, Sennheiser, Koss, and Grado headphones so not I'm just comparing them to 12 dollar earbuds.
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 250 ohm (NOT Pro) $200 Amazon

    1 day less than 2 years ago Amazon had the 770's for 100 dollars. Even though I already had the Guitar Center 770's (80ohm black) I couldn't pass them up. Same thing when they had the TripleFi's for a hundred (ended up with two pairs of those).
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    New Vegas + Eyefinity

    You sound like a little kid. I'm a veteran of the console war, and let me tell you, war is hell. Your point holds no water since Oblivion was made for PC and Console, and likely sold many more copies on console, and this is the same engine. The PC version supports higher end graphics and was...
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    Why We’re All Better off Without a Verizon iPhone

    OMG 200,000 preordered iPhone4's (40-50k actually sold) in China thats almost 0.015 percent of Chinese people each one was sold to a Chinese citizen. Apple has conquered the Asian market. 3-5 Bars by AT&T specs or the 3-5 special Apple bars where they just add on 2 bars to make it look...
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    Digital Audio Recordings of US History Fading Fast

    I would think this would be mostly old or governmental stuff and not be under restrictive copyrights. I really think that torrenting it all would be a very smart idea. Does anyone think that all copies of Super Nintendo roms will ever be gone?
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    Klipsch SUB-12, $249.99 Free Ship @

    I've had one of these for a couple years I got at a black friday sale for somewhere in the 200-249 dollar range but they rarely go this low. I got it after one of the BIC competors at the time and couldn't get it to work so I got burned on about 250 dollars and didn't want the same thing to...
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    Mozilla Provides Glimpse at Futuristic 'Seabird' Concept Phone

    Wonder why they are using miniUSB instead of micro? I got bored around that time did they explain why you need dual projectors? Since the projector would have an led light I would just put the projector on the back side and use it for the flash also, looking forward seems to make more sense...
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    Can Apple Crack China with the iPhone 4?

    That was probably an iFone Four
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    Can Apple Crack China with the iPhone 4?

    Not faster than China cracked the iPhone 4.
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    Judge Warns of End To File-Sharing Cash Demands

    I'm pretty sure that everyone understands what you are saying, they are just agreeing. Next your going to tell me that the War on Drugs isn't a real war because an official declaration was never sent through congress. If someone makes a post saying its unfair that someone who gets 5 years and...
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    Verizon CEO: Get Ready for Tiered Data Plans

    Well this is the one thing that could stop me from coming back when my droid can be upgraded. They may be able to get away with this now but it is only a matter of time before one company breaks rank and a pricing war brings everything down. As more people start using mobile internet the outcry...
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    Judge Warns of End To File-Sharing Cash Demands

    This was true before but it didn't take long of the RIAA to start taking a much larger portion of that money also. They can always use some kind of magic accounting like Hollywood and claim the artists don't deserve any money.
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    Judge Warns of End To File-Sharing Cash Demands

    Except is obviously overly broad when it comes to "encryption". A company could use the "encryption" of shifting every letter one letter to the left and if anyone "breaks" it or tells anyone else "how to break it" or report that its been broken they can be in violation of the DMCA. Any person...
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    Lets talk Roccat mice (and other "exotic" brands)

    "only" 3200 DPI. I think your getting pretty silly at this point. A 1920 x 1200 24 inch monitor is about 95 DPI so 3200 dpi would be 1/94th the size of a pixel on that screen. I've had two mice in the 5600 range though so who am I to talk.
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    Lenovo Multimedia Remote w/ Keyboard $29.99

    Thanks a bunch. I saw these on dealextreme a couple weeks ago and was really interested in it.
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    Home Theaters Are Overrated Home Projects

    Light control is important for any kind of viewing or listening experience. The color and types of material in a room have a huge effect on sound and video also.
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    Refurbished Audio-Technica ATH-700 for $69.95 w/ free shipping.

    The term is thrown around a bit too often but the goal of a "studio monitor" should be the most neutral sound possible so it shouldn't have the bass you want. I would really stay away from the Beats, they just don't seem to offer anything other than marketing like most Monster products (I have...
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    Radiator fans reccomendations?

    Are those 25mm or 38mm thick fans? Thicker fans have more static pressure which can make a huge difference in there cooling ability on a radiator.
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    Ghetto reservior mod...

    Is that a glass jar? What bit did you use to drill it? I think a piece of PVC would be cheaper and safer, but glass is see through which is cool. Finding stock of quality clear cylinders can be tricky and pricey. Also points for something different and not copied.
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    EVGA B Stock back for a bit

    Can be good for people like me who have multiple quality s775 processors and a couple bad or goofy boards.
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    Android Still Gaining Ground

    Haven't we already had this conversation in this thread? In what way is Windows proprietary? The word proprietary can be used in different ways and I know some neckbeard like Richard Stallman want to call anything that doesn't meet his personal definition of free and open "proprietary", but if...
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    Apple Engineer Warned Jobs of iPhone Antenna Problems

    Couple problems: 1. I believe that its actually the distance of the finger from the Antenna not the Antenna being "grounded" as many think. I have heard reports of people that can manage to create this problem even with a case or bumper which strengthens this belief. An Antennae engineer on...
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    Android Still Gaining Ground

    I don't think is because any kind of gaming advantage iOS has and if articles like this continue I don't think that Android is going to have any problem coming out ahead on this front. A much larger percentage of people already have all the tools to start making Android apps and games and Google...
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    [HOT] 256GB USB Flash Drive For $229.99

    I think this is an update, if you were right you would have no problem coming in and saying that you were right even if the people were douches. I'm sorry but you were the one that came into this thread and claimed that this deal wasn't very good and made multiple posts claiming to know of...
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    Tiger Direct 1 TB 39.99!!!

    I just packaged up 138,000 seagates, one of which killed my mother. I really don't think this is the thread to discuss this.
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    Steve Jobs: 'We're Having a Little Problem Here'

    Hey welcome to the thread, the rest of use have been here awhile or have at least read the rest of it. You can't just say 802.11x either, since N and A can use a different range. Once again the popularity of MiFi like cards at a Apple convention is also not a good sign for Apple. Of course now...
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    Steve Jobs: 'We're Having a Little Problem Here'

    I'm not big on conspiracy theories but Jobs has a history of saying something is bad right before he releases his version of it. I would totally but that he did this so that he can then say the iPhone is the best since it has N wireless or Apple has there own new proprietary wireless. Well it...
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    Steve Jobs: 'We're Having a Little Problem Here'

    Thanks for informing me of the obvious. All other things are never equal. All other things being equal the phone with the better volume control is better. You can apply it to any metric, by definition if all other things were equal the one part that wasn't equal would be the deciding factor...