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    Mint 16 Petra RC

    For those interested, Mint 16 Petra RC is out. EDIT: It's officially released; altered the link- All Current Editions | Versions
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    Linux Mint 15 with KDE

    If you're on something like Win 7 and you've been toying with the idea of trying Linux, give Mint 15 with KDE a whirl. I adapted to it fairly quickly. I've been experimenting with it off of a bootable usb drive. I used the Universal-USB-Installer- to create it. It's solid for general...
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    Catalyst 13.3 Beta 2

    Feature Highlights of Catalyst 13.3 Beta 2: Improves performance in Far Cry 3 up to 5 percent Improve performance in Sim City 4 up to 16 percent Improves latency performance issues seen in Tomb Raider and Hitman Absolution Resolves slight corruption seen in Tomb Raider with...
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    960T Unlocked

    All 960Ts are not going to unlock and run successfully with 6 cores. It would be useful to note any motherboards that you've seen successfully unlock the 960T. So link to any posts you've seen anywhere with that occurring. In addition, if you have a 960T and have unlocked it on your...
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    120Hz Gaming LCDs + Gamma Shift

    I was trying my old Acer 120Hz LCD again tonight with some games. I love how fluid it is. What annoys me is the gamma shift. A color seems accurate in the middle of the screen, too light at the bottom and too dark at the top. The same color will seem a few shades darker or lighter depending...
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    Cat 11.7 Early Driver

    For those interested, it's available at the bottom of the Dev page with the debugger tool.
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    Dragon Age Crashes?

    Just curious, is anyone getting regular crashes with Dragon Age and patch 1.04? The game was solid for me with 1.02. 1.04 has been trouble.
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    GTX 480 on Dell for 364usd

    See details below- Just use the code. I tried it and got 363.99usd as my base price.
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    GTX 465 Preview on X-bit I thought some might find it interesting.
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    Crossfire X Users

    I'm looking for testing and feedback below-
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    GTX 470 SLi Reviews

    I've seen two out so far. The Hexus one is the latest.
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    ATi OGL 4.0 Driver

    Tried Lightmark with these. Card was @ 960|1265. Overclocked GTX 480 I saw elsewhere was doing around 844 @ the same res. Tried the OGL car test in Cinebench R11.5 too and it was 77.74FPS.
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    HD 5800 Overclocking Database

    Some of you may find this interesting or useful. BTW if you want to OC from Afterburner only enable the following in the CFG. [Settings] UnlockVoltageControl = 1 [ATIADLHAL] EnableUnofficialOverclocking = 1 MSI's Afterburner...
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    HD 5870 and Your CPU

    I've been seeing a lot of folks asking around on various forums about if their CPU is good enough for a 5870. Below is an old article that shows a GTX 295 on a variety of CPUs at various speeds and on monitors @ 1680x, 1920x and 2560x.
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    New Direct X is Available

    Dated 09/09.
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    Sapphire Toxic HD 4890 208usd

    If you're looking for the Toxic card and want a decent price for it, try below- I love mine and it cost me 250usd.
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    QAM + ATSC Tuner

    Well I found a TV tuner card for my computer that actually tunes all the new digital channels well. My old AverMedia USB tuner would bring them in however it would skip and freeze a lot. It did fine with analog. That Hauppauge...
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    Sapphire Toxic HD 4890 on Newegg

    If you're tired of waiting on the Atomic you might want to try this- It's only 960 on the core and it does have a good quiet cooler though. I grabbed one for my AMD rig.
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    LG W1952TQ-TF?

    I'm looking to get a solid 1440x monitor for gaming for a friend. I want DVI too. Is the below LG about the best I am going to be able to get? Or is there something better out there that's 1440x with DVI?
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    GTS 250 Reviews

    GTS 250 reviews have started to pop up-
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    I have two of these fanless cards in Crossfire. GIGABYTE GV-R485MC-1GI I got them because they are absolutely quiet and have decent performance. In my SilverStone case they idle and load as below. Top card 31c idle...
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    EVGA X58 and Tri-SLi

    I've got an Evga X58 up and running. Here's a few quick benches 06 @ 1920x, 21874 06 @ 1920x, no HT, 24315 Vantage default, first try, 30133-...
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    X58 from Foxconn

    If that mobo runs as well as it looks we will be set- It would look great with a red and black HD 4870 X2 in it.
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    Overclocked GTX 260 Results

    Here are some benches for those interested in what the card can do with a solid OC-
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    790i and Vcore

    Watch your real vcore if you have an XFX or Evga 790i board. I discovered I have to set 1.5v to get 1.46v. My Q6600 needs just that to do 3.61GHz. After I upped the voltage to make sure I was actually getting the full 1.46v all stability issues vanished.
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    Midrange Graphics Card Review @ DH

    I see a lot of threads asking about various mainstream cards, and "bang for your buck" solutions. If that is your interest, try the below link.
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    790i HD Corruption Issue is Real

    nVidia is currently investigating. Glad I stuck with my cheap trusty P35 mobo.
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    Avivo vs PureVideo @ Driverheaven

    Some of you may find this interesting. I'd love to see more reviews that focused on multimedia performance.
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    PcOnline 9800GTX Numbers

    Early results- They do the card in Tri-SLi as well.
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    Xbit's Review of the HD 3870 X2

    "The new card won six out of the nineteen tests, at least at high resolutions... On the other hand, it was either equal to or slower than the single-chip ATI Radeon HD 3870 in seven out of the nineteen tests..." Just like I've been saying from my experience with the X2; inconsistent...
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    Warranty and Overclocking Support: ATi vs nVidia

    I contacted Visiontek and asked them if I was using an HD 3870 and it died under a reasonable overclock if they would replace it. Reply with the message below. Hi, Any overclocking will void your Limited Lifetime Warranty. Thanks, VisionTek Tech Support -----Original Message-----...
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    HD 3850 256Mb Crossfire in "Crysis"

    I have a couple of HD 3850 256Mb cards I got as placeholders for the HD 3870 X2 that supposed to come out. Currently I am running them in my second Intel rig on a BX2. Anyway, I tried the "Crysis" demo under Vista x64 with the 7.11 hotfix drivers @ both 1440x and 1680x. I used a combination of...
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    DFI P35-T2RL?

    Anyone own this motherboard and what do you think? They have 'em for 139usd at the Egg.
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    HD 2900 Pro Incoming
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    AW9D-MAX + Q6600?

    Who's overclocking with this combo and how is it? Max FSB etc.
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    Quad Core 1333 FSB Mod

    This a mod that may be done from XS- Props to Kunaak for the post.
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    Acer AL1717FBD?

    Anyone use one of these? I am trying to locate a solid 1280x LCD for my niece. The one in the subject line didn't seem too bad. I wanted 16.7m colors, or 8bit, and a decent response time so she can game.
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    Review: X-bit Compares the Entire nVidia Line

    nVidia's DX-10 card line contrasted in a wide range of benches:
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    Review: HD 2900XT 512Mb vs 8800GTS 320Mb

    Here's another one for those interested:
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    8800GTS 640MB Owners

    I am looking for folks that own 8800GTS 640MB cards to run a few benches. Specifically; "GRAW 2 SP Demo, and Test Drive Unlimited". If you would do a stock run and an overclocked run that would be nice. If you only want to bother with one run, make it at your card's best overclock. For "GRAW 2"...