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  1. Jimmmy

    How to Acquire a NEW Generation Card Step by Step GUIDE!!

    I figured instead of bitching about scalpers I would attempt to contribute to their demise (I hope). So here we go. I'm not going to lie this is going to be a bit long and detailed but I have had success following it so far today alone I have bought an MSI 6900XT from Newegg AND an AMD 5600X...
  2. Jimmmy


    Already posted killing the thread but hopefully making an epic one
  3. Jimmmy

    Powercolor AX5870 LCS 5870 with waterblock $219.99

  4. Jimmmy

    A little Eyefinity Help 5870 2gb and Dell 3007 WFP-HC

    Hello, having some trouble getting my 30inch operating and the drivers installed on my new Sapphire 5870 Eye 6 2gb cards.. I was just using the passive adapter do i need the dual link active adapter to make this work?
  5. Jimmmy

    Very WARM: Dell Outlet Daylight Savings 15% off all Laptops and Desktops

    Dell outlet is having a daylight savings sale for assorted monitors and all outlet laptops and desktops.... Good deal if you need a new laptop.....
  6. Jimmmy

    Patriot 6Gb Triple Channel DDR3 for i7 $202.73 from MWave Here is the link now it is a little complicated but I am sure you can all figure it out.. MWave runs an ebay outlet using 2 names known as Mulitwave video and techtreasure so either of these ebay...