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    Some help with upgrading the HDD in my PS3 Slim

    So here's the deal. I have a 120GB PS3 Slim model that I want to upgrade the HDD to a 1TB if possible for that size. I already have a spare 250GB HDD that I took from a spare PS3 Slim console that I sold off for parts. I tried to use it in place of the original 120GB drive but I noticed the two...
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    Giving my old 27" iMac some new life....

    .... with a nice SSD hardware update. I bought my 27" iMac 3.06Ghz new in 2009 and it's served me very well over the years. As a matter of fact, this is the first computer I have ever owned longer than a year. Some people will say how overpriced Apple computers are but I will always say they're...
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    The time has finally come to replace my good ole Linksys WRT router.

    I've always loved my WRT (can't remember the exact model) Linksys router mainly because I keep on having to unplug the router at least once a week. otherwise it stops working. I will miss this type of router mainly because it has the dual antenna design that I don't see too much on today's...
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    iPhone 4 owners: Let's see your pics taken from your phone.

    Let's show off some pics taken with our new toy. this is one of my favorite ones. the cute little Spanish girl flipped out when she saw my Camaro. she asked if I could take a picture so she could send it to her family back home. she loves the color yellow too. :cool:
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    iPhone 4 owners: Let's see what your case looks like...

    I thought it would be cool to see what kind(s) of cases people are using on their new iPhone 4s. post what you got... please include a product link of your case. I'll start with mine. Product link
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    dumb question but can a netbook use an SSD drive?

    as the title says. I'm about to buy a Samsung netbook and I'm wondering if the hard drives in those little netbooks are the same hard drives that are in laptops?
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    I can't seem to login to my PSN account on my PS3. What am I missing here?

    I had an old PSN account that I was using on my PS3 forever but I just recently created a new account. but for some reason, I can't login in to my new PSN account. it tells me I cannot user another user's email address on my console. what's up with that?
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    Wally World is offering the xbox 360 for $199 w/ a $100 Gift Card - Is it Worth It?

    this saturday Wally World will have the xbox 360 for $199 and then you get a $100 gift card. I'm wondering if this would be worth it considering the HORRIBLE reputation it has due to overheating issues and so. I currently have a PS3 that's been rock solid now for almost 3 years but there's some...
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    Someone explain to me this whole MS Tech Net thing.

    okay, here's the deal. my buddy pays something like $350/year to the MS Tech Net thing under his business. He gets xxxxx amount of serial keys for various OS downloads. my question is this: if he downloads Windows 7 and uses one of serial keys, how long does that OS last for? is this a one...
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    A question about using Firefox and

    Okay, here's a quickie for you Mac pros. why is it that when I tru to set my Firefox homepage to the regular it always goes to the stupid new Yahoo homepage which I hate with a passion. I've tried to set the homepage within Firefox prefs to but it always seems...
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    Help me to gain control over iTunes.

    okay, here's the deal. why is it that whenever I install a new version of iTunes and I hook up my iPhone, iTunes wants to erase all my contacts, songs, etc. it tells me that my iPhone is synced with another iTunes account and that everything on the iPhone will be erased. how can I make it...
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    Why does Microsoft charge so much when Apple charges much less for OS updates?

    first off, this discussion is strictly intended for mature audiences. flame starters please stay out. I'm sitting here wondering why is it that Apple can roll out new, software OS updates like the upcoming Snow Leopard release for only $29 which Microsoft feels the need to charge three or...
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    Post your iPhone home screen shots

    I thought it'd be cool for everyone to post their home screen shots of their beloved iPhones. I haven't seen a thread like this in this forum so hopefully we get some cool iPhone screenies. here's mine. it's call the iHero theme (with my smiley face wallpaper) and it can be downloaded via Cydia.
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    Go from an '08 unibody MBP to a newer MBP? Yay or nay?

    I'm currently using an '08 15" 2.8GHz MBP and I was thinking about trading up for a newer 2.8GHz MBP model simply because of the better battery life. I could easily sell my current machine for somewhere in the $1500 range. the laptop is in 100% prestine condition and of course I have all the...
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    Kingston 2GB micro SD card for $2.99 shipped with GCO.

    [Hot Deal link] $2.99 after GCO is a pretty nice deal on a 2GB microSD card if you're in need of one.
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    Someone talk me in to selling my MBP and buying a 3GHz iMac.

    okay, here's the deal. I have a 15" MacBook Pro (specs in sig) that I bought a couple of months ago that I like to use everyday. however, I've realized that I've only taken the laptop out of my house a whole three times since ownership. now, the new 3GHz iMacs with the 8800 GT video cards has...
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    Is there an "auto run" folder in Leopard?

    I just installed Skype on my MBP machine but there's one minor issue. It seems like Skype is set to start automatically when I don't want it to do that. I've looked in the preferences tab and there's nothing that enables or disables the auto run feature. therefore I'm wondering if Leopard has...
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    Okay, so just how does someone go about creating a web blog on the internet?

    here's the deal. a buddy of mine is trying to sell some health food products on the internet. the only problem he's having is through some of the search engines which are telling him that most of his site's hits would come from using web blogs. so he came to me asking how he would start a web...
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    So why is it that the Mac OS X doesn't get all mucked up like Windows does over time?

    as the title says... I'm sitting here wondering why is it that my Mac OS X on my laptop is still running silky smooth w/o any signs of slowing down even after months and months of usage? Unlike my Windows machines (whether it be XP or Vista) which almost always seem to slow down as time...
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    Any ideas on how I can slipstream Vista and SP1 on to one DVD?

    Like the title says. I'm about to try Vista (for the bazzilionth time) w/ SP1 this time but I would like to slipstream everything on to one DVD. any links would be appreciated. :)
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    A few pics of my new MBP covered in Best Skins Ever armor.

    I knew that I wanted some sort of armor for my new $2500 toy, but at the same time I didn't want to rob the laptop of its good looks nor did I want to add any extra bulk either. my solution? body armor from - this stuff comes perfectly pre-cut to match your MB or MBP...
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    I need some help finding a NIC driver for a Dell SC420 machine.

    alright, here's what's up. I took a Dell SC420 in on trade from someone who owed me some money. It needed to be reformatted for which I've already done. XP installed just fine and I'm actually amazed at how peppy this machine is. the only problem is that I can't find a driver for the onboard...
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    A question about swapping the hdd in my PS3.

    I have a spare 200GB SATA 2.5" hdd that I want to use in my current 40GB PS3. I looked at the hdd cover but I didn't see any screws. is this something that pops off a certain way or do I need to pry it open with a small screw driver. I don't want to scuff or scratch my PS3 so I figured I'd...
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    "Low memory"message comes up while web brwsing on PS3?

    Okay, here's the deal. I just bought a PS3 and I'm sitting here browsing the internet from the console itself which is actually pretty cool. however, I get this "low memory" message when I go to a page that has quite a few pictures and I don't know the reason why. my PS3 has a 40gb HDD which...
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    How can I back up my copy of Leopard?

    first of all, this isn't what some people might be thinking. I do have my (legal) copy of Leopard, but I always like to make copies of all of my important CDs and DVDs just in case. so this time I would like to be able to convert my Leopard DVD in to a DMG file on my external HDD so I can use...
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    okay, I've had it with Linksys junk. someone point me to a good wireless router.

    as the title says. I've had it this damn Linksys crap that needs to be restarted once a week because I keep on losing my damn internet connection. :mad: therefore I need someone to suggest another router that I can set it and forget it.
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    Why doesn't my 17" MacBook Pro want to keep the correct time?

    dumb question: why is it that my MacBook Pro won't keep the correct time? I've gone in to the system settings and I've told it to keep the time automatically with Apple. but for some reason, every time I reboot my laptop the time is off by 3 hours and I have to go to the settings and do it all...
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    So who's gonna buy Leopard on launch day?

    just curious as to how many of you guys (and gals) plan on upgrading to Leopard when it launches? count me in. ;)
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    a question about running dual displays on a MacBook Pro.

    I just bought a 32" Sharp 1080p LCD to use as an external display on my MBP. everything looks great, but I want to be able to close the lid on my laptop and have it shut off automatically and of course have the external display still working. the problem is that both of the displays turn off...
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    What's the going rate on the best deal for a 2407 LCD?

    I've been out of the loop for a while, but now I'm looking for a 2407 Dell monitor. of course I want to get the best deal so I figured I would ask the peeps in this forum what would be a hot deal on a 2407 LCD?
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    So who in here plays games on their MacBook Pro laptop?

    just wondering to those of you who own a MBP laptop if you play any games on your machine(s)? if so, what game(s) do you play and how well (or how bad) does it play them?
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    how can I restore my iMac to day one?

    okay, here's the deal. I'm selling my 24" iMac and I need to restore it from day one. now, I would normally go to the restore option and go from there. but my question is, how can I delete the partition that I made when I was using Boot Camp? I don't know if the new owner will want Boot Camp...
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    what has more video power: ATi 2600 HD or nVidia 8600m GT?

    The 17" Macbook Pro has the 8600m GT and the 24" iMac has the ATi 2600HD video card and I was wondering which would be better for gaming?
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    How can I find my MAC address on my laptop?

    I'm trying to setup my new wireless router and I want to use MAC filtering for security. I currently have an iMac which I was able to find the MAC address on it pretty quickly. too bad I can't say the same for my laptop (with Vista). I've asked and asked but it seems like I'm not finding too...
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    Some help please with my new iMac and my external hard drive.

    okay, here's my situation. I just bought a 24" iMac which I am loving so far. the only problem is that I cannot write to my external hard drive which I've had now for about two years. I used the hard drive with my PC without any problems. but for some reason, I can't write to it when it's...
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    dumb question: does XP support 4GBs of RAM?

    I'm wanting to add another 2gigs of memory to my XP machine, but I don't know how XP will react to 4gigs. would it work or no? if not, I suppose I could dig out my copy of Vista which does support 4gigs, right? please comment on either one.
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    I want to buy a 24" iMac but I have a few Qs.

    okay. I've always been a die hard Windows PC person, but lately I've been itching to get one of those 24" iMac computers. I mainly want one because I need more space on my desk. The 24" iMac has such a small footprint that would be awesome to have. I also want a dead silent machine and I've...
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    How can I back up my Outlook contacts to a thumb drive?

    here's the deal. I just synced my iPhone with Outlook so it saved all of my contacts on the phone. I would like to be able to save all the Outlook contacts as an Outlook format file that I can export and save on my thumb drive should I need to reformat some day. I see there are a few...
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    A new iPod owner and I have a few Qs...

    okay, I finally jumped on the iPod wagon but I have a few questions for the Apple pros on this forum. I bought the 80gb one and so far so good. 1) I installed iTunes and I noticed that there's a restore option which I'm to assume one would use if/when something did go wrong with my iPod. I...
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    Who has used the HD-DVD xbox 360 drive on a PC?

    I'm thinking about buying the HD-DVD xbox 360 drive to play HD movies on my PC and I was wondering what all is involved in this? I know that the HD-DVD drive itself is USB but I don't know what else I will need? will Windows XP see the drive just fine? also, what software DVD player will I need...