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    Graphics card power but no output

    I plugged two 8pin connectors into my zotac 970 amp omega and after turning the pc on, I smelled burnt Plastic... I had previously had the 970 running fine with an 8 pin and a 6 to 8pin, but I wanted to support two full 8pin connections before I attempted to OC. The card still powers up as far...
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    Walmart Samsung 55" smart tv

    Anybody else lucky enough to grab one for $329? Twas the best Wednesday of my life. dorm room too small XD 55tv by AphoticRegret tombraider by AphoticRegret
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    Upgrading form Iphone 4

    I'm looking to upgrade from an Iphone 4 this week (on verizion) and I'm trying to decide between the Iphone 5, Samsung GS4, Nokia Lumia 928, and Blackberry Z10. I'm leaning towards the GS4 for it's raw power, beautiful display, and expandable storage, but I'd like to hear some opinions on...
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    Any rumors on next 3DS iteration

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about another 3DS version coming out? I own a standard 3DS and didn't upgrade to the XL b/c I was pretty content with the screen. After gaming on an XL, however, I wished I would have upgraded as soon as it was released. Now, I'm hesitant because I feel...
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    Help me decide on Vita

    I can get a used vita 3g (very good condition) with ac and car adapter, travel case, and 2 8gb cards for $140. Should I go for it? I had a psp when they first came out, mainly played GTA, missed a lot of good games. I'd love to play some ps1 classics like Legends of dragoon and Persona 4...
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    Tt eSports Dracco Performance

    The Dracco's are pretty heavily discounted on Newegg right now and I'm really liking the style. Does anyone have any experience with these at all? I'm looking to switch to the good headphones, cheap add-on mic route but I can't spend more than $60-$70 on the headphones.
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    Corair k90 vs Thermaltake Meka G1 prime

    Hey all, I'm looking at buying my first mechanical keyboard since my cheap illuminated membrane keyboard just took a shit. I'm looking hard at the Corsair K90 and the Meka G1 because of their great build quality and inclusion of a usb hub. I'd be happy with cherry mx browns or red so...
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    Crucial M4 for gaming?

    Hey all, So I was thinking of getting the samsung 840 256gb for $150 but I worry about the integrity of the drive after reading multiple reviews. The Crucial M4 is on sale for $159 and it seems much more stable but not as fast. Will I honestly notice a difference in performance between the...
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    Samsung 840 250gb for $150 a must buy?

    Hey all, I've been thinking of getting an SSD for my rig for a while but it's been hard for me to justify the price. Now that I got my taxes back ( ) I have a little extra money to spend and 250gb sd for $150 seems like a solid deal. My current setup: CPU: intel I5-3750k Mobo: MSI...
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    AMD 955 to I5-3570K?

    Hi all, Guts of my rig: Mobo: ASUS M4A88T-V EVO (3gb/s) CPU: Phenom 955 BE 4.0ghz OC Cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus GPU: GTX 670 Windforce OC RAM: 16gb 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance HDD: 1tb 7200rpm SSD: 60gb Crucial Case: Corsair 400R PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular...