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    Netflix working on live action Dragon's Lair movie

    I hated that "game". It was just playing back video clips. Move the wrong way, you die. Based on laser disc, so in between motion sequences, was a brief interruption. Horrible "game", imho.
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    Save Zero Dollars by Opting for Intel's iGPU-Disabled CPUs

    Yep. Look how much intel has changed since Ryzen , vs the years previous. Cores B flyin out Intel's ass, like whoa
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    Slightly Mad Studios Reveals the Final Design of the Mad Box

    How do you announce the box 3 years ahead of time? If it's 3 years, then you obviously haven't designed the actual equipment yet. Also, "hey, we are three years from building actual equipment/finalizing the electronics, but we've been working hard on the BOX. It's gonna be awesome, because the BOX!
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    Google Says It Is Discontinuing the Chromecast Audio

    On the other hand guys... they are cheap enough to buy "replacements" for future chrome cast devices dying or just needing some more for your setup
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    Google Says It Is Discontinuing the Chromecast Audio

    Idiots! I have 4. I've got them connected to old a/v receivers in 4 different areas of the house. I can walk from one to room to the other and they play seamless in unison. It was by far the cheapest way to do what I wanted, and I have ZERO INTEREST IN FUCKING A SMART SPEAKER.. I also don't want...
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    Intel Gags Customers from Publishing Performance Impact of Microcode Updates

    Got KB4100347 last night on win 10, spectre patch, made my pc crash with 60 seconds or so of login. Completely borked my pc. Finally was able to get to control panel and uninstall it, then use the MS hide or show utility to prevent this patch from installing again
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    Intel i7 9700K and i9 9900K Leaks Showcase “Insane” Core Turbo Speeds

    I love competition from AMD. What I hate about it though, is it's obvious that when there is no competition, Intel is happy to dole out miniscule improvements from generation to generation, until they are forced to do otherwise. Pretty sure they are/have been sitting on some seriously advanced...
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    Pass the Visine Please

    As someone who owns a chlorine pool, which nobody uses but me, and I've never peed in it, AND it's gated. I call bullshit on this article. Hotel Pool? Community Pool? Sure. Blanket saying " When we go swimming and our eyes turn red, it’s because swimmers have peed in the water." is just...
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    AMD Booth Pimp Slaps Intel Again

    Now if they would only concentrate on improving IPC, they would be kicking ass on many fronts
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    Microsoft Outlines the Limitations of Windows on ARM Devices

    this won't confuse anyone at all.
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    Latency: Why Typing on Old Computers Just Feels Better

    Seems to me it might have something to do with complexity of the operating system. Yes, computers are much faster, but they also have more processes to share cpu time between, GUI to run, etc. Old non multitasking operating systems are sitting there just waiting for input, responding to...
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    53-Year-Old Nuclear Missile Accident Revealed

    Yep. The door weighs about 110 tons , uses ballistic gas generator to yank that door off in half a second
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    WMO: Carbon Pollution Touched 800,000-Year Record in 2016

    Amen. I get enough of this shit on facebook, various news websites, don't need it here. As if by some chance someone hasn't heard about global warming/climate change whatever, and we need to read about it on our computer geek websites, because we were too busy putting our gaming rig together to...
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    It’s Mathematically Impossible to Beat Aging, Scientists Say

    blanket statements about stuff being impossible, are stupid.
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    Sprint to Halt Talks on T-Mobile Merger

    I have little faith that Tmobile could cause Sprint to become a good company. I like my Tmobile the way it is.
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    “Anemic” iPhone 8 Demand Drags Apple Shares Lower

    Ive got a radical idea. Make a phone with all the existing features + focus on making it easier for people to keep as long as they want it by: Making it so they can change the battery Make it more durable out of the box But instead, they've trained people on the 'perma-rent" model
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    Google Quietly Shuts Down Home Mini Feature That Quietly Records Everything

    Back in 2001, I worked in HQ Air Force Special Operations Command. Way back then, they warned that phones , which back then weren't very smart, but were becoming so, could be hijacked to listen 24x7 by "nefarious people", and so you couldnt even bring a phone in the building. It all sounded...
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    Amazon May Be Entering the Multibillion-Dollar Prescription Drug Market

    If they do this... bahaha, they are going to bring the pain to some pharmacies, while bringing pain relief to customers
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    T-Mobile, Sprint Close to Agreeing on Deal Terms for Merger

    I left Sprint for Tmobile. My life has been better ever since. Please don't bring back the pain.
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    Bill Gates Regrets Control-Alt-Delete Key Command

    I have never once in over 30 years thought twice about ctrl alt delete. For what it does it's perfect. It's impossible to do it on accident, which is what you want for a system interrupt key sequence. It's not like you have to stretch your fingers across the keyboard in some almost impossible...
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    Samsung Tweets Out Galaxy Note 8 Picture?

    Is the battery user replaceable? Still loving my PAID FOR note 4, which has needed at least two new batteries. Tired of the phone companies trying to create a permanent rent to own situation... battery dies , new phone is out, upgrade! Pay $$/month for xx months, repeat.
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    I AM BANE!!! I Break People, Mom

    Oh, this is a serious product? I totally thought I was watching another silly youtube parody/joke video
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    Evidence of a Decline in Electricity Use by US Households

    I loathe cfls. LED , I like.
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    Netflix Blocked on Rooted and Unlocked Android Devices

    So my phone is rooted. I don't watch netflix on my phone, I use my phone to cast netflix to my tv. So netflix, you gonna stop me from using it as a remote control for your app I pay for, to cast to my google chromecast device I paid for? I rooted mine, because... the reason is none of your...
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    iPhone 7 Has 'Sold More Sluggishly Than Expected'

    Company leadership is probably scratching it's head. For everyone else on the planet, it's pretty obvious. It's not just the Iphone, but the Macbook Pro, and the whole company is sliding downwards. They aren't giving people what they want, and they have some obsession with taking things away...
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    Gboard Is Now Available For Android

    i've had swift key for years, and like it for the most part. Lately It's been very cpu hogging, causing my phone to be unresponsive and irritating. Might give it a shot
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    AMD Named UBM Company of the Year

    Obligatory WTF? Considering their lack of anything interesting in ... I forget how long
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    Super Cool Superhydrophobic Fountain

    I can tell from the music, the creators thought it was a lot neater than I did
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    Indefinite Prison For Suspect Who Won’t Decrypt Hard Drives

    Who needs due process, juries, judgies, evidence, and all that pain in the ass, when you have "foregone conclusions"
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    HBO Getting Serious About Game Of Thrones Piracy

    this is a dead horse. Make it more accessible at reasonable prices with or without cable packages, and you'll sell a shit load more and wont be worried about the lawbreakers. You will never get every last dime out the pockets of infringers. Those people are probably your best advertising anyway.
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    How Much More Does Medication Cost In The US?

    Our system sucks, and it's expensive. Don't worry. Odumbocare will fix all your ills
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    Streaming Music Crosses $1B In US Sales

    Someone mentioned a billion isnt a lot of money for the industry. It says a billion from streaming. It didn't say that they weren't making money in other ways, like digital downloads, vinyl, cd's, dvds, advertising, membership fees, merchandise sales and royalties, concerts, etc. The music...
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    Go To The Dark Side Of Debt With This $28,500 Star Wars Watch

    Ditto. And if they are bad, we can always compare them against the Phantom Menace for perspective
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    Go To The Dark Side Of Debt With This $28,500 Star Wars Watch

    Cool watch. Crap video. Unless you like watching the factory process and that guy's mug. "nylon belts (used in gauges on the original 747 aircraft) " 747 Was built in 1969. Not sure how this is a selling point lol.
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    Only Apple Can Make The Perfect Stylus It Once Spurned

    Some art departments that are already Apple will definitely buy it, because it's a great product, and they really aren't concerned about price. Some people will buy just because it's Apple, therefore, better. I'm sure some people will buy it on it's actual, realistic, merits, because it's as...
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    Only Apple Can Make The Perfect Stylus It Once Spurned

    My pressure sensitive Wacom is pretty damn awesome. I've never had any complaints with it. Apple pencil. I'm sure it's great but 'best ever' most likely because now Apple has one. This reminds me of turbo finned, inertially dampened , super high dense gold plated , uranium-free, hdmi cables...
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    The US Owes The World $4 Trillion For Trashing The Climate

    Amazing how America is the only one who gets so much credit for slavery. I think people confuse "America" with "The Americas" . North America. South America. Central America. It was going on thousands years before America, and is going on today all over the world. Many countries in the world...
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    The US Owes The World $4 Trillion For Trashing The Climate

    I don't say fuck science over something I don't like. I actually love science. Sometimes it's not easy to take a thought that makes complete sense to you in your head and put it on an internet forum for people to understand. I'm sure I won't make it happen this time either. Most of the...