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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    Not to mention that the bare drive rarely if ever goes on sale while you can find the 10TB externals on sale for $180 or less. I've shucked 40+ drives over the past couple of years and they have been very reliable.
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    Silicon Power

    I have several and they work OK. I had a couple that I had to RMA but the process was relatively smooth. I presume they lack the kind of DRAM caches that the better drives from Samsung, Crucial, or Intel have, but for light purposes like boot drives/media storage in portable devices where the...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (16-core/32-thread) CPU - $449.99 @ Amazon & NewEgg

    Looks like it went OOS around 7:10 am PT... so lasted about 5 hours. The 1920X that IndyColtsFan mentioned went OOS about 20 minutes before that. Still on Newegg though...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (16-core/32-thread) CPU - $449.99 @ Amazon & NewEgg

    Amazon: NewEgg:
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    Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 229.99___ 24 hours

    Generally speaking, I'm guessing that the 2018 holiday will be a good time for SSD buyers. We're overdue anyway after a couple of years of strong demand keeping prices up.
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    HOT - Dell S2825cdn Multifunction Color Laser Printer $150 shipped!

    Thanks OP. I was in the market for a printer as my Dell 3110cn, which I got about 10 years ago, is giving up the ghost. When I hit the site I got an offer for $20 off $100 one time use for providing an email, so no need for a filler item for me. Tax in CA.
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    4 day newegg sale

    LOL... bought 32GB DDR4-3200 with 16-18-18 timings like the $340 package back in October for $295 pre-tax... and at the time I thought that was expensive since my original notes for my system upgrade said "32GB $255" (which would have been my expected cost after 9.25% CA tax). Guess it's all...
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    LOL... I'm in the same situation. But eBay charges a 10% final value fee. I got my 8700K for $370 from B&H so $650 - $65 fees - $10 shipping - $370 = $205 net profit, but if I have to pay ~$440 for a new one from NewEgg (after CA tax) in a couple of weeks, I look at that as another -$70 so...
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    Pre-ordered my 8700K from B&H on Oct 7 (minutes after the site came back from one of their random extended holidays). Order has been charged and gone to warehouse for shipping. I guess I need to buy a mobo and some RAM now ;) I've been keeping an eye on this page (Availability tab). I...
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    $180 27-inch monoprice IPS monitor 2560x1440 refurbished

    I remember when Amazon only sold books when the site didn't even support https on checkout, and there was a page explaining why it was safe to give them your credit card anyway ;) But as long as Monoprice keeps selling decent cables, I can't complain since all I ever buy from them are cables...
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    8TB HDD $200 6/26

    Haha, yeah, given we were paying $30/TB in 2011 (e.g. before the Thai floods and industry consolidation led to a what amounts to a duopoly... meaning it has only taken 6 years for the price...
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    sandisk 1tb $257

    Yeah, it's so hard to buy when you've seen prices go up and you're used to a lower cost. Plus I got a 750GB for $90 on Black Friday and now my gut expects that to be the standard $/GB even though my mind knows that's not rational. Thanks to the OP for posting anyway. It's not a bad deal and...
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    You know how they said SSD would wear out

    Oh yeah, I do remember that report... why does it seem like nostalgia now? ;) To define the use case, the 840 Pro drives are in a Windows Storage Pool supporting a vdisk with mirroring containing Hyper-V machines. For the almost 3 years I've had them, the drives were used in an SSD storage...
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    You know how they said SSD would wear out

    I've worn out 3 256GB Samsung 840 Pros out of 7 originally purchased. Here's one that went under this year at 1204 days (~29000 hours), about 50TB of writes: The last drive I replaced was a little over 30000 hours with 66TB of lifetime writes. I replace based on performance, not the SMART...
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    LG 65E6P $2999 @ Adorama's Ebay Store

    Thanks OP. Been waiting all year watching the 55" but with this deal and the input lag FW coming, couldn't resist the extra 10"...
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    Hot: Dirt 3 Complete for free at Humble Bundle

    Just grabbed a code and activated with Steam a minute ago.
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    Recommend 8TB drives for ZFS mirror raid home server

    If you want 8TBs on the cheap, consider buying 16TB MyBook Duos at $549 and shucking out the WD Reds inside, as the Duo cases are user serviceable. If you're good at tracking which drive came from where you could probably effectively retain your full warranty (the catch being you'd probably...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Does anyone have a pointer to where one could purchase the equivalent of the USB internal cable with streamlined black USB ports as used in v5 of the case? I received my v5 case last week and found out the hard way one of the ports isn't working. It's only a few dollars to find an ordinary...
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    [Free] Samsung wireless charger

    Thanks OP... in for one on my new S7 with my Chase Freedom Visa. And yeah Modred189 - my Chase Amazon Visa didn't work. Of course, I don't actually plan to use Samsung Pay, I just wanted the charger. Makes me wonder if Samsung is just trying to build marketing momentum, as in "we have X...
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    Got 160 TB ZFS FreeNAS. Thinking of converting to ReFS Storage Spaces on Server 2016

    I think that means you're hijacking your own thread. ;) Or maybe that's an excuse for me to hijack it. :D So anyway, I happen to be playing around with Emby myself as well - if I were in your situation (because, actually I'm pretty close and am looking into it), I would take your option of...
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    Got 160 TB ZFS FreeNAS. Thinking of converting to ReFS Storage Spaces on Server 2016

    My one cent (not sure if it's worth two): I have a Server 2012 system dedicated to storage (6 x 256 Samsung 840 Pro + 10x2TB HDD) mostly serving up VMs like a SAN box over to my primary Hyper-V host via tiering (which requires mirroring). I played around with parity for bulk storage but even...
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    Any reason not to upgrade from Solaris 11 to 11.2?

    Presuming you aren't paying for Oracle support... I know I'm not I've kept up with the releases (11 Express to 11.1 to 11.2) as they've helped cure minor quirks for me (like inconsistent performance off of SAS expanders) and added support for newer hardware (particularly NICs). I gave up on...
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    Seagate 8TB Compatibility

    I have 10 of these in a ZFS RAID-Z2 pool off of an Intel RES2SV240 SAS Expander from a LSI 9201-16e. Works as expected.
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    Amazon: 1TB Crucial M550 SSD $330

    You'll probably get the chance one way or another. Seems like the bottom is starting to fall out on SSD prices. I picked up a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB the other day from NewEgg for $170, so although it's not 1TB all in one place, the price is nearly the same on a per GB basis. Anyway...
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    Just Received Enterprise Class Hard Drives. . . Packaged Poorly

    B&H is correcting it, and in the interim I'm getting time to play with the few drives that are working to see how SMR really behaves. There's been a noticeable write slowdown now that the pool is >25% full which correlates with other telemetry I've seen elsewhere.
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    Just Received Enterprise Class Hard Drives. . . Packaged Poorly

    You want worse? I pre-ordered 10 of the new Seagate 8TB drives from B&H Photo Video, having caught the $249 price back in January. They just threw them bare (nothing but anti-static bags) in a box with bubble wrap top and bottom (no sides). These were literally piled like loose bricks...
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    Amazon knows how to ship harrdrives

    My german shepard mix dog loves getting packages like this, as when I open them he will help me by pulling out all the air pillows and popping them with his mouth. However, when I get packages like this I still ponder the fact that the drive is still on the bottom. If the carrier tosses the...
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    hot - 15% off herman miller store through Dec 15

    I'm poor/cheap so I just have a Sayl but I love it. I beat up and replaced a couple of $80 office chairs from StapOfficeMaxDepot or wherever before getting the real thing, and it's lasted me a lot longer and is way more comfortable. These are worth the money. One other thing I will say...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Order one for now, order one for later ;)
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    HOT!!! - Seasonic Platinum 1000W PSU - $149.99

    I bought a 750W SeaSonic SS-750KM3 for $128 shipped back in 2013. Mounted it up and heard a pop as soon as I turned it on (i.e. it let out the magic smoke so it didn't work after that). As a new purchase I was able to return it to NewEgg rather than RMA to Seasonic but I had to pay for the...
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    WD says RED drives can reach 60C

    I think you mean "heat within manufacturer specifications" ... otherwise, I think the idea that heat kills hard drives is a fact... here's some video proof :) What the oft quoted Backblaze and Google studies are really saying is there is no benefit to increased cooling so long as the drive...
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    Using SSDs with "disk thrashing" applications?

    There's been a lot of chatter for years but few do the real world analysis- which would include understanding your own usage needs. With SD cards and flash drives and I think it's just expectations - how much data in absolute terms really gets written to your typical USB drive in a given time...
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    $25 off HGST NAS 4TB

    Yeah, I remember when a 20GB HDD was a luxury because most PC's booted from floppies. I also remember when 2TB drives were $70 to $80 while building my ZFS server in 2011 and expecting to see 4TB (or larger) for that price by this point in history.
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    120GB Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 2.5" SSD $70

    I put a pair of these in for ZFS ZIL purposes back in October when these hit $80. Does the job, although wayyy more space than needed.
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    Newegg Black Friday Sale!

    Yeah, I've just been waiting since summer for Black Friday to get some of this for $280 for my old HP server: HP 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM ECC Registered DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) System Specific Memory Model 408854-B21 Seriously... wut? :confused:
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    Am I missing something by NOT having a home NAS?

    If you're asking you probably don't need it - save the time, money and avoid headaches :-) I moved to a NAS when I needed scalability... i.e. the ability to add significantly more capacity without significant impact to performance or reliability. I think the risk-based questions to ask also...
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    960GB crucial m500 ssd in stock @ egg $599

    I'm trying to remember when I might've paid $600 for a 1TB of HDD storage and considered it reasonable... maybe 2004?
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Not as good as eBay from the prior post, but I usually pay around $90-$95 using coupons and such @various online vendors (e.g., rakuten, or SuperBiiz). I know I could get a 24x Norco for less than my design (Antec 1200 + 4 CSE-M35T-1B + 4 x Noctua 92mm fans) but my system is...
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Amount of total storage: 90TB Case 1: 50TB Case: Antec 1200 + 3 x Supermicro CSE-M35T-1B 5-in-3's + 1 x Icy Dock 5-in-3 (which I'll replace whenever the fan breaks. It's leftover from my unRAID days) PSU: Corsair AX 850 Motherboard: SuperMicro X9SCM-F-O CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1240 RAM: 6 x 2GB...
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    Western Digital Red 4TB HDD

    Actually, I do sometimes wonder (pure speculation on my part) if there is a post-Thai-flood effect (e.g. due to hasty factory reconstruction efforts). But I have 3 WD Reds in use and they've been as good as any other drive for me. If people want to complain that's fine with me- hopefully it'll...