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    Impulse weekend deal: Demigod for $15

    Pretty tempting! 15 for the download, 20 for the download and the boxed release. They are also selling Tropic reloaded for $7.49, but meh.
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    D2D Best of Indie Bundle vol. 2

    Well, I found this to be quite a nice deal: 25 bucks for 7 games, included Project Aftermath, Aquaria, And Yet It Moves, Acceleration of Suguri, Aaaaa!: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity and Crayon Physics...
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    D2D Hallowen Discounts Some nice treats, I guess. FarCry 2, Vampire Bloodlines, Bioshock, Damnation, Dead Space, The Path, The Witcher, Stubbs the Zombie, Cold Fear and Downfall all have been slashed. Too bad most of them are not available worldwide :/
  4. T Weekend Deal - 25% off Interplay titles

    Well! It looks like GOG is finally learning how to make weekend deals! Games included in this one are: Nice! Edit: It's just action titles from Interplay. Still good enough.
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    GOG weekend deal: Simon the Sorcerer is offering a 3 bucks savings if you buy the three Simon the Sorcerer games available. Just meh. I mean, I love Simon the Sorcerer as much as the next guy, but the deal is not really great.
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    GOG weekend deal: Unreal Gold+Unreal 2 bundle $16.98

    Well, I guess this is a good deal from the guys at GOG, but meh, I think I'll go for Duke Nukem 3D. It's been ages since the last time I played it.
  7. T weekend deal: Oddworld bundle $16.98

    So, this weekend deal on GOG is an Oddworld bundle for $16.98. It includes Abe's Odyssey and Abe's Exoddus, and some crazy extras, like the OST, some wallpapers and such. The discount is just 3 bucks, so it's not that big, but still, it's kind of a sweet deal.
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    GOG weekend deal: racing games 15% off

    From Well, 15% is not much, but I could pick up something. Meh, I don't know.
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    GOG weekend deal: Disciples

    I didn't see this, so it must be posted! Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold and Disciples 2 Gold are being offered as a pack for $15.99. It's not something I'd get, but you never know.
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    Battery issue, any thoughts?

    I've had this problem for a while now. The battery on my Inspiron 6000 lasts for 10 minutes when plugged out, so I figured it was damaged after over a year of use. However, when I used the check button, it would look fine (according to the instructions provided by Dell), so I had no clue. Now...