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    Do not buy ASROCK

    Whatever you do dont buy an Asrock motherboard Why? their supposed "3 year" warranty and will only honor it through a retailer as an intermediary, and only for 1 year at that. hmmm newegg, mc, td only do rma's for 30 days... wow might as well...
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    2 gpus coming what to expect? which to keep which to sell!

    I just won a Galaxy 465 on eBay in which the seller modded the fan and shroud with a bigger fan and showed afterburner temps on full load at 58c with a 754 core, 1508 shader, and memory 1660...
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    Deal: Newegg: 1x4gb Kingston Hyperxw4gb usb $31 amir

    45.99-rebate+30.99 shipped for kingston hyper x ddr3 +4gb datatraveler
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    500w modular psu w/lcd $38 +ship cool modular psu with lcd copper heat pipes no name though 38
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    Free PCB keychain I dunno I just signed up and it looks pretty techie
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    Free PCB keychain

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    6ft hdmi gold plated 1.4 $1.00 shipped I bought one through paypal only $1.00
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    My 1940 MoXie Rig

    Left one side completely untouched except for the Donkey Kong sticker hehe... From 1940, when I found it, there was a newspaper from 1945 on the bottom... Mounted the nut ends directly into the wood... some took more than one try to line up... and eventually had to drill holes through...
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    will sli work one card 256mb and one 512mb

    I was wondering if that setup would work its two 8600gts one bfg one xfx(512)
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    55 piece computer tool kit $4.40

    This looks like a good deal at $4.40, the only better deal is Jesus saving our souls! I dont know how I did it before but I got free shipping on my first order. I was prompted when I hit the back button after putting something in my cart then they asked me if I wanted free shipping. From...
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    need help with making an m flash usb for msi p55 gd65

    can anyone show me where and how to make a usb bootable bios for the msi board above, utilizing the mflash utiliy?
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    ddr3 ram question

    I am looking at this ram what do yall think
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    Cheap cpu waterblock 1156

    Have this old koolance case that has a p4 waterblock on it and I wana use it for my i5 rig but need help finding a cheap compatible waterblock or just stick with air?
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    Old video card question

    I have this ati x700 pro AGP, I bought it not knowing tha AGP comes in 1.0 2.0 and 3.0 I have a comp that is 2.0 so I cant test it. Does anyone know if it needs external power kinda like pci express on modern cards? I know that there are four pins on the end of the card that fit onto the four...
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    msi p55 gd65 wont boot 3 beeps

    I do not have ram but I thought you could get into bios without ram... all these parts are used and I am hoping that the 3 beeps just mean that I need to install ram???any ideas