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    1080p 13.3in with 100% scaling?

    Has any one used a 13.3in 1080p laptop at 100% scaling in Windows? Are thing too small or hard to read? I'm considering something like the XPS 13 but I have some things that require me to use 100% scaling. This will be for systems admin work over remote desktop.
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    Mario Kart 7

    Anybody else playing this? I got it this morning at Toys R Us in the buy one, get one 50% off sale. I love the new courses, and gameplay is great. I am glad for the removal of bikes. While the Wii game was fun at first, doing wheelies over and over gets old. IMHO, this is much better than the...
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    Device to "mute" 3.5mm mic

    I was thinking about getting an Astro Mixamp 5.8 to use on the PS3 with an analog headset. Is there some kind of simple switch I can put on the 3.5mm line between the headset's mic connector and the mixamp to give the mic on/off functionality? I am sure people can easily make one, but I was...
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    Flying games?

    I have a lot of fun with my G27 playing Dirt 2, Race 07 (w/expansions), and GT5. If I wanted to get into flying games, what controller and what games would you recommend? Are there even enough games to justify the expense? I have the Obutto and see that there is a flight stick mount for it.
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    3Mbps enough for gaming?

    I am on a 3Mbps plan (Cox Cable). I frequently get what other gamers refer to as "lag spikes" when playing Left 4 Dead 2. My ping seems normal typically (100ms in game), but I will randomly disconnect from the server for 10 - 15 seconds and then resume like nothing happened. Do I have enough...
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    Windows Phone 7 question regarding contacts and Live Id

    If I set up two Windows Phone 7 phones with a Live ID ( so both phones can access Zune Pass and Xbox) do contacts entered on the phone sync between the two phones? I am wondernig if I enter a contact on one phone, is that contact stored on the phone or is it transferred to the Live ID (and...
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    X58 motherboards with UEFI?

    I noticed that the GIgabyte G1 Assassin, Sniper, and Geurilla claim to support hybrid EFI. I assume this can use EFI bootloader, while using the old BiOS interface. Any other X58 boards support UEFI?
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    What sections have power when PC is off?

    I am ashamed to admit this, but here is the story. I was installing a new video card and needed to re-route some of the cabling. In doing so, 3 things happened. 1. I removed a PCI-E 1x card (from a 16x slot) and re-seated it. I hadn't reseated it all the way I later found out. 2. I...
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    Intel 6300 wireless-n connection issue

    I have a 5ghz N-only network on a Linksys WRT600n. A laptop with this Intel 6300 network will not connect to the router when it is in N mode. If I set the router to A mode or mixed A/N, it will connect in A mode. Any ideas? I have checked all of the wireless adapter settings in Windows and on...
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    Razer Mamba mouse squeak

    Has anybody bought one of these recently and gotten the wheel squeak? I have one of the near launch models and they will RMA it, but not worth the hassle if the newer ones will get the same problem. Thanks.
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    Best platform for fighting games?

    Which is the best platform for fighting games? I am thinking about investing into a good fighting stick, but don't want to drop the money on a poor platform for the genre. I know the PC is pretty much out since they get virtually no releases. Between 360 and PS3, does one see more/better...
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    Smooth Scrolling with G700?

    I switched the mouse to the smooth scroll mode. While the physical action of the wheel is smooth, when scrolling it is still scrolling 1 - 3 lines at a time. I know I have seen other people that actually had smooth scrolling. Does the G700 not support this, or do I have something configure wrong?
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    New Logitech controllers - F710, F510, F310

    I just saw the new Logitech line of controllers earlier this week. These controllers are really interesting due to the physical switch to go between XInput mode and DirectInput mode. Below is a quick wall-of-text summing up why I think this feature sets the new controllers over all previous...
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    Budget AMD build, max longevity

    Doing a budget build. Not having any problems with it, but wanted to get some other opinions for a change. Mainly just bored and wanted to see if anyone else has some ideas different from my own. Need motherboard, CPU, and RAM for $320 max. Money is an issue, so cheaper is better. Longevity...
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    Recent Hydra info?

    Could anybody link to some recent Hydra information? Recent performance numbers would be nice, but even a list of what can be used together would be nice. Everything I find seems to be from January. The conclusion was that it was passable at the time, with much better performance and...
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    How to back up data?

    I am running Windows 7 and have a 2TB drive of data. This data is on a drive used only for storage. How would you recommend to backup this data? My first instinct was to get a second 2TB drive, run both drives as a mirrored set using dynamic disks. I see people say that RAID is not a backup...
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    More than 4 pci-e slots?

    I have been seeing Intel motherboards with a 6 or 7 pci-e slots. Is there anything like this for AMD? I would like a board with capable of 4 16x slots (running in 8x mode) and at least 2 1x slots.
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    Port Multiplier with AHCI?

    I am looking for a card with an eSATA port that is port multiplier capable and is AHCI compatible. Does such a card exist or do all Port Multipliers require proprietary drivers. I realize that with AHCI, I won't get RAID.
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Collector's Editions

    Just curious as to what CE's people have purchased, which ones you feel were worth the money, and which ones you did not feel were worth it. I am finding the CE's to be very tempting now, but it is getting expensive since every game has one. Here is my list - Worth buying: Starcraft II...
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    Anyone play GRID PC?

    Is it just me or is this too hard? I am not a racing expert or anything, but on Basic difficulty I finish so far behind that I can't even see the second to last place car. On other games like GT4 or Dirt 2, I can at least win the beginner races and place in the middle on some harder races...
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    RAID 1 NAS question

    If I am running RAID 1 in a NAS, if I take out one of the drives and hook it up in a PC would it be able to see the data? I wan't sure if it would see the data or if RAID 1 had configuration data on the front of the drive that would require a reformat once out of the NAS. If it would not...
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    2 x 80mm radiator?

    I've been thinking about a water cooling lately. Is 2 x 80mm radiator even worth thinking about? This would be for large HTPC case, currently using a Noctua NH-C12P SE. Also would be nice if it could cool 2 4850s and a 9800 GT.
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    Games like Defense Grid?

    Are there any other games like Defense Grid? I have spent so much time playing that game and am looking for something similar.
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    Future PhysX games

    Does anybody know of future games planned on using PhysX GPU acceleration? Doing a little searching, I haven't seen anything that really jumps out. Trying to decide on getting a 9800 GT for PhysX (to go with 4850 Crossfire). At this point, I don't know if it is worth if for only Batman: AA...
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    Are all Call of Duty games like this?

    I've been playing through Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and am not liking it too much. A typical firefight goes like this: 1. Step across invisible plane, triggering enemies to appear 2. Stand around and kill enemies for 10 minutes. 3. Realize that these enemies keep flooding in, no...
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    End of AM2+?

    Are these Phenom II X6 basically the end of the line for AM2+? All information I see points to new sockets for AMD starting in 2011 and nothing new coming in 2010.
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    Where to buy thermal pads?

    On a reference ATI 4850, there was some grey squishy thermal pad that was a few millimeters thick on parts of the heatsink. Does anyone know where I can buy some of this type of thermal pad. I bought a card with an aftermarket heatsink that is not cooling the ram. There are a couple of...
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    PhysX in 1x slot?

    Has anyone tried running a dedicated PhysX card in a 1x slot? I was thinking about a 9800GT. My crossfire is currently running 16x - 16x, leaving me with two 1x (physical 16x) slots. I could go 16x - 8x on the crossfire, and 8x on the PhysX if I must.
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    Should I go Crossfire?

    I am currently running: Phenom II 955 8GB DDR2 Radeon 4850 512MB I game on my 52-inch TV at 1920x1080 and feel that the 4850 is starting to hold me back as far as gaming goes. It seems like I am having to turn down the settings slightly to keep consistent framerates on newer games, and...
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    Slow 802.11n speeds?

    I have an 802.11n network running at 5ghz (WPA2, AES). I have a desktop connected to the network using a wireless gaming adapter. The gaming adapter only has a 100Mbps port, so I don't expect to get the full bandwidth of 802.11n from it but would expect to get close to the 100Mbps limit. When...
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    Intel SSD slow with C1E?

    I am using a Phenom II system (790FX with SB750). When I enable C1E in the bios, Crystaldiskmark measures 9MB/s 4k write and the same for 4k read speeds. If I disable C1E, then it goes up to 20MB/s read and 50MB/s write, which is in line with what other people post for the same drive. Why...
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    Tired of Capcom

    I think I am done buying Capcom games. Twice recently, I have bought Capcom games (Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5) for the PS3. Several months after release, they come out with a PC version. I would rather have the PC version due to the higher resolution, cheaper price, and more...
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    Help picking out UPS

    I typically have a high understanding of electronics, but shopping for a UPS has me confused. Trying to figure out the ratings I need, I have read a lot of pages that don't explain it well. If I wanted to hook up an average gaming PC (Phenom II 955, Radeon 4850) and a 7.1 surround sound...
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    Help picking out UPS

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    Razer Orochi

    Did anyone else pre-order this? I got it in today to use with the laptop. Razer's marketing is extremely misleading. While the product page says that it is 4000dpi, it leaves out the fact that you can only do 2000dpi in wireless mode. Given this (in my opinion), this mouse does not...
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    HTPC case that holds a lot of drives?

    I want a HTPC case that will fit in a standard component rack, but doesn't sacrifice expandability. From what I can find, pretty much all HTPC cases can use a single 5.25 drive and maybe 2-3 3.5 drives. Is there any case that sits on its side and can hold 3-4 5.25 drives and say 6 3.5 inch...
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    Question for Bold and E71 owners, regarding music playback

    If someone owns either of these phones, please try to play a wma lossless file and let me know if it works. I found a single post that mentions that it works (for the Bold) on another forum but would like a confirmation before buying the phone. Could find no information on this regarding the...
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    Headset for playing online?

    I played L4D for free and was thinking of buying the game and a headset. I typically play with a 5.1 system and thought about getting a wireless Xbox 360 headset to use. This doesn't seem like a good idea though as I would only be able to use one ear for the 5.1 sound and one ear blocked by...
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    Warning about ASUS M4A79 Deluxe

    I just got in an ASUS M4A79 Deluxe and wanted to issue a warning to anyone thinking about purchasing and overclocking. The board appears to be very good but is limited in the Bios on what memory divider can be chosen. This board only gives me options for 667 and 800. Essentially, the lack of...
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    Advantage of extra power phases?

    I am looking for a new motherboard and am wondering if there is any real world advantage to additional power phases. Does a board with 8+2 phases offer any useful advantage over a board with 4+1 design or is it all marketing?